This application beeps each time you send information to Google, and it beeps a lot

Google Beep, Beep, Beep.

Imagine a scenario where you got a sound signal each time your PC sent information to Google.

Enter Googerteller, an application made by engineer Bert Hubert (through 9to5Google). It makes a signaling commotion each time your PC sends information to Google, and as you could envision, it blares a ton. Beneath, you can see a video of it in real life on a Dutch government site.

The application works by utilizing a rundown of IP tends to Google utilizes for its different administrations (barring those connected with Google Cloud), and cautioning you at whatever point your PC speaks with one of those locations. As you can find in the video, it signals fundamentally every time you click on anything.

As Hubert exhibits here, this doesn’t possibly happen when you use Google Chrome; the Googerteller is similarly as beepy in Firefox.

Googerteller is just accessible for Linux (however there are ways of running it on a Mac), yet we question individuals will crowd to introduce it on their frameworks. It’s not difficult to fail to remember exactly how frequently you’re being followed on the web, and the application’s worth is in giving an exceptionally immediate (and unnerving) illustration of how frequently your information is being shipped off Google.

However, it doesn’t need to be like this. For a fast outline of Google security settings you can empower to diminish how much following Google does on you, go here.

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