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Skyrocketing Ad Rates: World Cup Final Fuels ₹35 Lakh Frenzy for 10-Second Spots


The anticipation is building as India gears up to face Australia in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 final on November 19. However, the spotlight isn’t just on the players; it’s also on the surge in TV spot ad rates, reaching up to ₹35 lakh per 10 seconds. This article explores the factors contributing to this surge and its impact on the advertising landscape.

The Surge in Ad Rates

ads spots sold at the stadium

The cost of a 10-second spot for advertisements has witnessed a substantial surge, hitting up to ₹35 lakh. Industry sources reveal that Disney Star initially quoted prices around ₹30-35 lakh, with negotiations settling anywhere in the ₹25-35 lakh range. The high demand, especially for the final match, has led to about 10-15 percent of the inventory remaining unsold.

Connected TV (CTV) and Digital Rates

Connected TV (CTV) and digital ad rates through Disney+ Hotstar have also nearly doubled. Spot rates for CTV, which were around ₹5-6 lakh during the World Cup, have now doubled to nearly ₹8-10 lakh for 10 seconds. Simultaneously, ad rates for digital platforms, including the Disney+ Hotstar app and website, are quoted at around ₹500-600 CPM (Cost Per Mille).

Record-breaking Viewership

India team moving forward to the final aim at World Cup 2023

The surge in ad rates follows the record-breaking viewership of the India Vs New Zealand semi-finals on Disney+ Hotstar, which saw a peak concurrent viewership of 5.3 crore. This exceeded the previous high of 4.4 crore viewers during the match against South Africa on November 5, highlighting the immense popularity of the World Cup.

Impact of India’s Successful Streak

India’s successful performance throughout the tournament has significantly impacted ad rates. The rates for India matches have remained 4-6 times higher than non-India matches. Karan Taurani of Elara Capital notes that pricing was 2.5 times higher for the semi-finals compared to playoffs and is expected to be at least 30 percent higher for the final match.

Potential Surge in Viewership

India and Australia Final teams taking photos with the World Cup 2023

Industry experts suggest that the final match could lead to a significant surge in viewership, especially on both digital and TV platforms. The Sunday schedule may prompt more people to watch the match at home, further enhancing the advertising appeal.

Viewership Data and Projections

While specific viewership data on Disney Star channels remains undisclosed, Disney Starm, quoting BARC data, mentioned that the first 34 World Cup matches drew a massive 430 million viewers on TV. This underscores the widespread interest and engagement the tournament has generated.


1. How much has the cost of a 10-second ad spot surged for the India vs Australia World Cup final? The cost has surged up to ₹35 lakh, driven by high demand and negotiations settling in the ₹25-35 lakh range.

2. What impact has India’s successful streak had on ad rates? India’s successful performance has pushed ad rates for India matches 4-6 times higher than non-India matches.

3. How much have Connected TV (CTV) and digital ad rates increased during the World Cup? Rates for CTV and digital have nearly doubled, with CTV spot rates doubling to ₹8-10 lakh for 10 seconds.

4. What was the peak concurrent viewership during the India Vs New Zealand semi-finals? The semi-finals saw a record-breaking 5.3 crore peak concurrent viewers, surpassing the previous high of 4.4 crore viewers.

5. Is there unsold inventory for the World Cup final? Yes, about 10-15 percent of the inventory remains unsold for the final match.

6. How much higher are ad rates expected to be for the final match compared to playoffs? Ad rates for the final match are expected to be at least 30 percent higher than the playoffs.


As the cricketing world eagerly awaits the India vs Australia World Cup final, the surge in TV spot ad rates reflects the immense value advertisers place on reaching a captivated audience. The combination of India’s success, record-breaking viewership, and the anticipation of a thrilling final match has created a unique advertising landscape.

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