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20 Search Engines You Can Make Use Of instead of Google

alternative search engines

Are you looking for greater privacy or an ad-free search experience? In this article, we’ll present 20 search engines that you can utilize outside of Google.

Google isn’t just a search engine. It’s the search engine that a lot of people use for daily searches for product research, as well as keeping up-to-date with the most recent information.

Google is also the primary search engine that is used by SEO marketers and other professionals in marketing.

with a share of the market of more than 90 with a market share of over 90 percent, It’s difficult to claim whether any other search tool can serve more outcomes than Google.

It’s at least a commonly held belief.

Google’s intuitive interface and personal user experience are available at a price. Google keeps track of your actions across its various services and keeps an extensive record of your queries as well as the websites you browse and more.

It’s not a secret that the search engine giant tracks the web browsing habits of its users, and communicates this information to companies and others who are interested.

If you’re not willing to compromise privacy in exchange for convenience or have particular requirements for your search there are a variety of alternatives to Google alternatives that provide more efficient search results.

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Here are 20 alternative search options in addition to Google.

1. Bing


In Jan. 2020 Microsoft sites handled a quarter of all queries for search results in of all search queries in the United States.

One might claim it is Bing really performs better than Google in certain aspects.

To begin, Bing has a rewards program that lets users accumulate points while browsing. The points can be redeemed in the Microsoft as well as Windows stores that are a good benefit.

I believe that I believe that the Bing images search GUI outdoes its competitors and is much more user-friendly.

Bing provides the same smooth user experience to videos and is the most reliable source for video searches without any YouTube bias.

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2. Yandex


Are you looking for a perspective on search outside America? United States?

Yandex has been utilized by more than 45 percent of Russian Internet users.

It is also utilized it is also used in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine.

Yandex provides an general search engine that is simple to use. Additionally it provides a variety of pretty amazing tools.

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3. CC Search


CC Search is the first stop when searching for virtually any kind of content that is copyright-free.

The search engines are great when you require music to an image, a video to use in a blog post or any other thing without worrying about an angry artist suing you for copying their work.

The method by which CC Search functions is very easy – it pulls in results from various platforms like Soundcloud, Wikimedia, and Flickr and then displays the results by the name of Creative Commons material.

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If you value privacy take a look at:

4. Swisscows


Swisscows is a standout option on this list. It bills its services as Semantic search engine for families .

They are also proud of protecting users’ privacy by not storing, collecting or storing any data.

Artificial intelligence is employed to identify the context of a user’s request.

In the future, Swisscows promises to answer your questions with remarkable precision.

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5. DuckDuckGo


DuckDuckGo We don’t store or collect all of your individual data .

This means that you can conduct your search in peace, not worrying about the boogeyman looking at you through the computer’s screen.

DuckDuckGo will be the ideal choice for people who want to protect their browsing habits and private information private.

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6. StartPage


StartPage offers responses from Google. It’s a great option for people who like the results of Google’s search engine but don’t want their search history recorded and saved.

It also has the ability to generate URLs and proxy service as well as HTTPS support.

This generator can be beneficial because it eliminates the necessity of collecting cookies.

Instead, it keeps track of it’s settings, but in a manner that encourages privacy.

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7. Search Secure


Search Encrypt is an Private search engine which uses local encryption to ensure that your privacy when you search.It utilizes a combination of encryption methods , including Secure Sockets Layer encryption and AES-256 encryption.

When you type in a search, Search Encrypt will pull the results from its database of search partners and provide the information you requested.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Search Encrypt is that the search terms you enter will expire eventually, meaning your data will remain secure even if someone else has access to your computer.

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8. Gibiru


On their site “ Gibiru is the most popular Search Engine for Patriots.”They claim their results are the result of an altered Google algorithm, meaning that users can query for the information they want without having to worry about Google’s monitoring actions.

Because Gibiru does not install tracking cookies on your computer, they claim to be faster that “NSA search engines.”

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9. OneSearch


Verizon Media launched its Privacy-focused search engine , OneSearch, in January 2020.It promises:

  • Cookies are not tracked, retargeted or personal profiling.
  • Personal data is not shared with advertisers.
  • There is no storage of search history.
  • Unbiased, pure search results.
  • Terms that search with encryption.

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Are you looking for results from crowdsourced searches? You can try…


wiki-search-engine The program draws its results from a myriad of wikis found on the web.It’s the perfect search engine for people who enjoy information from the community, such as those found on websites like Wikipedia.

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11. Boardreader


If you’re in the market for forums or message boards on a particular topic, Boardreader is the first stop you go to.The engine seeks out the results of a vast range of forums and message boards on the internet. You’ll be able to locate the forum you’re looking for with only a couple of keystrokes.

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Do you prefer search engines that have an aim to do social good? Look at:

12. GiveWater


GiveWater is self-described as “ Social impact search engine ” that aims to make a an impact positive on the world by helping users to tackle the issue of poor-quality water and inadequate sanitation in the world’s developing countries.It was created after the CEO of the company had a meeting with one of the founding members of Charity the Water, Scott Harrison, and was inspired to do something positive through his own efforts.

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13. Ekoru


Ekoru The company is taking on the constant climate change threat by giving 60 percent of its revenue to one of its partner charities, from those focused on climate action and reforestation to those devoted to the welfare of animals and conservation.They also strive to choose an additional charity each month.

It is interesting to note that Ekoru places its trust in its word making use of renewable energy sources to power its data centers, and also standing up for civil rights by not keeping any search or user-related information in their server.

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14. Ecosia


Are you looking to save the planet just one tree at? Check out this eco sustainable search engine!This might be shocking to you, but your Google search results actually aid in the production of a significant amount of carbon dioxide.

To combat this problem, Ecosia uses the revenues earned from searches for the purpose of planting trees. The typical Ecosia requires about 45 searches in order to plant an additional tree.

There is some debate about whether these can be considered search engines but there’s no doubt that there is plenty of information on:

15. Twitter


It is difficult to top Twitter for an Real-time search engine .It’s the ideal location to get minute-by-minute information in the event in the event of an emergency.

Google’s algorithm will eventually catch up However, it’s hard to beat an instant tweet in the moment.

To maximize the benefits of this, read our guide on Twitter advanced Search.

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16. SlideShare


SlideShare Allows you to find slideshows with slideshows that have been documented.It is also possible to search for PDFs and ebooks. This makes it a great tool when you’re preparing a business-related presentation to be prepared for.

SlideShare can also allow you to save slides, and to download all slideshows to use on your computer locally.

17. Internet Archive


The Wayback Machine is excellent for finding sites from the past, however it’s much more.

Like the name suggests, the search engine searches an enormous collection of documented content, including millions of videos for free and music, as well as books and even software.

The basic idea is that basically, the Internet Archive is a huge online library that lets you access almost anything you could think of.

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18. Brave


Brave is an online search engine and browser that is three to six times faster speed than Chrome.In beta, they provide an independent, private and user-focused alternative to Google. They block ads on pages you browse, protect you from malware, and stop third-party tracking of your online activities.

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19. Neeva


Neeva It was founded by former Google management who wanted Google to provide an affiliate-free, ad-free search experience. It was created by former Google executives who wanted to offer an affiliate-free.Alongside their own website search tool, they provide an extension for browsers that works with every major web browser to stop advertisements or third-party trackers from the websites you browse.

You can enroll for a free trial of four months without credit card to check the results compared to other search engines, and decide whether it’s worth it. After the trial period the cost is $4.95 for a month.

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20. WolframAlpha


WolframAlpha is an engine for computational knowledge that lets you compute answers to your questions and search through data that is expert-level across a range of subjects that range from Algebra up to Words & Linguistics.

They also offer professional features for students, individuals and teachers that require expert-grade processing and analysis of import data. Prices start at $5.49 per month.

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The Conclusion

Google is a searched for by users However, it might not always be the ideal option, based on your priorities and needs.

A lot of alternatives to Google could offer a more user-friendly experience than Google.

If you’re concerned about privacy or need to look into the possibilities There are plenty of search engines to explore.

Give yourself some time by giving one of these recipes a go.

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