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Dr Reddy’s Pioneering Wearable Device: A Beacon of Hope for Migraine Patients in India 23


In a groundbreaking move, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd has introduced Nerivio, a cutting-edge wearable therapy device approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA). This innovative device offers a drug-free approach to managing migraines in India, providing both acute and preventive treatments for adults and adolescents aged 12 years and above.

The Nerivio Device: A Game-Changer

Remote Electrical Neuromodulation (REN) Mechanism

Migraine Patients’ head device

The Nerivio device utilizes the Remote Electrical Neuromodulation (REN) mechanism, a pioneering technology designed to activate conditioned pain modulation. By stimulating nerve endings, this mechanism initiates a natural pain-relieving process in the brainstem, leading to a global effect of pain inhibition. This targeted approach significantly alleviates the original source of migraine pain in the head.

Treatment Sessions and Usage

Each Nerivio device comes with 18 built-in 45-minute treatment sessions. For acute migraine treatment, it is recommended to use the device within 60 minutes of the onset of a headache. Alternatively, for preventive measures, it can be used every alternate day, offering users flexibility and control over their migraine management.

The Nerivio App: A Comprehensive Companion

Migraine Patients device on forehead

Accompanying the device is the Nerivio app, available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The app serves as a user-friendly interface, allowing individuals to control the intensity levels of the device seamlessly.

Interactive Migraine Diary

One notable feature of the Nerivio app is its interactive migraine diary. Users can log symptoms, track responses, and share insightful analytics. This diary not only enhances the user’s understanding of their condition but also provides valuable data for healthcare professionals (HCPs) to tailor treatment plans.

GIER Protocol for Enhanced Response

The app includes an interactive GIER (guided, imagery, education, and relaxation) protocol. When used in conjunction with Nerivio, this protocol significantly increases response rates. This holistic approach demonstrates Dr Reddy’s commitment to not only treat migraines but also improve the overall well-being of patients.

Dr Ramana’s Perspective: A Leap into Digital Therapeutics

Migraine Patients device on neck

MV Ramana, Chief Executive Officer, Branded Markets (India and Emerging Markets) at Dr Reddy’s, emphasized the significance of Nerivio’s roll-out. He stated that this marks the company’s entry into digital therapeutics (DTx), an area gaining traction among physicians and patients for its potential to reduce pill burden and dependency on non-specific medication in chronic or hard-to-treat diseases.

Addressing Unmet Clinical Needs

Given the substantial burden of migraine disease, its associated symptoms, and the lack of effective treatments, the introduction of Nerivio in India is a significant stride. Dr Ramana expressed the company’s satisfaction in bringing a USFDA-approved, drug-free, noninvasive, first-of-its-kind product to India, addressing a genuine unmet clinical need among migraine patients.

Nerivio’s Place in Dr Reddy’s Growth Strategy

While Dr Reddy’s core generics business continues to drive current growth, Nerivio as DTx joins the company’s innovative products initiatives in India. It aligns with their commitment to improving patient well-being and outcomes. The roll-out of Nerivio complements Dr Reddy’s e-commerce venture, ‘Celevida Wellness,’ and recent deals to introduce novel molecules like toripalimab and pyrotinib in India.

Dr Reddy’s Rolls Out Wearable Migraine Management Device in India: Key Takeaways

  1. Innovative Treatment: Nerivio introduces a revolutionary approach to migraine treatment, utilizing the REN mechanism for targeted pain relief.
  2. Flexible Usage: With 18 treatment sessions, users have the flexibility to use Nerivio for acute treatment or preventive measures, ensuring personalized care.
  3. Comprehensive App Support: The Nerivio app enhances user experience with features like the interactive migraine diary and the GIER protocol for improved response rates.
  4. Entry into Digital Therapeutics: Dr Reddy’s entry into digital therapeutics reflects the growing adoption of innovative, non-pharmacological solutions in healthcare.

FAQs about Nerivio

Can Nerivio be used by adolescents?

Yes, Nerivio is intended for use by adults and adolescents aged 12 years and above.

How often should Nerivio be used for preventive treatment?

Nerivio can be used every alternate day for preventive treatment of migraines.

Is the Nerivio app compatible with both Android and Apple devices?

Yes, the Nerivio app is user-friendly and freely available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Are there any side effects associated with Nerivio?

Nerivio offers a favorable safety profile. However, individual responses may vary, and users are encouraged to provide feedback for continuous improvement.

How does the GIER protocol enhance the effectiveness of Nerivio?

The GIER protocol, when used with Nerivio, significantly increases response rates, providing users with a more comprehensive migraine management experience.

Can Nerivio be used as a standalone treatment?

Nerivio can be used both as an acute treatment for migraines and as a preventive measure. However, individual healthcare professional advice may vary.


Dr Reddy’s roll-out of Nerivio signifies a paradigm shift in migraine management in India. With a focus on innovation, digital therapeutics, and patient-centric solutions, Nerivio emerges as a beacon of hope for those grappling with migraines. As Dr Reddy continues to pioneer advancements in healthcare, Nerivio stands as a testament to their commitment to improving the well-being of individuals.

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