How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

How to Utilize an Business Pinterest Account to help with Marketing and Brand Development

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

If you think Facebook, as well as Twitter, are the ultimate and the end-all of advertising tools on social networks, reconsider.

Speak to “Hi” and welcome your company’s new best partner Business Pinterest accounts.

80 percent of Pinterest posts are repins and repins, which indicates that it can be a site that appreciates sharing content. The time span of a single Pinterest pin lasts for three months which is a lot longer than Facebook that averages between five and six hours and Twitter that averages around 15 minutes..

Since Facebook bought Instagram, Pinterest has become the top choice for business marketing.

It’s a good reason.¬†If the increase of 30% of Pinterest accounts¬†during the last year isn’t enough to convince you that your business is with over 250 million active users on a monthly basis I’m not sure what it means.

In addition to feeding our obsessions with exotic destinations and delicious food, the true value for Pinterest is the integration features available to business accounts.¬†Join the business community with Pinterest for Business accounts, and you’ll receive additional marketing tools to help promote your business in one of the fastest-growing and famous social media sites.

Benefits for Pinterest business accounts

If you don’t have a Pinterest account or in the case that your account is private You’ll have to create an officially-issued¬†Pinterest to Business account¬†to take advantage of all the potential Pinterest’s marketing power.¬†With a business account you’ll get:

They offer various Terms and Conditions

The conditions of service are slightly different for businesses therefore, make sure you go through the terms.¬†The reason for this is the fact that you’re using the account to conduct business.

There’s still the same¬†acceptable use policy¬†as well as the¬†the Pin Etiquette Policies¬†However, there are some guidelines for commercial use:¬†few rules to use commercially:

  • Do not encourage spam, “such as asking participants to leave comments repeatedly.”
  • Don’t “run sweepstakes where each pin repin, like, or pin is an entry request pinners to vote using repins or by liking.”
  • Do not run sweepstakes, contests or other promotions “too frequently.”
  • Be careful not to “suggest that Pinterest endorses or sponsors” your company.

They provide Educational Marketing Materials

Pinterest isn’t just a way to provide the platform; they create educational marketing tools to show you how to optimize its efficiency in advertising your company.

They can provide:

You can also visit Pinterest’s¬†blog on Pinterest¬†to keep up-to-date on the date these resources will go released and learn some tips for getting started.

You’ll have access to Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics¬†is among the most recent and exciting features that comes with an Pinterest for Business account.¬†After you sign up for your account, you’ll gain access to vital tracking data.¬†You’ll have the ability to determine what strategies and contents are working, allowing you to continuously enhance your marketing.

Rich Pins loaded with More Info than the Average Pins

There are five distinct kinds of Rich Pins, that are all packed with more information than your typical pin to provide significant sales potential. They provide live stock and price updates in real time as well as hyperlinks to direct access your website as well as interactive maps. More information will be forthcoming about the Rich Pin strategy later.

Access to upcoming tools and features

Pinterest has announced a number of new tools that are exclusive to business accounts in the coming months.¬†At present this includes¬†the ability to purchase pins for online sales,¬†Promoted Pins¬†and Pinterest’s¬†pin it button¬†as well as the¬†Widget Builder.¬†When new features are added, you will be informed by signing up to this newsletter.¬†Pinterest newsfeed.

Multiple Settings

You can utilize your company’s name instead of the standard Formula of First and Last name.¬†This means that your Pinterest account will not have an auto-link with the Facebook account, which is why you’ll need to add an additional Facebook page to your Pinterest account’s home page.

What is HTML0? Popular Pins from Your Business Pinterest Account

Pins can generate the attention of your business If you use them correctly.

Pinterest is explained by Social Media Examiner as a visual search engine.¬†Like when you’re writing blog posts or posting your business’s Instagram account, you’d like the content you post to searchable.

When it’s inaccessible to search then it’s unlikely to be found or even seen.

So, before you pick up your mouse and start the process of pinning, it is important to know what is the Pinterest culture, or what your followers are looking for, and how to make popular pins.

1. Create Pins in the Most Popular Categories

If you’re aware of the most well-known Pinterest categories are and you’ll have an idea of which boards can benefit your company.

The majority users on Pinterest people,¬†71.1 percent to be precise¬†are women.¬†The number of male users is 14.9 per cent of total audience.¬†The posts on Pinterest can be classified¬†in this manner, which means that if your business does not involve DIY projects, you shouldn’t have a Pinterest board specifically dedicated to glue-gunning.¬†Choose the most relevant and most popular ones!

2. Utilize Images that Work

A quick look at Pinterest and you’ll see the way it’s visually appealing is.¬†With its emphasis on impactful visuals,¬†your images are the basis of any Pinterest pins you share.

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

3. Make use of the optimal pin size

Every pin has the same width and an unlimitable length.¬†A good size to aim at is 736×1102 pixels, which is the typical pin.¬†It’s not too large and it’s not too small.¬†The Canva¬†Pinterest templates are of this size, and makes sizing your photos much easier.

4. Utilize Instructional Videos

It is sometimes beneficial to use the lengthier allotted.¬†“Instructographic” is a term that was coined by Pinterest “instructographic” was created by Pinterest and is a different term used to describe infographics.¬†They are popular due to their DIY nature, how-to that we have seen well-liked on Pinterest.

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

How to Make Your Pins viewed and shared How to Optimize Your Pins

It’s one thing creating an amazing pin however, it’s an entirely different ballgame to get it shared and seen.¬†It’s unlikely that anyone will discover your pin if you don’t¬†make it easy for them to engage.

Find the best times to pin

The ideal timings to pin will depend on the preferences of your intended audience So, you must always determine your ideal posting time. In general, the best times to publish are between 2PM and 4 AM EST, and 8 pm Р1 am EST. Additionally, research done by HubSpot suggests that Saturday morning is the ideal time to publish.

Make it easy To Pin Your Content From Websites

You can add a hovering pin It button for any picture you have on any of your sites or in your phone application¬†via Pinterest direct.¬†If you’re using WordPress There’s a¬†Pinterest pin it hover button¬†plugin.

These easy-to-integrate buttons will allow your visitors to check out your Pinterest account or save your website’s content to their personal accounts.¬†If you do not include these links, there’s very little chance that your website will be able to interact to Pinterest. Pinterest account.

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

Connect to Your Others Media Platforms Media Platforms

It’s not ideal to have to start from scratch when you set up your first social media account.¬†It’s a breeze to link to your Instagram, Youtube and Etsy accounts to your Pinterest for Business account.

This will allow you to gain new followers, by tapping into the followers which you’ve already got on your other social media platforms.¬†Additionally, it will aid in spreading your content across different platforms, to make sure that it is seen by more people.¬†It will also add appropriate buttons on the top of your Pinterest account.

To connect your social media accounts:

  1. Navigate into your “Settings” within the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the “Claim” section.
  3. Connect your accounts by pressing the “Claim” button.

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

Pinterest Share in your Newsletter

Make it easier for finding people to discover your pins, by sending your pins directly to them! In your newsletter, you have the ideal location to include a few of your most popular pins, and then direct your readers towards the Pinterest account. Try this:

“Our most popular Pinterest pins from this week.¬†Check out our Pinterest for more!”

SEO on Pinterest

You must employ an SEO techniques to make sure that your posts noticed in the eyes of your intended public.¬†It doesn’t require much effort to optimize your content for Pinterest searches.¬†Simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Find keywords.¬†Use a tool such as¬†Google AdWords Keyword Planner¬†to identify the most searched-for keywords that relate to your business as well as your pins.
  • Step 2. Add your keyword or key words to the titles of your pins.
  • Step 3. Add your keywords to the description of your pin.
  • Step 4. Add your keyword or key words to your file names for your pin images.

Like any SEO you employ, ensure that you don’t sound too “keywordy.” Do not overdo it and include three keywords in your titles and descriptions as the way a robot would.¬†Make your site more efficient and sound natural simply by adding a strong keyword in the right context.

Use a Call-toPin

The same way that you include a call-to action in your advertisement copy A call-to-pin is a great way to improve the number of people who click your pins. In the description of your pin include a few words such as:

“Repin to your own personal inspiration board.”

Engage to build relationships and gain new followers

Once you have a better understanding of what types of pins are most popular and the best way to get your posts noticed The next step to take in Pinterest advertising is to utilize your pins to establish connections with your followers and influencers who will increase your reach.

We all know that greater reach equals more success.

Understanding what people are looking for when they follow other accounts can help you to offer them what they are looking for and, consequently, increase your audience. Mind-reading can never hurt anyone.

The University of Minnesota’s Pinterest study¬†found that the three main factors that Pinterest users take into consideration in the should-I-follow-or-not decision-making process are:

  • the number of accounts you are following or are following
  • How many pins do you have
  • How many boards do you have

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

To keep track of all these aspects and create relationships to expand Your reach must to be able to:

post frequently

To increase your followers on Pinterest¬†You should share 5-30 new pins each day.¬†Be sure that you’re not just repinding the content of others, but are also pinning your own pins that are unique to you with personal content.

Warning! Avoid a huge Pinterest mistake Do not pin every new pin within five minutes. You can spread your pinning across the day.

Tip! You can schedule pins using the help of a company account.

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

Connect with followers, reply to Comments

Like you do with messages on Twitter and Facebook or Instagram comments, interact with your followers directly by responding to your followers’ questions, and then responding to feedback.¬†Do your best to contact them directly and use their names, to elevate your customer service to the highest level.

Comment on Followers of Yours” Pins

It’s a dual process.¬†It is important to engage with those who follow you too.¬†Comment on their boards so that they can be able to feel the appreciation.¬†Your followers will also get to know your brand!

Follow and Engage Popular Boards

One of the best ways to witness the success of a Pinterest strategy in practice is to engage and follow with the most popular boards. You can learn from the top brands. Find out what kind of pins they put on, what kind of boards they have and how much they are. The aim is to reach the same the next level!

If you’re posting comments on these pins, your company name will be known to the large number of users who are following these boards.

Tip!¬†It’s recommended to follow boards that are popular since they’re relevant to your field and company, as opposed to “just because” they’re the most well-known.¬†If your business has nothing related to weddings then make a good impression and follow boards that are popular and have a loyal following that is similar to yours.¬†They are the ones you’d like to get in touch with regardless.

Invite Other Users to Pin to Your Boards by using open Boards

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

Another great feature of the board to promote advertising is called an Open Board, which allows users to add the pins of their choice.¬†All you need to do is provide them with the ability to pin by providing their name and email.¬†As the creator you have the full power of veto as well as your contributors. They aren’t allowed to alter the board’s title or the description.

This feature is fantastic to market because it gets your audience engaged in a more personal manner.

Invite your followers and earn huge authority brownie points when you are able to get experts from industry and leaders to be part of your boards!

A Case Study Women’s Health Magazine

Women’s Health Magazine created an open board dubbed ”¬†Vision 21” which allows their fans to put their dreams and goals.¬†It encourages interaction with fans and also the brand simultaneously!¬†It’s a win-win situation.

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

Create Relationships With Influencers

Expand your reach and build a following by reaching out to influential people in your industry.

Begin to follow their boards by repin their pins, and then leaving interesting remarks on their posts.¬†After you’ve posted your information in this manner, you can begin a larger collaboration.

Ask if they’d like to publish on one of your boards or invite them to contribute to their boards.¬†Give them suggestions for their boards and demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable about their content in the process of establishing collaborations, and you’ll get closer to the “yes” you’re looking for.

A Case Study Mejuri

Mejuri created the perfect platform to collaborate through their dedicated board to their community, with #thefinecrew.¬†The Fine Crew¬†board showcases their merchandise worn by their followers.¬†Brand partners and small influencers are showcased on Mejuri’s Instagram and Pinterest providing a wonderful opportunity to promote cross-promotion.

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

Find Friends on other social media platforms

When you open your account on Instagram or any other social media site and they ask you if you would like to “Find Friends” using your contacts on your phone as well as Facebook’s friends.

For your convenience, and to establish a solid with your users, Pinterest allows you to look for accounts that are already active.

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

How to Market Your Brand Efficaciously LinkedIn A Business-Pinterest Account Strategies

Integrate Rich Pins

Dear friends, I’d be delighted to present to you Rich Pins.¬†I assure you, they’ve earned their name.You’ll find the biggest brands such as Target and Wal-Mart benefiting from Rich Pins. You ought to too!

I’m not able to guarantee that you’ll end up making a lot of Benjamins by simply a handful of Rich Pins, but there is a reason why they’re named “Rich Pinterests.” They’re filled with valuable, valuable information that can drive traffic And, as of right now they’re the most way to boost your sales on the world of Pinterest.

Rich Pins come in three distinct flavors: recipe, article and product. They are all packed with each of them having their own set of useful features that can increase your engagement as well as direct users to your website.

Perks from Rich Pins

If you sign up to apply for Rich Pins, you’ll get actual-time information that is automatically updated about your pins as well as other ways to bring visitors to your site since your website will be connected directly to the Rich Pins.¬†No hassle, no fuss.¬†It’s just a matter of following.

This illustration, by Urban Outfitters, shows the characteristics of the “product” pin in action.¬†The pin has an authentic link on the retailer’s website, along with actual pricing and inventory availability information.

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

“Article” pins are beneficial in that they help promote your blog’s content and guide Pinterest readers to visit your website.¬†Article pins have the larger title, which includes your logo as well as a description and an action button in the middle with an immediate hyperlink to your website.

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

How do I integrate Rich Pins

To allow each or all of the Rich Pins to have even the possibility of directing users to your website You must get them verified by the Pinterest website itself.¬†(If you’re not the most tech-savvyperson, you’ll need assistance with your site developer…it requires meta tags.¬†)Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Visit this webpage
  2. Select the kind of Rich Pin (product or recipe article) you’d like to use to
  3. Learn the specifications to find your rich Pin type
  4. Include the appropriate Meta tags on your website
  5. Verify the Rich Pins and then apply to have your Rich Pins approved

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

When the Rich Pins are approved by Pinterest Once they are approved by Pinterest, they will be available for all of Pinterest world to view to share, repin, and then to get directed to the website.

I’m not suggesting to think about making use of Rich Pins as it will benefit your business.¬†I’m saying that you need Rich Pins in order to keep up with the ever-changing social media marketing.

It’s no surprise that the Fortune 500 companies are all making use of Rich Pins.¬†Follow the big names and you’ll be able to reap the possibility of experiencing some significant growth.

Mix Your Content

The general rule for all social networks is to mix your content.¬†You’ll lose the interest of your followers as well as the chance of winning new followers when your content is static and not varied enough.

Do not forget, however you post make sure you don’t post just images of your products.¬†Do you remember the research conducted in the name of The University of Minnesota?¬†It was found that the variety of pins was ranked eighth most significant element when people were choosing whether they should follow an individual account.¬†Include other boards that offer your followers more value and not appear too selling.

Case Study: Benefit Cosmetics

Official¬†Benefit Cosmetics’s official Pinterest¬†is a masterful job of mixing their content while staying within their particular field.¬†There are boards dedicated to the latest and most popular products, including “POREfessional Fam” and “Hoola Fam” however, they also have a dedicated board specifically for “Behind-the-scenes of Benefit.”

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

Each of these boards is related to their products for cosmetics however, when they offer “A Pink me-up for you!” they’re not simply declaring “buy our makeup” but “see what we can do to assist you.”

Include A direct link to your Website

Some of your pins will be able to function when you consider them Rich Pins. (Product images, events and even articles can benefit from the additional details provided by Rich Pins however, not every piece of content will.)

It’s all about the context.

If you’re pinning images on the “brand inspirational” board it is not necessary to use Rich Pins.¬†Relevant business-related quotes certainly don’t require the use of a Rich Pin.

There’s one item that comes in Rich Pins that all your additional “simpler” pins require, too: a direct hyperlink to your website.

Your inspirational pins also require the link to your website because if the quote you published last Tuesday has made a difference in the lives of one of your followers’ life, then they will be interested in checking out your website.¬†If you’ve got the link that will take visitors to your website and they don’t need to look for information, which increases the likelihood of them coming across your website.

Just add the link to your description of your pin and you’re ready to go.

Make Your Most Well-Respected Boards on the Top

In time you’ll determine which boards are the most well-known and receive more attention.¬†Be sure to put your best foot forward and make these boards appear at the highest of your page, so that when people visit your website, they’ll get the best content.

Keep It Relevant and Seasonal

Another method to keep your content current is to rely on seasonal, holidays or other events.¬†As with Benefit Cosmetics’s “Holiday Glam LEAF x Benefit” these more precise boards increase significance and draw attention as they make the products more precise and give the impression of urgency.¬†Make use of it!

Create a Board to hold Blog Posts

Find all the article Rich Pins you own and put them in your own boards!¬†You’ll need to place the board on top of your page , so that people who visit it will see it first.¬†This will bring more visitors to your website and help users to locate your website’s content, since it’s all on one board that is easy to find.¬†Your visitors will be grateful.

Monitor Your Success and Gain strategies that work for you with Pinterest Analytics

One of the most recent features of Pinterest for Business includes the super useful Pinterest Analytics. This feature is exclusively for business accounts . It allows you to access:

  • Which boards and pins from your profile do people love the most?
  • What are the things that people would like to do is save money from your site
  • Who are your followers on Pinterest with respect to their gender, where they live, and any other preferences
  • What devices do people use when they pin your content
  • How the addition of to your site the Pin It button on your site can result in an increase in referral traffic coming via Pinterest

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

What are the significance of these numbers to you?

They will also assist your account and make increase your reach.

The data you gather from Pinterest Analytics shows you which strategies work and which do not.¬†With this information, you’ll be able to design your next Pinterest strategy based on solid data.¬†The strategies that work have been confirmed because you’ve tested that they work.

To access Your¬†Google Analytics¬†to access your Pinterest Analytics, you’re going be required to validate your site first.

How to Utilize Business Pinterest Account

There’s another reason why verifying that your bank account’s information is great idea.¬†It can help you establish credibility and gain confidence.¬†When Pinterest users see the little globe icon, with the checkmark on your website They know that you’re a legitimate business.

It is possible to verify your site within the Settings section inserting the meta tag.¬†This will grant you an official badge and you’ll become official.¬†If you decide not to verify your website however, you are able to include an URL to your site on your site, but you’ll be unable to make use of Pinterest Analytics.

Don’t forget the important details Pinterest Analytics will give you.¬†Check your account!

How to Get Started with Pinterest Business for Your Business in order to Increase Your Visibility and promote Your Brand Immediately

I’ve thrown out a lot of information at you. I’m sure.¬†Don’t be overwhelmed.¬†The points in this guide are essential and can be easily broken down.

To quickly review…

It’s true that your Pinterest for Business account comes with a lot of marketing potential that’s totally different from your personal account.¬†To make use of that power, you must:

  1. Create images that are popular and:
  • Bright
  • Crisp
  • top quality
  • 736×1102 pixels
  • Infographics
  • in the most popular categories.
  1. Make sure your pins are seen by:
  • Pins are pinned from 2 PM – 4 PM EST, and from between 8 PM and 1 AM EST.
  • by using keywords in the pin titles as well as descriptions and name of the file
  • connecting to various social media networks
  • by adding your Pin It hover icon as well as the Pinterest widget to your site
  • Sending your pins to newsletters
  • by including a call-to pin in your descriptions of pins
  1. Engage with your followers and influencers to increase your reach. You can do this by:
  • Up to 30 pins every day.
  • responding to comments of a follower
  • Commenting on follower pins
  • Commenting on popular boards and reading popular blogs
  • Encourage your followers and influencers share your content on Pinterest
  • Building influencer relationships
  • Making use of “find friends” on Twitter and Facebook
  1. Create a memorable brand image by:
  • Rich Pins
  • direct site links in descriptions
  • Variety of content that is timely and seasonal
  • the most popular boards on the top
  • A board specifically dedicated to your blog posts
  1. Make use of the data taken from Pinterest Analytics to create a more efficient future strategy

If you adhere to the tips here and take the lessons from the interactions you make and the results you get, your Pinterest for Business account will continue to grow to improve, attracting larger portions of your public, and guide them to your website.

Commonly Asked Questions Concerning the Business Accounts on Pinterest

What is an account for business on Pinterest?

An account for business on Pinterest is a profile that grants users access to features such as analytics as well as pin scheduling and other resources for businesses.

Is there a difference in a private account on Pinterest and an account for business on Pinterest?


  • An account for personal use on Pinterest is only to be used for fun.¬†You are able to create boards, pins, and secret boards, however with a professional account, you’ll have access to analytics as well as scheduling and other tools.¬†There are also different policies and terms to follow.¬†Pinterest For Business was designed to provide you with insight into your Pinterest to help you actively increase your reach.

Are the business accounts on Pinterest are free?


  • It is true that Pinterest for Business is available for free.¬†Anyone can sign-up for an account, or transform your existing personal account to one for business.

How can I make my pins popular? Pinterest pins?


  • Pinterest prefers posts that are vertical So a vertical layout will aid in pushing your pins.¬†As an online platform that is visual, having strong video and imagery can be a big benefit for your.¬†The addition of text in the form of an overlay could also provide viewers a context for the content you post.¬†Infographics and instructional content are extremely well-liked on Pinterest.

Corporate Pinterest Account for Business and Market Growth. Conclusion

The use of social media in marketing¬†is essential to build the brand’s reputation and maintaining relations with your customers.¬†Pinterest is one platform which can assist you in doing exactly the same thing to grow your business.¬†It is a visual platform, it stands out since it functions as a visual search engine, which is tailored to users’ preferences.¬†If you have the right approach, Pinterest can¬†improve your SEO¬†as well as your outreach to customers and assist your business in gaining new followers.

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