Best Ways to know Naylors finance 2022

Best Ways to know Naylors finance 2022

Best Ways to know Naylors finance 2022

Naylors Finance Is it a Doorstep Loan Company that provides small unsecured loans for up to 12 months. Often, the loan is provided in the customer’s own home.

The company is responsible for repaying Doorstep loans, Home Credit and Home Collected Credit with cash. A self-employed collection agent collects the payments from customers’ homes on a weekly basis.

Naylors Finance often provides loans to people with bad credit, CCJs, or arrears. The interest rates for these loans are higher than “normal” unsecured loans.

A typical Doorstep loan will cost between 300% and 400% APR. A loan of PS300 would cost more than PS500 if it was paid over 12 months. The APR may rise to over 1000% if the loan is paid off in a shorter time period.
The Office of Fair Trading (OFT), which investigated Home Credit in 2010, took enforcement action against more than 50 Doorstep Loan businesses in an effort to raise standards in the industry of home-collection credit (doorstep lending).

The Financial Conduct Authority sets out guidelines and rules for companies to follow in the consumer credit sector. To be permitted to act as a debt collector, all companies authorized by the FCA must comply with certain standards.
Unfair practices can include the claiming of excessive or unfair collection charges, harassment, misrepresenting enforcement power (threatening to seize properties when they cannot), bypassing an appointed representative, contacting you directly, and threatening legal action, even though it is unlikely that it will happen.

For instant debt advice, click on to contact Naylors Finance if you have a Doorstep Loan Naylors Finance.
For confidential advice, contact our Debt Specialist team today. We might be able to help you by setting up a lower repayment plan for you and handling your debts on your behalf.

We have included most UK Doorstep Loan Companies in our Debt Directory. This provides you with current information about each company. Details can be found here Doorstep Loan Debt Directory

Naylors Financing and contact information and company information are below

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Company Name

Naylors Finance

Correspondence address

Bridge Road 97
Horbury Road
West Yorkshire

Registered address

Bridge Road 97
West Yorkshire

Reg Number


Parent Company


FSA Licence




Roger Joseph Tranter

Direct Postal address

The Rockeries
53 Highfield Road
West Yorkshire

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Nearly all individuals and firms that engage in financial services activities within the UK must be registered or authorised by us. The firm has not been registered or authorised by us, but it is targeting UK citizens and claiming to be an authorized firm.

This is what we refer to as a “clone company” and fraudsters often use this tactic to contact people out of the blue. You should be particularly cautious if you have been cold contacted. They might use the name of the legitimate firm, the FRN (firm reference number) that we have provided to the authorized firm, or other details.

Learn more about scam and how you can protect yourself against clone companies.

Clone firm details

The following details are being used or given out by fraudsters to con people in the UK.

Naylors Finance Limited (clone FCA-authorized firm)

Telephone: 7537182843



Scammers might give false information or combine these with the correct details of the registered company. They might change your contact information over time, changing your email address, phone number or physical address.

FCA-authorized firm details

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The FCA has authorised this firm for fraudsters to claim they work for. It is not associated with the clone company. It is authorized to sell, promote, or offer services or products in the UK. The correct details of this firm are:


Firm Reference No: 692575

Address: Naylors Finance Limited 97 Bridge Road Horbury Wakefield West Yorkshire WF4 5NN. UNITED KINGDOM

Telephone: (+ 44) 1924283939



How to protect yourself

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We recommend that you only deal with financial companies that have been authorized by us. Check the Financial Services Register for more information. This list contains information about individuals and firms that have been or are being regulated by us.

Contact our Consumer Helpline at 0800 111 6768 if a firm claims to be on the Register, but it is not listed.

You should take additional steps to avoid scams and unauthorised companies.

You won’t be able to access the Financial Ombudsman Service and Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), if you use an unauthorised company.

Access to the Financial Ombudsman Service or FSCS protection depends on what type of investment you make and what service is provided by the authorised firm. The authorised firm should be available to provide more information on protection.

Report a clone company

Contact us if you believe you were approached by an clone or unauthorised firm or are being contacted about a scam. Our reporting form can be used if you were offered, bought, or sold shares.

What should you do if your company is cloned?

Contact our Firm Helpline at 0300 500 0597 if you suspect your authorized firm has been cloned, or if scammers have fraudulently used your name and other details.

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