5 Top Bitcoin Exchanges In the USA

5 Top Bitcoin Exchanges In the USA

5 Top Bitcoin Exchanges In the USA

Bitcoin Exchanges, After having reviewed numerous cryptocurrency exchanges over the years and particularly in the USA. Today, we present an extensive listing of the top five cryptocurrency exchanges in the USA.

The analysis of the supported currencies, liquidity support, security charges, as well as the trading pairs is an essential part of locating the most reliable crypto exchange, therefore let’s begin.

supported Crypto Assets45+31100+26+200+
Fees0.5%0.25%/ 0.16%-0.025%/ 0.075%0.5%0.1%
USPHigh Liquidity, SecureFor beginners, this is the best option; they also offer credit cards.Leverage Trading: as high as 101X leverage, and more than 45 leveraged tokensOTC Desk; Competitive Fees Available in all States of the USAA broad range of Crypto assets and features

Summary (TL; Summary (TL;)

  1. There are a variety of Crypto trading platforms in the USA for trading in crypto. The top five of them are: CoinbaseCex.io, FTX.US, GeminiBinance.
  2. First of all, Coinbase is one of the most popular platforms available. Additionally, it permits its users to trade, invest and even make bets on cryptocurrency. Furthermore, it provides an exclusive coinbase account as well as a card.
  3. Second, Cex.io is a multifunctional platform that offers trading leveraged trading leveraged trading, Staking services. It charges deposit fee of up to 2.99 percent when with VISAand MasterCard.
  4. FTX.US is a legally regulated and trusted leveraged trading platform, with more than 45 leveraged tokens. The overall cost is not too high. It also has an exclusive utility token as well as wallet.
  5. Additionally, Gemini is the most secure cryptocurrency exchange operating across all 50 states in the USA. However, the cost is excessive. So, it’s recommended to go with the more advanced version of ActiveTrader. Additionally, it comes with an exclusive Gemini stable coin as well as mobile apps.
  6. Finally, Binance.US has a separate utility token that offers a variety of advantages for traders. In addition, it comes with an app for mobile, wallet as well as a visa card feature. However, the fee for trading is quite high for those who use debit cards.
  7. Other than that, Coinbase, Gemini, and Binance offer cryptocurrency insurance for their customers.

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Five of the best Crypto Bitcoin Exchanges available in the USA

From the many cryptocurrency exchanges, we’ve selected the top five. We’ll be discussing their capabilities along with Pros & Cons in a brief manner.

1st Top Crypto Exchange in USA: Coinbase

What exactly is Coinbase?

Coinbase is among the most famous and well-established cryptocurrency exchange offering support for all U.S. states with the exception of Hawaii. Additionally, it is available in more than 100 countries, with over 30 million users, and provides an exchange platform that accepts 50+ coins. For more detailed information about Coinbase take a look at our Coinbase reviews.


It also provides different services like:

  1. Cryptocurrency Investment
  2. A cutting-edge Trading Platform
  3. Coinbase Staking
  4. Custodial Accounts
  5. Coinbase Credit card
  6. Coins of the U.S. Dollar Stable Coin

It’s a great choice for traders who are not experienced since it comes with a learning program that is easy to sign-up trading platform. It also has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. Additionally, it has huge volumes of trades since it is extremely liquid and user-friendly. Coinbase is available on both platforms. Coinbase app is accessible on both Android as well as the iOS.

5 Top Bitcoin Exchange In USA

Coinbase Fees Structure

It has a complicated and costly fee structure that is complex and expensive. It charges a transaction fee of 1.49 percent for transactions that are standard, and 3.99 percent for purchases made with credit cards. In addition, it charges a flat rate for transactions less than $200 or a percentage that is based on the cryptocurrency utilized.

But, you are able to change into Coinbase Pro that provides a more advanced and stable trading experience. It has low costs and could be difficult for new traders.

Coinbase: Pros & Cons

Simple User interfaceHigh transaction fees
Very High LiquidityThere is no control over the fees for wallets
A wide range of cryptocurrencyIt is difficult to understand the fee structure
User-friendly and convenientPoor customer support
Safe, licensed, and regulated

2nd Top Crypto Exchange in USA: CEX.io

What exactly is CEX.io?

CEX.io is an exchange with multiple functions. platform that is used by more than three million users. It also stands out as a single-stop-shop for all activities related to crypto. It provides a range of crypto products tools, features, and features to give users an easy and quick access to the cryptocurrency market. For more information, read the CEX.io Review.

5 Top Bitcoin Exchanges In the USA


  1. Brokerage Service provides a crypto buying (via wire transfer or card) platform.
  1. Furthermore, CEX.io trading services present an innovative platform with outstanding capabilities and decent liquidity. It allows cross-platform trading and offers sophisticated reporting. It is suitable for traders with advanced skills.
  1. In addition, it offers an advanced platform to support the margin trade CEX Broker, and allows trading with CFDs. Customers can trade as much as 100x leverage. This can be extremely dangerous.
  1. In addition, the team offers a staking service to different cryptos.

Its CEX.io trade platform suitable for novice traders as well as experienced traders. It is a licensed exchange with a plethora of customer service. Additionally, it is accredited by FINCEN and is totally safe, and thus is trusted by thousands of traders.

There is however an amount of transactions that are limited. For instance the buying limit is limited to $1000 in Bitcoin per day.

Users can also upgrade their tiers to increase their transaction limit and the features offered.

5 Top Bitcoin Exchanges USA

CEX.io Fees Structure:

  1. The fee for trading for the takers is 0.10%-0.25 percent, and the makers’ fee is 0.00%-0.16 percent.
  2. Additionally, the deposit fee is based on fiat currency and the payment method. For instance, VISA and MasterCard for the USD cost 2.99 percent, and Skrill costs 3.99 percentage. For transactions that uses ACH or bank transfers is completely free.
  3. The fee for withdrawal differs based on the withdrawal method. The fee for withdrawals with VISA Card costs 3% + $1.20, Mastercard costs 1.8 percent plus $1.20. Skrill costs 1percent, Bank transfers 0.3 percent plus $25. SEPA/ACH/faster payments are absolutely free.

To learn more of this market, please read CEX.IO Review Is it Legit or a Scam?

Top Bitcoin Exchange USA

CEX.io: Pros & Cons

Allows you to purchase bitcoins with credit cardOptions for cryptocurrency and less coin
Purchases of crypto and fiat-to-cryptoA large brokerage service cost
Ideal for novices in addition to veteransLimits on transactions are only for account holders with Basic accounts.
Fast and reliable customer service

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3rd Most Popular Crypto Exchange in USA: FTX.US

FTX.US Bitcoin Exchanges

FTX.US is the world’s most renowned trading platform for cryptocurrency derivatives. It is also an authorized and reliable platform that allows traders in the United States to earn a profit through leverage. In addition it is the very first index-based cryptocurrency that allow customers to benefit from the fluctuation of the index through an option contract for futures.

It is a reliable platform for professionals intermediate traders, seasoned traders, and novices with more than 100 trading pairs. It also offers trading markets, like the derivative market, tokens that leverage options as well as volatility-related products. It also offers various financial products.


  1. Futures Contracts: They are financial instruments to trade without the need for digital currencies. They allow speculation on the future value of cryptocurrency without the need for ownership.
  2. Move Contract These are derivatives to track fluctuations in cryptocurrency. Presently, it is only offered for BTC.
  3. Leveraged Tokens The FTX feature allows you to trade crypto options both short and long by leverage. It comes with a set of ERC-20 tokens that simplify leveraged positions.
  4. Forecast MarketsThey let you speculate on outcomes by anticipating the probability of a certain future event.
  5. Spot trading: FTX offers a spot market to trade crypto in real time as well as fiat trading.
  6. The FTX token and wallet The FTX token acts as an utility token that is part of the platform, based using the Ethereum blockchain. FTX Wallet stores crypto+or fiat currency balances as well as handles all transactions.
  7. OTC Services: A unique OTC service that allows for the purchase of large quantities of crypto.

A strong customer base is a further powerful aspect for the marketplace. It can support a wide range of cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin as well as other stable currencies. It also offers the functionality of a mobile application.

5 Top Bitcoin Exchanges In USA

Fees Structure for FTX

  1. It is an uni-tiered fee structure for spot and futures markets. Tier 1 is charged 0.070 taker fee, and 0.020 percentage maker fee. While Tier 6 has no makers fees, and 0.04 per cent taker fee.
  2. Furthermore, both withdrawal and deposit are completely free, with the exception of ETH, ERC20 tokens, and Omni withdrawals.
  3. Additionally, Fiat withdrawal charges a bank fee of $75 for withdrawals less than $10,000.
  4. The Creation and Redemption Fee is persisted at 0.10 percent on leveraged tokens.
  5. Additionally, leverage of up to 50X can increase fees for trading by 0.02 percent and 100X leverage increases by 0.03 percent.

However, there is an opportunity for a fee reduction through using FTX Token (FTT).

FTX.US: Pros & Cons

Make purchases of cryptocurrency using credit cardThe leveraged tokens could be extremely risky
The fees are low and you can get as high as 101x leverageServices are limited when compared to Coinbase
More than 45 leveraged tokens are available
Professional user interface
Supportive and responsive customer service team
Mobile app

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4th Most Popular Crypto Exchange in USA: Gemini

What exactly is Gemini?

First of all, Gemini Crypto Exchange is an NY-based, most secure crypto exchange , known for its compliance with USA legislation and regulations. It operates across all 50 states of the USA. It offers a variety of financial services and products.

In addition, it offers an automatic buy feature that allows users to set up purchases each week, every day, or as frequently as they wish and makes cost-averaging significantly easier. Additionally, it has an extension of the website – ActiveTrader. It also has advanced features and tools. For more information, check out the Gemini Review.


  1. Gemini Clearing Portal: A standard platform simplifies trading using an easy-to navigate interface.
  2. Gemini Custody: Custodial service licensed as an New York trust company with the ability to insure for up to $200,000,000.
  3. Clearing It is an OTC desk for trading in crypto.
  4. GeminiPay: An online service which lets users use the crypto to purchase retail items at up to 30,000 shops within the USA.
  5. Gemini Earn Earn interest on balance of crypto that is not used that is on this platform. The interest can be as high as 7.4 percent on different tokens.
  6. Crypto Application:It provides an application to trade on Android or iOS running systems.
  7. Gemini Dollar: A stable coin that can be used for any transaction.
  8. The Nifty Marketplace It is a marketplace for sale and purchase of digital artwork and collectibles.

The main benefit of Gemini is the capability to trade with real dollars. Gemini has greater than 45 currencies and tokens for trading using 19 pairs of trading. Customers can deposit funds without KYC however they cannot withdraw their funds without KYC. It is suitable for peer-topeer and crypto-to-crypto trading , and is suited to both experienced and novice traders.

Gemini is user-friendly with an easy setup and an easy interface. The customer support offered by Gemini is outstanding with its extensive FAQs section available on the Gemini website. The email address provided is fast and useful.

5 Top Bitcoin Exchange USA

Gemini’s Crypto Fee Structure

Gemini is a free cost. However, it could be expensive for small-scale traders.

  1. First of all, Gemini imposes a convenience and transaction fee. Thus, the convenience fee is 0.5 percent of the price of crypto quoted. However, the fee for transactions differs from one currency to another and also from volume to volume. Therefore, it ranges between $0.99 for transactions that are less than $10, to 1.49 percent for transactions of more than $200.
  2. The deposit method of ACH or Wire Transfer other accounts is absolutely completely free. However debit cards are able to pull 3.49 percent of deposit fees.
  3. The withdrawal process does not charge fees through the website.

Although fees charged by ActiveTrader are superior to those on ActiveTrader. Find out the complete fees arrangement below.

Gemini Pros and Cons

Many different kinds of servicesThe fees are relatively high.
Safe and insuredFew payment methods
It is intuitive to makeCertain popular cryptocurrency aren’t available on the platform. These include Stellar Lumens, Ripple, and Card
Highly-rated mobile application
Earn interest from cryptocurrency balances
It is available in all U.S. states.
ActiveTrader(tm) offers high-end trading features for professionals.

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5th Top Crypto Exchange in USA: Binance.US

What exactly is Binance.US?

Binance is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange, with more than 200 crypto assets that are supported. This makes it suitable for both experienced and novice traders. Binance.US is suitable for USA traders since it is in compliance with US trade rules.

Particularly it is the biggest exchange platform in terms of trading volume. This means that transactions on Binance is completely secure thanks to 2-FA and anti-phishing security measures. The platform offers a variety of features and services.


  1. Binance Exchange: It is a platform for trading classified into classic, primary and professional.
  2. Rewards from Binance: Binance offers its customers a reward for depositing cryptos and staking them. Additionally, it offers loans secured with crypto-backed assets.
  3. Spot trading: Binance allows users spot trading. Additionally, they allow users to trade futures and margins.
  4. OTC The Binance platform allows bulk trading and purchase of cryptocurrency with a better price. However, users must complete KYC verification to trade through OTC. OTC portal.
  5. Leveraged TokensBinance provides derivatives that offer UP & DOWN contracts betting on the price of certain cryptos.
  6. Binance Application: It extends a mobile app for trading on the move for android as well as iOS devices.
  7. Binance wallet: Expands the wallet to store fiat and crypto currencies.

Additionally, Binance Futures Platform supports trading in crypto using derivatives. Additionally, the platform allows leveraged trading of up to 125X.

Binance offers its customers three chart types: Original, TradingView, and Depth.

Crypto traders can buy it through depositing money into banks, credit/ debit cardtransactions, banks transfer and third-party payment options such as Banxa and Simplex. Furthermore, Binance allows trade with the most diverse range of cryptos that are available in the present.

Top Bitcoin Exchanges USA

Binance Fee Structure

It is a tier-based fee arrangement based on the volume of trading for 30 days or 24 hours Binance Coin Holdings.

  1. Binary Trading Fees It differs from tier to. It is from 0.1 percent for takers and maker, and up to 0.02 percentor 0.04% for taker and taker.
  2. Margin Interest Rates on Borrows: It varies upon the tier of the loan along with the digital assets used. It can range between 0.016 percent to 0.022 percent.
  3. Fees for withdrawing: There are no charges for withdrawing. The minimum withdrawal limit differs between crypto and crypto.
  4. Spot Fee for Trading: The spot trading fee is 0.1 percent.

Binance offers an instant buyand sell option that charges an 0.5 percent fee. Additionally, an Debit card carries an additional 4.5 percent charge. Thus, customers are eligible for an additional discount of 25% for paying the charges for trading using Binance Coin.

Binance.US The Pros as well as the Pros and

A platform that is user-friendlyHigh Transaction Fees for debit card users
There are a variety of cryptocurrency on the marketIt is not available for seven US states.
A broad array of crypto pairs to tradeThere are fewer crypto-to-crypto currency pairs on the US portal
High trading volume
High liquidity
The ability to withdraw and deposit funds through fiat and cryptocurrencies
Take cryptos
Mobile Compatibility: Android and IOS
Low Fees for Trading

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The Best Crypto Exchange in the USA: Conclusion

The five exchanges listed above are able to meet the diverse needs of traders. Coinbase is the top platform that offers high liquidity and speeds of trading and is regarded as an authentic and safe platform. In contrast, Cex.io is suitable for novice and experienced traders, with an easy-to-use interface and assistance for credit cards.

FTX.US is a platform for traders who are looking to leverage their trading that has the possibility of 101X leverage using more than 45 leveraged tokens. Gemini is regarded as the most secure cryptocurrency exchange, with a range of options available. It is ideal for traders who are seasonal since it provides an interest rate on the balance of crypto.

Therefore, Binance is a popular choice for a variety of digital assets and comes with the highest volume of transactions and liquidity. In the end, all exchanges can be beneficial in some way or another. Select a platform that best suits your requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I withdraw money out of Coinbase?

Users can withdraw funds from Coinbase using the following methods:
Bank account
PayPal account
An electronic wallet for a cryptocurrency (for cryptocurrency)
Users cannot take out cash in fiat currencies using credit/debit cards.

Can customers keep Bitcoins in Coinbase?

Yes, you can keep Bitcoins on Coinbase however it is not recommended. It is recommended to store Bitcoins in a safe wallet that does not have a custodial feature.

Does Cex.io an online wallet?

CEX.IO provides its customers with access to an online Bitcoin wallet once they sign up to create an account. A website that keeps bitcoins in the cloud functions in the capacity of an online bank. However, storing all cryptocurrency assets in a third-party wallet is highly recommended since exchanges and platforms are vulnerable to being hacked.

Is FTX beneficial?

FTX is the leading marketplace for cryptocurrency-related liquidity providers. Furthermore, it is a reliable platform.
It ranks in the top five exchanges for derivatives in terms of volume.
FTX is the most reputable cryptocurrency liquidity platform. It is a trusted platform.
It is among the top five exchanges for derivatives in terms of volume.

Are the charges too high for Gemini Exchange?

There are a lot of fees associated with trading for Gemini in comparison to other well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. This is because Gemini charges the 0.50 percent convenience charge on every trade as well as the usual trading charges. However, deposits and withdrawals are very low at Gemini.

Is Binance prohibiting USA clients?

The Binance platform isn’t in compliance with any rules. This means that it is not accessible to USA traders. But, Binance.US is in compliance with US Trade Regulations and permits US traders to trade through the platform.

Which is the requirement for an individual to be able to borrow from Binance Loan?

A user who is registered with Binance can borrow from the Binance Loan.

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