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6 Instagram Analytics Tools You Need to Measure Your Progression

Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram is most well-known for its engagement. However, how can you monitor the engagement? Let’s look at some Instagram analytics tools that you have to utilize.

This is the truth: people enjoy interacting with brands as well as other people. Without interaction, social media wouldn’t have a place, but engagement is crucially important much more so on Instagram than other platforms.

In reality, the engagement of Instagram has been measured as ranging from between four and 12 times the other social media channels.

Although you can sell on Instagram however, this platform is more renowned for its advantages at the high up in the sales funnel.

The issue is your marketing efforts do not always connect to sales.

So, you’ll need come up with other methods to gauge performance in order to justify the effort and money you’ve spent on Instagram.

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How can you accomplish this? There are couple of tools to help.

I’m going to share with you the top Instagram analytics tools, and explain why they’re worth the time.

Instagram Analytics Tools Are as Follows:

1. Iconosquare

There’s likely to be data overlaps in a handful the tools.

Iconosquare starts by helping you comprehend the way your frequency of posting relates to, or creates new followers or those who have lost them.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Iconosquare also offers the Buffer-like tool that allows you to control the way you publish across different accounts simultaneously.

It is a great instrument for agencies or freelancers who want to cut down time managing several customers (or perhaps multiple divisions within the organization) on the same control panel.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Iconosquare will also show you the comments and interactions of every post to help you maintain the dialogue and never going away.

It’s just not the most exciting part.

My most favorite Iconosquare feature is the fact that they have an incredible library of content that you can draw from whenever you need to.

You can search quickly through the library of media to find gorgeous, high-resolution photos to make use of in just a few minutes.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Iconosquare also comes with the option of an editor’s calendar, so you can plan posts ahead of time. It’s simpler for you to handle social media when scheduling posts in advance.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Then, you can make use of it to find influential people that can help spread the word about new campaigns and new posts.

It can even allow you to evaluate influencers on the basis of their own follower count and performance metrics so that you are aware of the issues before contacting them.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Everything sounds wonderful It must be great, right?

And we haven’t even talked about their Instagram analytics.

You can track tags and mentions , and gain access to detailed engagement data.

You can also look at the way your hashtags are doing, see the most effective days and times to post, and compare your engagement rates against competitors.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Iconosquare offers a 14-day free trial that does not require credit cards. Explore the statistics before committing to it using your money.

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2. Sprout Social

the Sprout social platform is like Iconosquare in the sense that it integrates Instagram analytics, tools for managing and creating content. Additionally, they have an effective Instagram analysis platform.

It comes with it’s fully-equipped editing calendar to schedule new content across multiple social accounts websites (including Twitter and Facebook).

Instagram Analytics Tools

Sprout Social is perfect for large organizations that have strict guidelines as it is a central media library that can be managed using integrated editing tools.

When content is finished you can utilize an automated push-notification tool that will notify the person in charge of making the next step (like changing the draft from preview to draft and then from scheduled to published).

Instagram Analytics Tools

The Sprout tool set comes with the social CRM, which will bring conversations to an intelligent inbox centrally. The ability to access this feature could help increase conversion rates in the course of time.

You may also delve deeper into the performance of individual hashtags or even places that are geotagged. Be attentive to the way your performance is compared to every.

Instagram Analytics Tools

You can then compile all of this knowledge in “presentation-ready” reports that can be downloaded or exported downloaded by bosses and customers alike.

Instagram Analytics Tools

You could also test the waters using the trial version for free to try out all of these features without spending a cent.

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3. Keyhole

All Instagram analysis tool that we’ve examined thus far offers daily reports. These metrics are essential to keep track of your performance.

Yet, Keyhole is proud to provide customers instant feedback in real-time. For instance, you could add a particular hashtag or keyword or even an account to find out which trends are beginning to appear.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Keyhole can also help you determine what among your personal patterns will yield the most outcomes, while providing at-a-glance information on what is leading to the highest growth in follower numbers over time.

Instagram Analytics Tools

You could also set up feeds that automatically follow your competitors’ Instagram profiles to find out what’s working and what’s not (then profiting from the first while avoiding the second).

Additionally, you can cut down on time by selecting just a handful of predefined KPIs you want to track. Keyhole will be able to automatically report on these, and organize your data into a simple-to-read display which you can distribute to team members.

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4. SquareLovin

SquareLovin (spelled similar to McLovin) Combines aggregate information (like overall views and follower count) with specific metrics on every post (by scoring the engagement overall).


One of my top features, however, is the in-depth look into the best times to post.

Similar to some of the Instagram analytics tools listed on this checklist, Keyhole tells you the ideal time frames to post in accordance with metrics. However, the tool clearly identifies the times you should not post. This information can be equally valuable, particularly in the case that you’re posting every time.

It’s a good idea to regularly check out a few of the most effective times to boost your efficiency. This means you’ll be aware of the exact hours of the day you should avoid at all costs.



Many of the analytics tools that are already available provide information on how your Instagram account and your individual posts perform on your particular KPIs. goes on to the next level by giving you a tactical view of your content choices.

This tool, for instance, will help you determine the best photo filter for your target audience, through a comparison of various parameters. Instead of using just one amount of data to determine the best filters to apply make sure you compare multiple different data elements.

Instagram Analytics Tools

I also like the way this tool breaks down your post engagement in the performance metrics.

Here’s what I am referring to.

If you notice that you’ve got 1, 10, or 100 comment comments for your post and you’re happy with your work. But if you contemplate it, you’ll find that there’s not much practical information you can draw from the numbers of comments alone.

Let’s say that one user has 100 following and the other with 1,000 follows. Each account receives 10 comments per day.

Then, which one is doing better?

The first one, isn’t it? This is because it has an engagement rate of 10% on the post, instead of just a 1percent engagement rate. This is a significant difference in the final day! lets you monitor the performance of your measures over time, and also create benchmarks to assess the quality of your audience increasing as fast as the number.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Each social platform uses their own algorithms for determining the number post content will reach the people who follow you.

This means that, if you aren’t engaging your social network could restrict the number of your followers see your content on a specific day.

We constantly speak about the importance of engaging on social media. can assist you in identifying big gamers that are already part of your customer base. It’s an excellent way to find influencers who could help spread your message.

For instance, followers are divided into a variety of buckets, which include:

  1. Mass Follower
  2. Potentially normal
  3. Normal
  4. Popular
  5. Influencer

Instagram Analytics Tools

In addition the tool Instagram analytics tool provides you with an information about the level of engagement your followers have on the site.

For instance, you could observe how many posts the majority of your followers share daily to help you replicate the frequency your users are comfortable with.

If you’re posting only twice every day, and the majority of your followers is posting four times a day, you can begin to increase your frequency of posting without worrying about backlash from your followers.

Instagram Analytics Tools

6. SocialRank

SocialRank offers complete metrics for the audience measurements for Instagram as well as Twitter.

A lot of the other Instagram analytics tools that are listed above concentrate on data that is hard to obtain or your individual post’s performance metrics.

SocialRank can do some of this, but it’s more focused on the identification of follower patterns, so that you can more precisely make sure that your updates are targeted to your target audience.

It will also provide information about the most frequently used words within your follower’s bios and posts. It will also show some of the more popular emoticons within your targeted audience.

Let’s say you want to find specific types of people, such as blogger or influential people. You can search potential customers for their bios using keywords.

You could also use it to do regional marketing. Sort your users’ profiles by location to allow you to contact potential candidates in the area for live events as well as other events.

Instagram Analytics Tools

The Follower filter can aid in narrowing down your audience into smaller segments based on a few parameters, like the number of followers they may have, the specific company or gender, as well as any combination of these.

Instagram Analytics Tools

When you have gathered the segment, you are able to then sort or prioritize those in the segment by their level of relationship with you, or their popularity (by number of followers).

Instagram Analytics Tools

These filters are useful when trying to create exact lists of your followers.

Let’s take an example. you’re opening your own location in a different city (or simply going to a different area to attend a conference).

These filters can be layered with each other to see who’s using specific hashtags (such as #craftbeer) and located in a particular location (like San Diego).


Then, you can import these lists of follower names to your Excel or PDF file for sharing and collaboration with the team.

Instagram Analytics Tools

It’s extremely effective, but not the most affordable option that are listed. I’d suggest using it to create larger PR or influencer marketing campaigns. It is best used when you require extensive audience insights to help build excitement around your latest product launch.

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Social media can be quite simple at the end the day.

In the first place, you must be aware of what your target customers are seeking. In addition, you should provide it consistently.

In actuality, it’s a quite a bit more challenging than you think.

However, that’s not true if you’re using proper Instagram analytics tools to reveal what your target followers are engaged in, discussing publicly, and expressing their opinions online.

Instagram is a potent instrument for marketing to connect with new customers and increase the visibility of your brand and build connections with those you already have in common.

However, it’s not always possible to trace these things to the latest Goal completions in Google Analytics.

They’re soft goals you use to guide people through your sales funnel , not “hard” goals that lead to an increase in leads or sales.

This doesn’t mean that they’re any less vital. It’s just that you must explore different methods to gauge progress and outcomes.

Although Instagram’s built-in analytics can be beneficial but the Instagram tools for analytics listed here surpass the metrics. You’ll be able quickly determine your ideal customers and determine what they’re looking for, and discover ways to improve your service by offering them new products.

That’s essentially the reason Instagram analytics tools are designed for In the end. They don’t provide a detailed, lengthy report which takes hours to create. The best approach is to get short-term insights so that you can act and update your marketing strategy and grow more quickly.

Do you have top Instagram analytics tools that track the metrics?

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