YouTube's Keyword Research Tool

YouTube ‘s Keyword Research Tool Available To Anyone This Month

YouTube's Keyword Research Tool

YouTube Search Insights

YouTube Search Insights is rolling across all channels until the end of April.

YouTube Search Insights is a tool created to reveal valuable keyword information coming to all channels this month.

The launch follows a brief testing period that started in November. During that time YouTube gave everyone a sneak preview of the features to be expected through the Search Insights.

YouTube hasn’t changed much in Search Insights since it was released to selected users a few months ago.

If you were part of the group testing You can use the software as you’ve become used to.

For those making use of Search Insights for the first time, we’ll explain the features it offers as well as how it could aid in the creation of more engaging content.

What is YouTube Google Search Insights?

YouTube's Keyword Research Tool

YouTube Search Insights is built to help you plan your content by providing information it can help you develop better content.

Data uncovered through Search Insights will inform you about the specific information your market is looking for.

Furthermore you can also get information about what the larger YouTube viewers are looking for by using keywords to determine the estimated number of searches.

If a search term has a significant number of searches, but little pertinent results are found, Search Insights will call it out as an gaps in content.

A content gap provides the perfect opportunity to provide your viewers with content they’re not receiving enough of.

Based on your industry depending on your niche, you might be able to build an entire content strategy the keywords with gaps in their content.

The information from Search Insights is based on what search terms users have used over the last 28 days.

How do I access YouTube search insights?

YouTube's Keyword Research Tool

Search Insights lives within the Research tab of YouTube Studio on the desktop.

It is accessible by login to YouTube Studio and clicking on Analytics on the navigation menu left of the screen.

Then, go to the¬†Search¬†tab and search for a section that reads¬†“Your viewers search results”.

On this screen , you’ll be able gain information on the things your viewers are searching for, as well as information about how the average YouTube viewers are searching for.

The first thing you’ll notice is the key phrases that are being used by your audience, and from viewers who are similar to your own.

Search Insights will show the amount of search traffic for that particular keyword (low medium, medium, or high) as well as the number of views your channel got from searches for the keyword over the last 28 days.

By clicking the link¬†“Searches throughout YouTube”¬†will bring you to a screen on which you can browse the search data for general topics and also for specific terms.

You can also filter the results to highlight any gaps in the content for those you’re looking for the most.

In the Summary

YouTube Search Insights is an excellent starting point for researching keywords and coming up with the perfect video idea for you.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • It is available for English searches only (YouTube is currently working to make it available in other languages).
  • It shows only queries from users located in those countries: the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India.
  • It can be accessed via the desktop, but only on.

The tool will be made available for all channels by time the end of April.


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