Closed Captioning Software

Seven Best Closed Captioning Software for 2022 (Ranked and reviewed)

Closed Captioning Software

My two top closed captioning software include Rev and 3Play Media..

Closed captions assist video content to be more accessible to all by removing language and hearing impairment obstacles. In addition, they improve SEO rankings, which can increase the visibility of your page or site.

In addition closed captions are a great way to improve the way you make money from YouTube channels. YouTube channel since closed captions are an element of Google’s natural algorithm.

In reality, closed captions can boost viewer retention of 12-percent for Facebook. The research also shows the following: three-quarters of users prefer to enable”cc” or the “cc” option when watching videos. This is why I’ll talk about the top closed captioning software on the market in the present.

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Which is the best closed captioning Software?

These are my top choices for the top closing captioning programs.

1. Rev.

Best For Short Turnaround Time


Rev is a cloud-based multi-purpose software that provides premium on-demand closed captions and transcriptions (both automated and manual) and subtitles for foreign languages. It can provide an accuracy of 99 percent for captions, with turnaround times (TAT) between 2 up to twenty-five hours.

It uses one of the most effective speech recognition artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) tools and also the largest group that includes “speech-to-text” freelancers that are a part of the quick turnaround time. The platform is also equipped with an intuitive interface that allows for the creation of accounts and easy setup.

Users can upload their videos or URLs or copy-paste URLs from video sites such as Youtube or Vimeo. The program doesn’t need downloads which means that users don’t have to worry about viruses problems with compatibility, excessive pop-ups.

When the captioning is completed, Rev will send back the caption file (usually in the .srt format) via email. It also provides captions in different formats to make them more accessible.

When you checkout, you can select the captions that are burned in (open captions) option to embed directly permanent captions in your video.

In addition, it comes with an editor for video that includes several tools to aid users in editing their final video to meet their preferences. You can also access it via Android or Apple mobile apps.


Together with the largest freelancers in the world’s text-to-speech community, the top-quality AI platform provides Rev quick, easy and precise captioning as well as transcript platform. With its mobile applications and integrated editing tools, customers are able to make specific edits on any device.

In the section below I’ve listed a few of the other highlights:

  • Confidential video files and URL uploads
  • Provides different compatible caption files
  • Experts in captioning are are available 24/7
  • Video editor integrated and other tools
  • Open caption service
  • iOS as well as Android mobile applications



Rev comes with a fixed cost of $1.25 per minute of video, and no additional charges to deliver and “difficult” audio file.

Here’s a brief overview of the turnaround times depending on what length the upload file has

  • Two hours to complete a zero to five minute long file
  • Seven hours to finish an average five-to-ten minute file
  • 12-hours for 10- to 30 minutes long file
  • Delivery of 25 hours for a 30-to-60-minute long file

Start using Rev today!.

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2. 3Play Media.

The Best for SLA Captioning Services Compliant With SLA


3Play 3Play is an all-inclusive video accessibility platform that delivers fast, simple and precise closed captions. Based on the length of the video or file size the turnaround time could be between two and four days for business.

As with Rev users, users are able to upload their required files to the platform from a computer, or through integrations, links or APIs that are custom (Application programming interfaces). The file will then undergo two cycles of high-quality transcription in order to ensure the highest accuracy.

After the captions have been created, the can be downloaded in more than 50 formats that are compatible with all video-playing and integrated platforms. It offers a user-friendly interface which allows individuals or businesses can sign in to the software to make the purchase.

Alongside closed captioning, 3Play offers translations and audio description tools to assist users complete multiple tasks on one platform. Contact us with an account manager who will ensure that the process is tracked and ensure deadlines are completed.

It uses a unique technology base that incorporates 11 patents, exclusive databases, as well as AI (also known as machine-learning). It also includes an inventory with 2,000 professional video editors that assist with captioning, subtitling, as well as transcriptions.


3Play Media uses a combination of AI technology and two-step transcription in order to create fully-proof captioning. Each user is assigned an individual manager who help them meet deadlines and offer assistance whenever they need it.

I’ve outlined the key features it has below:

  • Flexible turnaround time
  • Real-time tracking of progress
  • 50 file formats
  • Automating workflows and data encryption
  • SLA certified services
  • The accuracy and timeliness of the guarantee are guaranteed and security



Customers can select between three plans for subscription which are the prices that will be apparent when you fill out a brief request form. Here are a few options from the plans that can help you to better understand.

1. Express Plan for one user:

  • Pay per project
  • Encoded captions for videos on social media
  • Simple upgrade

2. Pro Plan with multiple users:

  • Live captioning
  • Audio descriptions’
  • Subtitling and translation

3. Enterprise Plan for business:

  • Custom workflows and turn-around time
  • A dedicated account manager

3. CaptioningStar.

Best For All-Round Captioning


CaptioningStar is a New York-based firm that offers a range of captioning options for videos, such as closed captioning, open captioning real-time captioning, live captioning in emergency situations and many more. The captioners are available 24×7 to provide 100% accuracy and variable time frames for turnaround.

The software works with the majority of audio and video formats, allowing users to upload their required videos directly from their computer. It also works with a variety of video platforms, allowing the users to “pull” videos from Youtube, Dropbox, Vimeo and more.

You can upload or copy the transcript, if it is available. In the event that it is not, this program will generate one to assist the built-in captioning tool automatically create captions. After the captioning has been completed you are able to download it using any of the 18 captioning formats such as webvtt or srt.

If they have any questions the users may contact CaptioningStar’s production staff at any time and receive an answer within 15 minutes. You can also reach the customer support team via various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The software provides users with an easy captioning system that provides English as well as Spanish captions for a variety of videos. Multi-format downloads feature lets you insert the captions directly into videos without conversion or editing.

One of its key highlights:

  • Bilingual (English as well as Spanish) Closed captions
  • Live stream captioning
  • Uploading via point-and-click
  • A free API as well as an interactive player for video
  • Customizable TAT for 12 24 and 36 hours.
  • 24/7 support team



As with Rev, CaptioningStar also has fixed pricing plans of $2 per captioned video minute. If you’d like to have captions as well as transcripts, it costs $2.75 per minute of video.

Users can also receive discounts on bulk orders as well as referrals.

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4. Vitac.

The Best for Online and Offline Captioning


The largest captioning firm across the US, Vitac provides professional closed captioning services for both online and offline video platforms. Live captioning features are fully compatible with Youtube, Zoom, Live Stream, AdobeConnect, and Skype.

In this regard, Vitac integrates video through API platforms, various connections to television networks seamless switching, as well as comprehensive language research through its experts. The captions are produced in text files as separate files then they are linked to the video.

Users can turn captions off or on depending on their preferences. The caption files are also passed through mandatory decoders that allows Vitac to modify or reupload them in the event of an error or discords within the videos.

Users also have the option of other captioning services that cater to different languages, including Spanish or French. The platform features an experienced team of competent captioners working around all hours to meet time-bound turnaround dates.

Vitac allows users to get captions (or transcripts) in the srt format to upload them quickly and for integration with videos on social media. Additionally, it allows you to include hard-coded or open captions.


Vitac’s offline captioning service is in compliance in accordance with FCC (Federal Communications Commission). It has a solid connection to a variety of local and television news channels to provide precise and compatible automatic captioning.

I’ve listed a few of the additional attributes below:

  • Auto-sync caption files
  • Multi-language captions
  • Live captions for web-based videos and conferences.
  • Integrations for remote meetings
  • Integrations of social media



Since Vitac does not make pricing available, customers are able to connect to the service portal for estimates. It is easy to establish an account for free by filling in certain details as well as the requirements for the project on the form.

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5. Archive Captioning.

Best For Live Captioning


Archive Captioning is another multi-captioning service that provides real-time captioning for live broadcasts. It uses captioners trained to employ stenograph machines to transform the spoken word into text.

The service also has various captioning options for meetings as well as Virtual conference platform that include Zoom, Cisco Webex, ON24 along with Adobe Connect. In addition, live captioning features are available to Facebook, Youtube, Ustream, Wowza Streaming, and Vimeo.

One of the most important features that viewers are able to avail is the captioning services that are available post-production that helps creators of content create videos that are accessible to those with hearing impairments. This is especially beneficial for those that don’t speak English or live living in an “no-audio” setting.

It is possible to use offline captioning in a variety of styles, including stationary, placed pop-on and roll-up. The caption for a pop-on that is placed is movable and can use timing-synchronized text to match the visuals and to indicate the audio off screen (like audio effects).

If you choose to use this fixed (centered) style you can put the captions at the lower part of the screen where the speaker’s change is marked by an asterisk (-). Additionally, the roll-up cations show across the display in an uninterrupted stream and are accompanied by the chevrons (>>) that indicate speaker changes.


With a wide range of closed captions as well as Post-production captioning software, Archive Captioning aims to meet the needs of different customers. Its 24-hour captioning staff provides the same day TAT, while also ensuring multiple levels of quality assurance to ensure maximum accuracy.

In simple terms, these are the capabilities that the platform can provide:

  • Different formats for captions
  • Secured outputs of captions
  • Whitelisting of IP addresses and password-protected accounts
  • Same-day turnaround
  • Multi-level quality checks
  • Machine translation to foreign languages captions



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6. CaptionAccess.

Best For Remote Captioning


CaptionAccess is an accessibility platform for the video which provides captions for both live and offline video content. In charge of its high-quality captioning service is an team of experienced hearing impaired editors that help the platform to achieve higher precision for viewing video without audio.

Since it is a remote captioning system its captioners are accessible 24/7 to meet their promised time of turnaround. It is possible to receive captions within between one and four days.

The application uses an CART (Communication Access Realtime Translator) tool that transforms spoken words into text that can be read for laptop and mobile screens. Therefore, users do not have to switch their devices for conferences, webinars academic lectures or any other event.

CaptionAcess can also assist with meaning-for-meaning translationwhich is an all-encompassing, simplified form of translation that is used to create closed captions. It also adheres to time code-based text structure to ensure that captions are in sync with the audio or speech of the speaker.

As there aren’t any option to upload directly for video and URLs. Users must call their platform via email to place their orders. Users can upload their required videos using every device and cloud-based app.


Through the use of CART and features for condensed translation the platform allows users to select from the live and offline Word-to-Text or meaning-to meaning translations. The remote operation of the platform signifies that captioning services are accessible 24 hours a day in order to adhere to the set timeframes for turnaround.

Other highlights of HTML0 include:

  • Expert professional captioning
  • For Youtube videos as well as webinars, online conference calls
  • Time-coded text for precise timing
  • Captions are adapted to different screen sizes
  • Facilitates last-minute scheduling changes
  • Stenotype machine to form text



Prospective users can request an exact quote based on their specifications and needs. The platform also gives an opportunity to try out its services.

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7. MacCaption And CaptionMaker.

The Best for Bulk Captioning


MacCaption and CaptionMaker is licensed closed caption and subtitling software that is compatible with Mac devices. It also provides the CaptionMaker version that can be used with Windows operating systems.

When the video files are uploaded to the platform the integrated e-captioning technology will allow users to edit, create captions, encode or reuse them for web, television and mobile screen.

It also eases the process of making captions in compliance to the existing regulations of the government. This allows for quick easy and efficient captioning integration for websites or television broadcasts.

The program also handles caption processing in high volume, which include text insertion and extract formats, formatting transformations, timing or frame-rate adjustments.

You can use sub-clipping or clip assembly and then connect the final output into platforms such as Vantage to automate the entire process. In addition to directly integrating into files of media it lets users solve problems and run quality checks on video files.

With the latest update of text-to-text timed (speech-to-text) the platform will perform automated transcription in more than 100 languages, resulting in closed captions. This is a great feature when you have a time constraint and don’t have time to wait for the separate transcription service.


The variety of tools and functions integrated aids users in creating accurate captions that comply with government regulations. The speedy output is directly embedded into video files to allow to provide a quick broadcast.

A few of the best features include:

  • Troubleshooting and quality check
  • Automated workflow integration
  • Automated transcription
  • Tool for conversion of formats
  • Adjustment of the frame


MacCaption and CaptionMaker offer three subscription plans that are available for just one machine at a given time.


1. Desktop Edition for $1,898

  • Auto timestamp
  • Popular file formats for files

2. Pro Edition for $6,598.

  • Support for embedding captions in broadcasts on TV.
  • Subtitle overlays

3. Enterprise Edition starting at $15,525

  • Automated closed captioning
  • External scripting, conversion and control

The timed speech feature is also available at a cost of $99 per year.

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What is the Closed Captioning Software?

The software for closed captioning is software that allows creators of videos and owners to make texts for their videos for interpretation to be used for interpretation. The text is typically an explanation of the audio track, but it could contain non-speech audio, such as music.

Based on the capabilities of the program depending on the features of the software, users can directly insert the text into the clip or even upload it as a separate file. Some platforms let users either manually write closed captions or generate them using transcripts.

Wrap up.

Due to the increasing importance of videos on the internet closing captions have been an essential feature. Pages that have video transcripts can expect to be able to earn more when compared to pages without them.

If you’re looking to increase the popularity for your video, select one of the following:

  • Rev: Best For Short Turnaround Time
  • 3Play Media: Best For SLA Compliant Captioning Service
  • CaptioningStar: Best for All-Round Captioning
  • Vitac: The Best for Online and Offline Captioning
  • Archive Captioning: Best For Live Captioning
  • CaptionAccess: Best For Remote Captioning
  • MacCaption: Ideal for Bulk Captioning

I hope that my efforts will yield the most efficient close captioning program available.

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