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How to Download YouTube videos on Desktop & Mobile (2022)

Download YouTube videos

Download YouTube videosYouTube is the most popular online video streaming platform in the world.

In actuality, over 30 million viewers go through 5 billion videos each every day via YouTube.

If you wish to save YouTube videos for watching in the future, you must know the best ways to download YouTube videos with ease. It is possible to download YouTube videos in formats such as MP4, AVI, MPEG, and many more. If you require just the audio format there is the option to transform YouTube videos to MP3 files.

With so many options to download and stream videos at any time I’ve put together this list that includes the most recent methods for downloading YouTube videos in the coming year.

Let’s get started.

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Disclosure: Please note, I could receive compensation from affiliates for certain of the links listed below without cost to you. But, these are the top tools I’ve tried to download and convert YouTube videos to MP3 files. You can find my disclosure of affiliates on my privacy policy.

What are the steps to Download YouTube Videos?

The downloading of videos on YouTube is an easy and easy procedure.

The most effective method to get YouTube videos would be to make use of a video converter.

Download YouTube Videos using an online tool for downloading videos.

Utilizing an YouTube downloading tool is the most efficient method to download YouTube videos. Let’s go through it step-by-step:

Select a Converter or Downloading Tool.

The first step is to select the best option YouTube download tool.

My opinion is that the best software to download can be the 4K download.


4K download can be used seamlessly with Windows, Mac, and Linux and comes with excellent features like batch download or saving playlists. It also supports downloads in 1080p, 720p and 4K. You can also download YouTube subtitles to save to over 50 languages.

Try 4K Download a testand receive a 14-day money-back assurance.

There are additional tools available, and, while there are good free tools however, paid versions are much higher-quality features.

Things to look for in a YouTube downloader tool.

  1. Quality of the Video The video that is converted must be of standard quality to allow for a great viewing. Ideally, you must be able to alter how the image quality is. It could be low medium, medium, or high. It’s also beneficial to select a particular video resolutions like 360p, 720p or 1080p and many more.
  2. Subtitles We all enjoy videos in different languages. In these instances it is necessary to use subtitles. is vital when playing the video via YouTube as well as YouTube Premium. It is logical to download the videos with subtitles.
  3. Batch downloads – The user can save each file individually or in bulk based upon playlists on YouTube channels. If you are a fan of a certain group, you may want the entire catalog. If you are the work of a film director You might want to download the entire filmography.
  4. Multi File Format CompatibleYou might wish to save and download video in a variety of formats inside the file management. With a variety of options to select from, such as MP3 or MP4, FLAC, or AAC lets you have more flexibility.
  5. Built-in Video Editor You might want to play a specific song within the middle of an video. It is also possible to cut out a specific part of a video. Editing needs for video can come up at any time and it is a crucial element of an YouTube video downloader. You can test Any Video Converter (AVC) which comes with an integrated editor.
  6. speed – The program is expected to be able to convert and download videos quickly. The time it takes to download should not be affected by changes in wi-fi and internet connectivity.

Copy the URL of the Video Address Bar from YouTube.

If there’s an online video download tool. In this scenario you’ll need to go to YouTube and then open the video you’d like to download.

Simply copy or paste into the YouTube video URL that is displayed in the box.

The tool can be opened by clicking a new tab in the same screen. When it is opened it will show an input box that allows you to type in the URL.

Here’s an example from the y2mate website where users can save the videos. It’s as easy as typing the URL into the box below and then click the “Start” option. Certain websites might also have buttons with the words ‘Go’ and Download.’


If you’re using a tool that downloads it is necessary to install it and download it to your PC first. When you launch it the program will provide users with the same options for copying and pasting the URL to perform conversion.

Be cautious about any unwanted software you might require downloading as well. Beware of them whenever you can. One of the best alternatives is Keepvid which will assist you in downloading videos on Apple MacOS, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

It is also possible to research alternatives YouTube applications that are compatible with Google Play Store. Google Play Store or with other smartphones. If you’re downloading Vimeo to watch offline There are a variety of other options to pick from.

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Select the file format and Video Quality.

When you type the YouTube URL of the video in the box for searching, you’ll be presented with an array of options. For example y2mate allows you to select the format of the video you wish to download, the quality of the video and file size.

Select the download option you like and then click to download.

Certain tools permit downloading YouTube videos in formats such as WMV, MPGand AVI ASF, M2TS 3GP and 3G2 FLV, MKV WEBM, SWF HTML5 WEBM HTML5 OGG HTML5 and many other formats.

If you’re looking to do batch downloads, then you can select a folder on your computer to store all the videos downloaded. There could be some confusion when using an VPN as these programs typically place emphasis the IP address of your computer over the URL of the video you type in. If you’re an VPN client, then you might need to change your location to allow correct downloads.

After the video is downloaded, you are able to play whenever and wherever you’d like.

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How do you download YouTube videos directly?

It is not necessary to utilize the YouTube video downloading software. It’s fairly easy to download YouTube videos directly from YouTube.

These are steps to follow:

1. Go to The Video.

Start YouTube on your browser , and go to the video you’d like to download.

2. Add’ss’ to the URL.

The next step is to modify the URL using the text editor offered by YouTube. Simply type the’ss’ after the word ‘www. However, ahead of ‘’

Once you’ve entered the code after that, hit the Enter button at the top of your keyboard.

After that, you will be directed to a download website.

3. Visit the Download Site

After redirection There are many free applications to utilize that don’t require install or download. When you click the button ‘Enter’, you are redirected to their website.

It will be apparent that the text editor already contains the URL of the video, so there’s no need duplicate any URL. The video is also ready to be downloaded. All you have be able to do is hit on the “Download” button.

You can also select the format and level of quality. After that, you can click”Download” to download the video “download” option and you’ll get your video in a matter of seconds.

How do you download YouTube Videos using Browser Add-Ons?

You may not need to play around with the YouTube URL. Some of you might not need to utilize any third-party program to download videos.

In this instance, installing extensions to your browser is the best solution.

1. Select an Add-on.

There’s an add-on to cover almost all you’ll ever require.

The positive side is that YouTube has several options for downloading YouTube videos.

Some are better designed to FirefoxChrome and Safari while others are standalone applications.

Here’s an illustration of an identical add-on known as ‘ YouTube Video and Audio Downloader For Opera.


2. Install The Extension.

The procedure is easy The process is easy in Opera. It’s similar to other browsers as well.

If you’re using Opera you just need to select the Add to Opera option that is shown in the green color. Additionally, be sure to install the right add-on that is compatible with your browser. The add-ons won’t work if you don’t.

After downloading the add-on Install it. If the add-on does not perform after installation, reboot your PC.

3. Visit YouTube.

Then, go to the YouTube video you wish to download. When you’re there, be able to see an icon in the top right hand side (for Opera users).

After installing this extension you have a few options available:

  • Quick download
  • Download panel
  • Conversion tool
  • Settings

Then, select next, click on the “quick download” option and the video will be downloaded to your computer.

There isn’t a direct download feature from YouTube regardless of which browser you’re using, unless you install an add-on.

4. Select the File Format you prefer.

The majority of add-ons offer many ways to save the video. There are a myriad of formats available and quality of video. In most cases, a pop-up pops onto the screen during the downloading choice asking you to input your preferences.

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How Can You Download YouTube Videos using a Virtual Desktop?

Utilizing the Virtual Desktop (VD) is another method for downloading YouTube videos.

Here’s how to accomplish it.

1. Go to The YouTube Video.

To begin, go to first the YouTube platform , and then type in the title of the movie that you want to watch and download. After you have done this, hit the Enter click, your video will begin playing.

2. Add “vd” to the URL.

The process now is similar to downloading videos straight by adding’ss in the URL. In this instance you must edit the address of the video and add”vd’ after the word ‘youtube’ after the word ‘www.’.

Take a look:

After editing, click the button ‘Enter. Then, you will be redirection into the Django website to download the video you want to download.


3. Choose the appropriate format for your video and the Quality.

The VDYouTube website Scroll down to select the quality and size of your YouTube video. In accordance with your preferences you are able to proceed.

4. Download the YouTube video.

When you click”download,” and then click on “download” option it will take a matter of seconds until it’s installed on your computer.

How Can You Download YouTube Videos using a VLC Player?

If you do not have the VLC media player on your computer , there is a way to get it. VLC Media player is secure and allows users to transfer YouTube videos.

Here’s how:

1. Head to YouTube’s Video and Copy the URL.

Go to YouTube and play the video you wish to download. Then, copy that URL.

2. Open VLC Media Player.

In the ideal scenario, you should not be waiting for this step to start VLC. VLC media player. It should be open on the taskbar to your convenience.

3. A brand-new Network Stream.

Once you have opened your VLC media player go over to the “Media” option, then click it.

After that, you can select the Open Network Stream option. Naturally, this is only the case if you’re running the Windows OS.

If you’re using Mac it’s File > OPEN Network.

4. Open Media.

At this point you’ll be able to see a webpage that has a text editor regardless of what OS you’re running. Copy the URL for the video on YouTube that you would like to download.

5. Press the Play option.

When you click the play button and the video begins playing in VLC.

6. Codec Information.

Then, select the toolbar at the top of the right-hand side. There’s an option that’s called ‘codec info. You can access the ‘codec information option with the “CTRL + J” command.

If you click on “codec information,” an additional window will open.

7. Location.

The window is similar to this:

It is necessary to copy the details of the video into the location text box located at the lower left on the webpage. This is a simple process and is easy for Windows users.

If you’re an Mac user, you’ll must right-click on the field, and then select the option to open URL.

8. Copy and Paste the URL.

If you’re using an Windows system, you’ve probably already saved the URL. Copy it into your web browser and hit “Enter. This process is not necessary in the case of Mac users.

9. Make sure you save the Video.

At this point the video will be playing in your web browser. Right-click the video and choose the ‘Save video as’ option.

10. Download the Video.

The video is now downloading. This format defaults to an MP4 file The default title will be “videoplayback. When it’s saved, make sure to save it with the other videos in your collection.

While the process might seem a bit daunting at first however, it’s really easy once you’ve done it yourself.

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How do you download YouTube Videos to your Mobile?

The process of downloading a YouTube video onto your smartphone is somewhat more difficult.

There are two simple methods of downloading them onto the mobile phones of your choice.

Option 1:If you have an Android phone, you can install an application called InsTube. The app allows you to download videos to your phone easy and cost-free.


Option 2: If you have an iPhone running IOS you will not be to be able use the InsTube app to download YouTube videos.

The easiest method of achieving this is to purchase an authentic YouTube Premium. It’s $11.99 per month, but it is worth every penny. It is possible to download and stream videos straight from your smartphone using the YouTube application. Personally, this is what I do and would suggest you to do similar.

Additionally, you’ll have access to YouTube music. You can begin not just streaming videos, but also music.

An easy way to accomplish this is to use Apple AirDrop.

You can transfer the videos directly from an Apple device to your smartphone and then watch them as an ordinary video. All you need to follow is the steps and you’ll be able save any YouTube video for free and play it available on your smartphone.

Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

YouTube has a fairly simple Conditions of Service that outline what users can and cannot do on the platform.

Downloading videos with no prior authorization, selling them or committing copyright infringements is a violation of their conditions of service.

Although the downloading of YouTube videos technically is a crime, YouTube has made no intention to penalize people for downloading YouTube videos. Certain videos that are royalty-free available on YouTube with the appropriate licenses are legally downloaded. In addition, if you’re only using the video to use for private use, it could be legally legal.

YouTube declares, “You are not permitted to copy, reproduce, or distribute the Content, transmit, broadcast it and display, licenseor make use of any Content for any other purpose without prior written permission from YouTube and the appropriate licensors of content.”

That is you can view Youtube videos however, only through Google applications.

But, third-party applications continue to pop up online, allowing users to download YouTube videos. It’s hard to regulate or stop users from making use of them. However, you are still able to watch YouTube videos even if you’re not signed into the site.

It’s ultimately your decision whether the downloading of videos on YouTube to use for personal purposes would be something that you ought consider doing.

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What exactly is YouTube the batch download feature?

“Batch download” is the term that refers to the downloading of multiple files within the course of a single Internet downloading session. The number of files downloaded as well as their size in Kilobytes (KB) is the determining factor for the time it takes to allow to download the file(s) to be completed.

YouTube batch download is the process whereby users use programs or add-ons for their web browsers to download several YouTube videos automatically to the appropriate folder on their device or computer.

It is also known as multi-part download. The primary reasons why people use batch downloads is that it’s a convenient method of downloading a number of small files from a single location and also due to the fact that the file sizes of downloaded videos don’t exceed the limitations allowed by certain software.

A lot of YouTube users download videos with third-party programs because it is quicker to finish the task.

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What music should I play to create YouTube videos?

When you record the video to be uploaded to YouTube It is recommended to practice to use music that is royalty-free. That means that the music you choose must not infringe on those rights held by the artist who created it.

YouTube allows users to access specific music tracks in their YouTube library that can be downloaded for free.

Most Frequently asked questions.

Are you able to download a YouTube video to YouTube?

You are able to save any YouTube video using the steps in this guide. I’ll walk you through three different ways to download YouTube videos with the YouTube video downloader extension or mobile devices.

Do I have the ability to save YouTube YouTube movies for nothing?

You are able to download every YouTube video for no cost. But, if you’re seeking to save time, I’d suggest that you opt for the 4K download. This will provide you with higher quality videos and ensure that your devices are free of malware and viruses.

How do I find the most efficient method of downloading YouTube Videos?

On a desktop, the best method to download the YouTube video is with the 4K video downloader.

For smartphones, the most efficient method of downloading YouTube videos is to use InsTube as well as YouTube Premium.

How can I download YouTube video to my Android?

The most effective method of downloading videos onto your Android is to use InsTube. It’s free and easy to use.

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Executive Summary.

You’ve got it – the most effective ways for downloading YouTube videos. According to me, choose the 4K downloadIt’s the most effective tool to improve the quality of your videos along with MP3 conversions.

This tool allows you to access your most-loved YouTube videos any time regardless of whether you have having an Internet connection. The ability to download videos and save them on your phone or computer ensures that you don’t be unable to access the YouTube videos you enjoy.

Would you rather stream videos rather than the downloading of YouTube videos? What tool do you prefer? Tell me about it in the comments section below.

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