7 Best Ways How To Create VNC Remote Network On Mac

7 Best Ways How do I Enable VNC connections on Mac?

7 Best Ways How To Create VNC Remote Network On Mac

How To Create VNC Remote Network On Mac

Create VNC Remote Network On Mac, I’m going to show you how to vnc on mac with the native screen-sharing app now there is an app on mac that comes built-in called screen sharing and we can use this to access a remote computer over vnc now if you’re not familiar vnc vnc stands for virtual network computing.


And it allows you to use your mouse and keyboard here locally to control remotely a computer over the network or over the internet so let me show you how to do that I’m going to assume that you have vnc credentials for a remote server somewhere if you need to set up a remote server and control it via vnc.

let me demonstrate with my credentials how this all works so I’m going to go to the spotlight search on my mac and search for screen sharing.

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7 Best Ways How To Create VNC Remote Network On Mac

Okay so that should be installed by default and then we’re going to connect to a hostname or an apple id but in our case, it’s going to be a hostname and that is this entire IP address and port number so we’re going to copy that and by the way, this is an email from cantabo that’s kind of what I’m referencing.

How do I connect to VNC server on Mac?

If you want to set up a gui over the internet in the cloud you can do it with them so I’m going to type that in hit connect and that is going to ask for a password so my vnc password is the right here very simple interface we’re going to go ahead and sign in and that should maybe a prompt or two nope it brings us right to our remote computer.

This one is running ubuntu 20.04 looks like we have uh updates for this and actually this is uh if you’re interested in this type of thing this is a life um it’s a live stream 24 7 live streams on one of my channels I’m just doing a test here so let me see if I can find that swamp view youtube.

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7 Best Ways How To Create VNC Remote Network On Mac

uh so this is the computer that’s this is what you’re going to see on the live stream and then let’s go in here and let me show you what that looks like in real-time so this started streaming November 12th today is November 19th so about a week ago.

oh gosh yeah there’s a loop of audio there so basically let me, uh and I’m going way off topic here but I think this is so interesting this stuff if I move this window there’s a delay but you’ll eventually see over here excuse me in the live stream that my mouse actually brings that over so that is exactly what we’re looking at.

What are VNC connections?

VNCŸ Connect is a display-sharing software program that helps you to hook up with a far-flung PC everywhere in the world, watch its display in real-time, and manage as eleven though sitting in front of it.

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