The Railway Men: A Gripping Saga of Unwavering Courage 23


The Bhopal gas leak of 1984 remains etched in history as one of the worst industrial disasters globally. Amidst the documentaries and feature films inspired by this tragedy, Shiv Rawail’s limited series, “The Railway Men,” stands out. This article delves into the compelling saga of ordinary heroism portrayed by Indian Railway employees in the aftermath of the Union Carbide gas leak, exploring the series’ unique perspective and impact.

Unveiling the Heroic Narrative

The men wearing masks on their faces from a web series Railway Men

Shiv Rawail’s series focuses on the night of December 2, 1984, when a Union Carbide plant unleashed poisonous gas into the air. Contrary to expectations, “The Railway Men” steers away from lingering tragedies, legal battles, and compensation struggles. Instead, it mines diamonds from the ashes, showcasing the heroism of Indian Railway employees.

Influences from Chernobyl

Women suffering from the Chernobyl of Bhopal Company

Heavily influenced by the acclaimed American series Chernobyl, “The Railway Men” meticulously traces the build-up to the avoidable accident caused by callous bosses, poor safety standards, and faulty equipment. The series, lensed by Rubais, vividly captures the noxious gas floating over a factory employee’s corpse, symbolizing the catastrophe’s immediate fallout.

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The Railway Men Characters and Their Struggles

The man talking with the team and planning for the bring out the Bhopal people in the train

The handsomely produced series unfolds over four episodes, introducing a diverse cast of characters paying a heavy price for criminal neglect. From Bhopal Junction’s station master Iftekaar (played by Kay Kay Menon) to the maverick Railways employee Rati Prasad (R Madhavan) in Itarsi, each character contributes to an unsanctioned relief operation.

The Unlikely Alliance

Notable is the unlikely alliance formed by Iftekaar’s newest recruit, Imad (Babil Khan), a former Union Carbide worker, and the notorious train thief Baldev (Divyenndu). Their collaboration exemplifies the can-do spirit propelling ordinary citizens in the face of calamity.

Journalistic Pursuits

The series also highlights the role of journalist Kumawat (Sunny Hinduja), who aims to expose Union Carbide’s operations, and Union Carbide manager Kamruddin (Dibyendu Bhattacharya), one of the first witnesses to the methyl isocyanate burst. The narrative weaves through Delhi, where principled Railways Ministry bureaucrat Rajeshwari (Juhi Chawla) strives to push her slow-moving superiors into action.

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Aayush Gupta’s Screenplay

Man looking at the plane where the owner of the Bhopal company taking off from India

Aayush Gupta’s screenplay skillfully balances the potential for histrionics, dialing down melodrama. Despite moments of unnecessary intensity, “The Railway Men” maintains a somber tone, foregrounding empathy over the senseless loss of lives.

The Series on Netflix

For those intrigued by this tale of heroism, the handsomely produced series is available on Netflix, offering a poignant exploration of the human spirit in the face of disaster.


Q: How can I watch ‘The Railway Men’? A: The series is available on Netflix, offering a gripping narrative of heroism during the Bhopal gas leak.

Q: Is ‘The Railway Men’ similar to Chornobyl? A: Yes, heavily influenced by Chornobyl, the series traces the buildup and fallout of an avoidable disaster caused by negligence.

Q: Who are the key characters in the series? A: Notable characters include Iftekaar, Imad, Baldev, Rati Prasad, Rajeshwari, Kumawat, and Kamruddin, each contributing to the unfolding narrative.

Q: What sets ‘The Railway Men’ apart from other Bhopal gas leak portrayals? A: Unlike other portrayals, the series focuses on heroism rather than lingering tragedies, offering a unique perspective on the aftermath of the disaster.

Q: Does the series explore the legal aftermath of the Bhopal gas leak? A: While the series touches on the legal battles, it primarily mines diamonds from the ashes, emphasizing the heroism of Indian Railway employees.

Q: Is the series a somber or melodramatic portrayal? A: “The Railway Men” maintains a somber tone, dialing down melodrama while foregrounding empathy over the senseless loss of lives.


In conclusion, “The Railway Men” offers a unique lens through which to view the heroism of Indian Railway employees in the wake of the Bhopal gas leak. The series balances influences from Chornobyl, a diverse cast of characters, and Aayush Gupta’s nuanced screenplay, creating a poignant narrative available for streaming on Netflix.