119+ inspirational quotes

119+ inspirational quotes to help you live your best life and achieve the Success

119+ inspirational quotes

There are many lists that contain inspirational quotes to inspire readers to be successful or to think differently about their lives.

I’m an unwavering belief¬†in the notion that, while reading the quotes from the day can direct you to the right direction and alter your thinking patterns, it’s taking actions that matter most.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to¬†increase your income,¬†start a blog or website, (or even ask that adorable girl or guy to go out for an evening date) It’s the action that matters and not worrying about it.

But as Albert Einstein said:

The world as we’ve constructed it is the result of our thoughts.¬†It can’t be altered without changing our mindset.

Thoughts also influence our perception of reality. Marcus Aurelius put it best in his the Meditations:

You are in control of your thoughts – not external circumstances.¬†Recognize this, and you’ll find the your strength.

My hope is that this collection of most inspirational quotes can change your thinking patterns to ensure that you are inspired to take action.

I searched the Internet and put together my top 119favorite quote to keep in mind.¬†These aren’t just inspirational and motivational quotes, they are also quite profound, slightly amazing, and hopefully alter your perception.

This collection of daily inspirational quotes includes:

  • Inspirational and profound quotes to live your life by
  • Motivational quotes that will push you to overcome self-limiting assumptions
  • Success quotes to inspire you to get started
  • Work and business quotations to complete your hard work
  • Famous life quotes and finding meaning in difficult times
  • The most effective quotes to boost your mood and boost your confidence
  • Excellent quotes about changing and dealing with uncertainty
  • Inspirational and uplifting quotes that give you daily motivation
  • Quotes of short inspirational quotes that can be used to live by
  • Love quotes

These are my choices for the best inspirational quotes.

Inspirational Quotes

119+ inspirational quotes

1.¬†“If you’re planning to build an ship, don’t rouse into the builders in order to collect wood. then divide the labor and give instructions.¬†Instead, let them dream of the vast, endless ocean.” – – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

2.¬†“You do not exist¬†within¬†the universe, but you¬†belong to¬†in the world, and are an integral component of it.¬†You are, in essence, not a being and are only a focal point at which¬†the universe is aware and aware of its own.¬†It is an incredible miracle.” — Eckhart Tolle

3.¬†“We don’t see things as they are; we see things as they are.” Anais Nin Anais Nin

4.¬†“You are a part from the world, not lower than the tree or the stars.¬†You have the right.” – Max Ehrmann

5.¬†“Fairytales have more to be a fact They are not telling us that dragons are real and exist, but because they inform us that dragons are able to be defeated.” Neil Gaiman

6.¬†“There there is no noblesse about being superior to other men. Nobleness is¬†having a superiority over the person you were before.” — Ernest Hemingway

7.¬†“The carbon in DNA of our bodies, the calcium found in our teeth, iron that is in our blood, and the carbon that is in our apple pies were all created in the innermost parts of falling stars.¬†Our bodies are made up out of star-stuff.” Carl Sagan

8.¬†“We are who we make ourselves out to be, and we need to be aware of the person we claim to be.” Kurt Vonnegut

9.¬†“When we are in love and strive to be better than what we already are.¬†If we work to improve ourselves beyond what ourselves the world around us will become better as well.” – Paulo Coelho

10.¬†“If that’s you… Thank you that you’re alive.¬†If that’s nothing to be happy about, then I don’t even know what is.” Chad Sugg

11.¬†“I will be awestruck by the light because it will show me the way however, I will have to accept the darkness, because it will show that I am a star.” Og Mandino. Og Mandino

Motivational Quotes

119+ inspirational quotes

1.¬†“A ship is safe in a harbor But that’s not the purpose ships are made for.” William Shedd

2.¬†“Whether you believe you are able to or don’t, you’re correct.” Henry Ford. Henry Ford

3.¬†“Remembering that you’re about to be dead is the most effective strategy to avoid falling into falling into the trap of believing that you are a loser.¬†There is nothing to lose.¬†There’s no reason to not be true to your own heart.” – Steve Jobs

4.¬†“A nation becomes tremendous when a person plants an oak tree, the shade of which he’ll never be able to enjoy.” — Greek Proverb

5.¬†“The more you get away from your comfortable zone, the more you’ll discover that it wasn’t all really comfortable.” Eddie Harris Eddie Harris

6.¬†“Better you write about yourself and be no readers, than write for the world and not have any self.” — Cyril Connolly

7.¬†“I’ve discovered that people forget what you’ve said, people will forget the things you did, but¬†the people won’t forget the way you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

8.¬†“The most ideal moment to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.” Chinese Proverb

9.¬†“To bring pleasure to¬†just one heart through one action¬†is more satisfying than thousands of heads praying.” — Mahatma Gandhi

10.¬†“The only thing standing in the way of you and your goals is that B.S.¬†narrative you tell yourself to explain what you’re not able to accomplish.” — Jordan Belfort

11.¬†“You may not even realize it until it’s happening but a kick to the jaw could be the most beneficial thing that could happen to you.” — Walt Disney

12.¬†“Talent can only be God’s gift.¬†You must be humble.¬†Fame is the gift of man.¬†You should be grateful.¬†The ability to conceal is self-given.¬†Be careful.” – John Wooden

13.¬†“Only those who are willing to be willing to risk it all perhaps discover how far they is able to go.” — T.S.¬†Eliot

Success Quotes

119+ inspirational quotes

1.¬†“If I had six hours to cut down an oak tree, I’d be spending the first four hours sharpening the cutting axe.” Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln

2.¬†“The most common reason why that people do not succeed in life is due to the fact that they are influenced by their family, friends and even their neighbors.” — Napoleon Hill

3.¬†“A man can’t build his reputation on the things they do.” Henry Ford. Henry Ford

4.¬†“Everything you’ve ever wanted to be is just a step away from fear.” George Addair

5.¬†“It would be better fail at the originality of your ideas than to be successful by imitation.” Herman Melville. Herman Melville

6.¬†“Do not follow where the path might lead,¬†go instead where there isn’t any path, and leave the path.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

7.¬†“Have I not defeated my adversary in the process of turning him my friend?” – Abraham Lincoln

8.¬†“What you’re lacking in ability can be made by¬†the desire, determination and giving 100 percent every day.” – Don Zimmer

9.¬†“[It’sinteresting that we’re spending more time celebrating those who have achieved success rather than encouraging those who haven’t.” Neil deGrasse Tyson

10.¬†“The distinction between a successful individual and those who fail is not due to an absence of power and not due to a lack of expertise instead, it’s the lack of determination.” Vince Lombardi

11.¬†“Whatever we put in our subconscious minds and feed with repetition and emotional stimulation will eventually become real.” Earl Nightingale. Earl Nightingale

Quotes on Success and Value

10.¬†“Try not to be an entrepreneur.¬†Instead, be a man who is worth your time.” Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein

11.¬†“If you don’t appreciate your time you won’t be able to do so for others.¬†Don’t give away your time and talent.¬†Be proud of what you have learned and begin pricing it.” Kim Garst

12.¬†”¬†The harder I try, the luckier am.” – Samuel Goldwyn

13.¬†“Would you want me to share with you an effective formula to succeed?¬†It’s a simple thing to do:¬†Double your rate of failing.¬†You are thinking of failure as the main enemy of success.¬†However, it’s not the case in any way.¬†You could be discouraged by your failure, or you can take the lessons learned from it. So go forward to make errors.¬†Try to do the best you could.¬†Remember that’s the only way to be successful.” — Thomas J. Watson

14.¬†“For any reason that it’s impossible,¬†there are hundreds of people who have had to face similar circumstances and achieved.” — Jack Canfield

15.¬†“The Master has been unsuccessful more than the novice has ever attempted.” Stephen McCranie

16.¬†“Suffer the discomfort of discipline or endure the pain from regret.” Jim Rohn

17.¬†“Some folks die before the age of 25 and don’t get put to rest until they’re 75.” — Benjamin Franklin

18.¬†“Successful people are convinced that they’re the masters of their destiny , they are not merely the result of circumstances and they are the ones who create circumstances and if the environment aren’t working for them, they can change their circumstances.” Jordan Belfort Jordan Belfort

Business Quotes

119+ inspirational quotes

1.¬†“This is the essence of living — to be fully involved in what you are doing in the present and right now.¬†Instead being a worker, remember that it’s playing.” Alan Watts. Alan Watts

2.¬†“Time is more important than money.¬†You can make greater money but will not have additional time.” Jim Rohn

3.¬†“Never be dependent on one income source.¬†Put money into investments that will create an additional source of income” — Warren Buffett

4.¬†“Don’t be scared to sacrifice the good in order to achieve the best.” John D. Rockefeller. John D. Rockefeller

5.¬†“Don’t get caught up in critique.¬†The only taste of the success that people experience is to eat a piece from your.” — Zig Ziglar

6.¬†“People are often confused about the distinction between leaders and bosses… Leaders is in public, while the boss works in a secret.¬†The leader is the one who leads, while the boss is in charge.” Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt

Additional Fantastic Work Quotes and Quotes

7.¬†“I can’t give you an exact formula for success however, I can provide you the formula to fail that is: Try to please everyone.” — Herbert Bayard Swope

8.¬†“Nobody is aware that certain individuals expend a lot of energy to appear normal.” Albert Camus

9.¬†“Success typically comes to people who aren’t to search to find it.” — Henry David Thoreau

10.¬†“Keep moving forward There is a chance that you’ll stumble across something, even at the time you least expect it.¬†I have never thought of someone slipping onto something in a chair.” — Charles F. Kettering

11.¬†“If your actions encourage others to imagine more to learn more, be more knowledgeable, achieve more and be more than a leader, then you’re a leader.” John Quincy Adams. John Quincy Adams

Positive Quotes and positive thinking quotes

119+ inspirational quotes

1.¬†“Be the person that your dog believes you to be.” — J.W.¬†Stephens

2.¬†“You could be the ripest and juiciest fruit in the world, but there’s always going to be people who don’t like peaches.” — Dita Von Teese

3.¬†“Be yourself and express what you are feeling because people who aren’t thinking do not matter, and those who matter don’t care.” Dr. Seuss

4.¬†“The reason we have trouble with anxiety is that we are comparing our personal stories with everybody else’s highlight reel.” Steven Furtick

5.¬†“You must only glance at your neighbor’s bowl to see if there is enough.” — Louis C.K.

6.¬†“There is a strong driving in each human being that is unleashed and can transform any vision of a dream, idea, or wish become a realisation.” Tony Robbins Tony Robbins

7.¬†“To have a good laugh and laugh often to earn the admiration of intelligent people as well as the love of children, to gain the respect of honest critics and to endure the deceit of fake friends and to be able to recognize beauty; to discover the good in people and to leave the world a little better off, whether through an enlightened child, a patch of garden or a changed social situation; to be able to say that even a single life taken a breather because you’ve lived.¬†It is a sign of success.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. Ralph Waldo Emerson

8.¬†“Be gentle, because every person you meet is fighting the hard fight.” Ian Maclaren

9.¬†“Those who danced were deemed mad by the people who couldn’t listen to the beat.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

10.¬†“I can be certain that everything will be ok.¬†No matter how bizarre or depressing the situation the outcome will be positive.¬†All goes well, both good and bad.” — Xosha Roquemore

Life Quotes

119+ inspirational quotes

1.¬†“It’s better to live an enlightened life packed with things you love doing, rather than a lengthy life that is ruined in a negative way.” Alan Watts. Alan Watts

2.¬†“The issue, which is often not discovered until later in life can be that when people are looking for the things that matter in life, such as motivation, meaning, love that they’re in the shade of a tree or beneath a rock.¬†People who are most prosperous realize that in their lives they make their own passion, they design their own meaning and develop the motivation they need.¬†For me, I’m motivated by two major theories, and I know more on the planet than I did yesterday.¬†Also, I want to reduce the suffering of other people.¬†You’ll be amazed at how much it can do for you.” The author is Neil deGrasse Tyson

3.¬†“At the conclusion of the game, the King and the pawn are put back to the box.” – Italian Proverb

4.¬†“For me, it’s more beneficial to comprehend the Universe in its entirety rather than linger in delusion regardless of how it is satisfying and comforting.” Carl Sagan

5.¬†“Can you recall who you wereprior to the time the world told you what you ought to become?” – Charles Bukowski

6.¬†“I have come to the realization the fact that past as well as the future are illusions and¬†they exist only in the present moment, that is all there is and everything else exists.” – Alan Watts

7.¬†“Holding on to anger is like having a drink of poison, and then expecting another person to end up dying.” Unknown

8.¬†“Our life is the result of our thoughts about it.” Marcus Aurelius

9.¬†“Life isn’t just about waiting around for the rain to end but rather learning to perform in the rain.” Unknown

10.¬†“We assess ourselves based on our motives and other people through their behavior.” Stephen M.R. Covey. Stephen M.R.¬†Covey

11.¬†“The problem in the modern world is the dumb are confident, while the smart are unsure.” — Bertrand Russell

12.¬†“Most people are just like other people.¬†Their thoughts are a reflection of someone else’s views, their life are a mirror, their love can be described as a quote.” — Oscar Wilde

13.¬†“It is not a indicator of health that is adjusted to a severely sick society” Jiddu Krishnamurti Jiddu Krishnamurti

14.¬†“No snowflake caught in an avalanche feels accountable.” Voltaire. Voltaire

15.¬†“I do not fear death.¬†I was alive for billions and billions of those years prior to the time I was born and never suffered any inconvenience at all in the process.” Mark Twain – Mark Twain

16.¬†“I am not as good as the worst, however thanks to God I’m equal to the very top.” — Walt Whitman

17.¬†“Every day we need to listen to at least one small song, read a great poem,.¬†You see one exquisite picture, and, if possible, speak a few sensible words.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

18.¬†“The problem with the majority of us , is that we’d prefer to be destroyed with praise than saved through criticism.” Norman Vincent Peale

19.¬†“The main thing you need to remember is have fun with your life. To be content – that’s the only thing that matters.” Audrey Hepburn

Change Quotes

119+ inspirational quotes

1.¬†“It isn’t the most powerful of the species that can survive or is the most intelligent but it is the one that is that is the most responsive to changes.” Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin

2.¬†“Trust the waiting.¬†Be open to the unknown.¬†Be open to the possibility of growing.¬†If nothing is sure everything is possible.” – Mandy Hale

3.¬†“Everyone wants to change things in the world but nobody would ever think of¬†changing oneself.” – Leo Tolstoy

4.¬†“Life is a sequence of spontaneous and natural changes.¬†Do not resist them, it will only cause grief.¬†Let reality become reality.¬†Let things flow naturally however they want.” — Lao Tzu

5.¬†“We love the beauty of butterflies yet we don’t often acknowledge the¬†modifications it’s been through¬†to reach the beauty.” Maya Angelou

6.¬†“The sensible man adapts to the changing world, while the unreasonably person keeps trying to change the world around him.¬†So all progress is contingent on the unreasonably man.” — George Bernard Shaw

7.¬†“Isn’t it amazing that day after day, nothing changes, however¬†when we look back , everything is completely different.” — C.S.¬†Lewis

8.¬†”¬†Here’s to the crazy ones.¬†The misfits.¬†The rebels.¬†The troublemakers.¬†The round pegs that are in the square holes.¬†They view things in a different manner.¬†They don’t like rules.¬†They have no regard for the status of the game.¬†They can be quoted or disagree with them, praise or denigrate them.¬†The only thing you’re allowed to do is to ignore them.¬†Because they alter the world.¬†They propel humanity ahead. Although some consider them insane ones, we view them as their genius.¬†The reason is that the people who are insane enough to believe that they have the power to make a difference in the world are the ones who succeed.” Steve Jobs

9.¬†“We tend to want our partner to be a perfect product, while giving ourselves the opportunity to grow.” — T.D.¬†Jakes

10.¬†“Never be a doubt about the fact that just a tiny group of committed, thoughtful citizens can make a difference in the world.¬†In fact, it’s one of the few things that has ever had.” Margaret Mead. Margaret Mead

Uplifting Quotes

119+ inspirational quotes

1.¬†“When all appears to be against you, keep in mind that an airplane goes off in the direction of wind rather than against it.” Henry Ford. Henry Ford

2.¬†“Twenty years in the future, you’ll be more dissatisfied with the things you didn’t do , than those you did.¬†Don’t be a bowling alley.¬†Take a sail away from the secure harbor.¬†Get the trade winds through your sails.¬†Explore.¬†Dream.¬†Explore.” — Mark Twain

3.¬†“In order to gain something you’ve never had, you have to take on something you’ve never done” Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson

4.¬†“All we have to do is how to use the time allotted by God to each of us.” The character of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

5.¬†”¬†Never forget what you’re made of.¬†The rest of the world won’t.¬†Use it as armor, and it is never used to harm you.” — Tyrion Lannister Game of Thrones

6.¬†“In any given moment , we can choose to take a step forward in expansion or return to the safety of.” — Abraham Maslow

7.¬†“Rock bottom was the solid foundation from which I rebuilt my entire life.” — J.K.Rowling

8.¬†“Attitude is an option.¬†Happiness is an option.¬†It is possible to choose optimism.¬†Kindness is an option.¬†Giving is an option.¬†Respect is an option.¬†Any choice you make affects you.¬†Choose wisely.” – Roy T. Bennett

9.¬†“If you are looking to be content don’t dwell on the past. Do not think about the future. Instead,¬†be focused on living completely today.” – Roy T. Bennett

10.¬†“What you do can make an impact, and you must determine the kind of impact you’d like to create.” Jane Goodall Jane Goodall

11.¬†“Lots of people would like to travel with you in the limousine however what you really want is someone to take the bus along with you if the limo stops working.” — Oprah Winfrey

Short Inspirational Quotes

119+ inspirational quotes

1.¬†“If you’re in hell, don’t stop.” — Winston Churchill

2.¬†“More is lost due to indecision than by a wrong choice”.¬†– Tony Soprano

3.¬†“Hustle until you are no longer required to identify yourself.” — Anonymous

4.¬†“This too, will come.” Unknown

5.¬†“Do one thing each day that is scary to you.” — Anonymous

6.¬†“The most successful fighter is the average person with a laser-like concentration.” Bruce Lee Bruce Lee

7.¬†“Remember why you got started.¬†Unknown

8.¬†“Be yourself, everybody else has been gone.” — Oscar Wilde

9.¬†“This is the most important thing: to yourself be truthful.” William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare

10.¬†“The problem is in the path.” Zen Proverb Zen Proverb

11.¬†“The best revenge is to have a massive success.” — Frank Sinatra

12.¬†“Pain is only temporary.¬†Quitting will last forever.” — Lance Armstrong, Sally Jenkins

13.¬†“Fall seven times, and get up eight times.”– Japanese Proverb

14.¬†“Seek first to comprehend before you can be recognized.” Stephen Covey

Love Quotes.

1.¬†“The finest and most beautiful objects in the world can’t be observed or even touched They must be experienced through your heart.” Helen Keller. Helen Keller

2.¬†“Do the things you believe inside to be right, for you’ll be judged anyway.¬†You’ll be punished when you do but you’ll be damned if do not.” Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt

3.¬†“Treasure your love for the one you feel more than anything else.¬†It will last even after your health is gone.” — Og Mandingo

What are your top inspirational Quotes?

Here’s a quote that is inspirational from me:

“In the final, keep in mind that you’re floating on a rock in space. All the rules are created by the universe and nothing has any significance.¬†So go invent your life.”