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11 Resources to Find Royalty-Free Background Music for your Marketing Videos

Royalty-Free Background Music

Marketing via video should be an integral component of your marketing strategy in the near future, in case it’s not yet. videos for 72 hours are uploaded onto YouTube per minute. According to Cisco in 2021, 82 percent of Internet usage is going to be videos!

You’ll want to be involved. The problem is what do you do without the money to do it?


There are numerous costs associated with making a film that range from equipment to post-production. So, you’ll need to identify areas where you can save money.

Fortunately, background music is an area in which you can reduce your spending. Cutting costs does not mean sacrificing quality when it comes to background music. There are plenty of excellent options for free or low-cost music to pick from.

What are the costs to Background Music?

Before we get started we’ll examine the costs involved in the purchase of background music for promotional videos.

Music that is royalty-free does not mean that the music isn’t free; it’s simply a matter of having to pay a one-time licensing cost and can make use of the music whenever and however you’d like to until the end of time and beyond.

Public domain works and Creative Commons works, on contrary are both open to the public for use. The difference between the two is that the public domain doesn’t require permission from the person who is the creator of the work, whereas Creative Commons often involves permission or attribution.

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Let’s dive into the sources of music!

1. YouTube Audio Library


Within the “Create” part of YouTube there’s an audio Library. It is a collection of music from various genres including Dance & Electronic to Country & Folk.

You are able to use any track you like for your videos. Music is blend of public domain work as well as Creative Commons. All you need to do is give credit to the person who created the track.

To make the most of your library, you should make use of the search features. You can, for instance, search based on moods like “calm,” “dramatic,” or”funky.” You can also look up the duration of the song, which is a great way to make sure that it matches with the overall length of the material.

Another section worth a explore at YouTube is the Policy on Music section. There you’ll find a listing of the most popular tracks, as well as information regarding whether it’s okay to incorporate them into YouTube video or not and the best ways to use the tracks.

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2. Free Music Archive


It is the U.S. radio station WFMU operates its own Free Music Archive. Within the Music for Video section, there are a variety of tracks that have various licenses.

They are generally different versions of Creative Commons licenses. Certain are intended for non-commercial use only, while others require the attribution of the source and others require attribution. To learn more about the particular licenses, look up the FAQs.

The benefit is the ability to sort results by licensing. Therefore, if you’re looking to use to use the music for marketing reasons, you should opt to uncheck on the “non-commercial usage” box.

Like you’ll notice with the majority of these websites it’s not likely to discover a track with the same quality as Beyonce or anything. However, the music on FMA is very relaxing and is certainly appropriate for the task. It’s completely free to download.

It is also worth checking out the website’s music for Video blog, which features the music and shows how it may fit in different kinds of media.

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3. Incompetech


Incompetech provides an impressive collection of music that is royalty-free. In all, there are more than 2,000 tracks made by the musician Kevin MacLeod. Downloading is free provided you give credit to the artist and the website.

Incompetech arranges the tracks into collections according to genres for example “Disco as well as Lounge” and “Rock Classic.”

The site also has a subsection titled “Film Scoring moods” in which you are able to download songs that be suitable for “Horror,” “Mystery,” or “Noire” themes for example. Additionally, there’s world music that is inspired by beats from other countries , such as Africa as well as Brazil.

You’ll want to look through the lists of the most popular songs and the most downloaded songs. They will assist you in find out what the website can offer you.

If you’d like the full collection of music the cost will be only $38.

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4. Envato Market


Also called AudioJungle, Envato Market provides free background music that is royalty-free. Paying tracks start at $1.

The site is a global community of users who upload its own music. It allows you to browse tracks in categories, new releases, or the most well-known. If you discover music you like, you are able to download individual tracks or bundles which are referred to as music packages.

The site also comes with an interesting new option: kit music. The kits provide music in a modular manner to allow you to alter the tracks on your own. This is a great option if you wish to alter the music you play. So, you don’t be able to use the same songs like everyone else.

Join the site and you’ll receive the best monthly freebies, which include music, as well as videos and stock footage effects.

If you’re already a frequent artist, it’s a good bargain.

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5. SoundCloud


You’ve probably heard of the SoundCloud platform already. DJs and musicians who are amateurs make use of it to share and upload their music. This is why you may find songs with lyrics that seem … doubtful.

However, SoundCloud is a great source of music for your marketing videos. You can narrow your search down to display tracks that are licensed to be reused. Enter “background music” or search for something similar to “uplifting background music” “ambient beat” and so on.

SoundCloud is a social media platform which means you can check the moment a certain track has lots of “likes,” and you’ll realize that people will love your video if you upload it.

The most appealing thing about having your background music downloaded via SoundCloud is that the tracks sound like real music instead of a fake music that was created for a promotional video.

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6. Musopen


Musopen can be slightly different from the other options available here. The majority of the music that is royalty-free is classical.

You’ll also be able to download songs from my favorite musician Johann Sebastian Bach and many other.

You can search for music by the instrument, composer, or the composer. This can be useful if have a particular idea or think you’d like the music to include.

The music offered might not be the most modern. However, it is a good fit when you are trying to convey a sophisticated or educated look. Additionally, it is very well-known, which makes your video memorable for the viewers.

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7. Audioblocks


Audioblocks provides royalty-free stock audio that includes sounds, music, and loops. (A loop refers to a piece of music that repeats continuously.)

There are more than 100,000 tracks available on the website. However, it’s not for free however. However, they provide an attractive price that costs $149 for unlimited downloads throughout the year. It’s not too bad considering that you’ll have access to thousands thousands of tracks.

You can narrow your search to locate music that is the exactly the length of your video. This is a great way to cut down on editing time.

They offer a range of intriguing genres of tracks that correspond to moods or feelings like “Aggressive,” “Sad,” “Happy,” “Playful,” and so on. This is great since you can pick songs easily depending on the emotion you’re hoping to convey within your film.

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8. CcMixter


CcMixter is a different site which hosts an artist community that shares their work. Singers, musicians DJs and musicians offer their work for free provided you credit their music. You’re likely to hear exclusive background music here.

For free music to download, you can look through the editor’s choices or tracks with the highest ratings. If you discover an artist you like and you want to know more about their work, visit their profile under the “People” section..

Alternately, there’s an old-fashioned tag cloud that you can utilize to find the kind of track you’re searching for easier. If you select a track you’ll see a lot of details about it, including the Creative Commons license.

It’s difficult to navigate, however, user-friendliness aside it is an excellent resource to find the original music for background.

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9. Jamendo


CcMixter is another website which hosts an online community of artists’ work. Singers, musicians DJs and musicians offer their work for free provided you acknowledge the music as being by them. It is likely that you will find the music you hear here that is unique.

To find free music, you can look through the editors’ choices or the top-rated tracks. If you come across an artist that you like and would like to know more about their work, visit their profile on the “People” section..

There’s also an old-fashioned tag cloud that you can utilize that makes finding the kind of track you’re seeking simpler. If you select a track you’ll see a lot of details about it, including the Creative Commons license.

It’s a bit difficult to navigate, however, the ease of use aside, ccMixter is a great source for finding the original music for background.

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10. Netlabels


Netlabels is an album of music on the Internet Archive. Record labels uploaded by virtual machines upload music collections. You can download the files for free and then make use of them under the Creative Commons license.

As of now, there are over 65,000 songs on the website. You can browse the music using filters like year artist, genre, or year. Netlabels also has a small section of music in foreign languages which can be beneficial.

Another benefit of this website is the fact that tracks come with views. It is likely that tracks with the highest amount of views are more famous. Similar similar to SoundCloud it helps to select the best music to use in your video that viewers are likely to enjoy.

11. Audionautix


Composer/producer Jason Shaw runs Audionautix. All music is available as part of Creative Commons. Cheers, Jason!

The method of finding your background track on this site is easy. Check a box to find the genre of your choice, of which there’s a huge list that includes things such as “Acid Jazz” and “Techno.” It is possible to also look up a box to determine the mood of music, e.g., “suspenseful,” “bright,” or “pensive.”

Then, select the music’s tempo and the site will select the best music for you. You can also browse the music by the genre.

It is important to be aware that Shaw accepts commissions for videos with a small fee. Therefore, if you’ve an idea that is very specific regarding your project, it is possible to contact Shaw.

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