The Story Of How To Run Windows In The Cloud (seriously Cheap VPS Hosting)

The Story Of How To Run Windows In The Cloud (seriously Cheap VPS Hosting) 2022

The Story Of How To Run Windows In The Cloud (seriously Cheap VPS Hosting)

How To Run Windows In The Cloud – Contabo

Windows In The Cloud I’m going to show you how to set up a seriously cheap windows desktop environment in the cloud that you can access via remote desktop from a Windows machine or even a mac machine and I think the best part about this is that it costs just 15 a month.

Maybe plus or minus a dollar and that price compare maybe by a factor of four cheaper than what the other options out there on the market are and I’ll show you that along the way in addition to how to set it up and how to access it so if that is something you’re interested in learning.

How to do let’s go ahead and get on into the tutorial, okay we’re going to use canto I do have affiliate links down in the description below so thank you for using those um can taboo they’re out of Germany and they offer these virtual private servers starting at six dollars in 99 cents a month.

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Run Windows In The Cloud and The Storage Options

So let’s click on that and see what kind of offerings they have the base model has an impressive four CPU cores eight gigabytes of ram and at least 50 gigabytes of uh disk storage and that goes all the way up to 10 CPU cores 60 gigabytes of ram and 400 to 1.6 terabytes of solid-state drive storage.

So we’re just going to do the base bps small in this case but feel free to expand to a larger option if that is something that you need as far as resources so let’s select that option and now uh the base price as i said was 6.99 per month there is a setup fee if you don’t commit to a full year.

So if you commit to a full year you can eliminate that setup fee but because this is just a demonstration I’m going to do the one month plan and you have different data centres around the world the default in Germany is free there’s no additional monthly charge for that but you do have the option of selecting a different region now for the storage.

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Run Windows In The Cloud and The SSD Storage with NVME

The Story Of How To Run Windows In The Cloud (seriously Cheap VPS Hosting)

If you need more storage the SSD storage it’s still really fast but a faster option might be NVME honestly if you’re not doing very write or read-intensive operations then this is probably sufficient for you now as far as the image is concerned we want to pick the windows server option and you do have a couple of options under here.

But unless there’s a reason that you need an older version of windows server data centre then I would go with the latest model here windows server 2022 so that will bring your price up to 15.98 per month plus the setup fee which I am going to uh do because I’m just doing that one month trial or not a trial but just the one-month non-committal price.

Um and then for me due today would be just under 23. but the monthly price again would just be 16 now we have plenty of bandwidth 32 terabytes which is a lot um and we have an IP address associated with that there are some additional add-ons none of which we are going to be using.

Enter Your Personal Details

So that looks good let’s go ahead and click on next now this is where I’m going to enter my personal information my address and email address so I’m going to go ahead and do that and then on the next page you can enter your billing information which can either be Paypal or a credit card.

So I’m going to go ahead and do that now on this last page we can review what we are ordering and everything looks good here we got our windows server 2022 data centre with all the specs on the VPS that looks good monthly price will be 15.98.

So let’s click on order and pay all right here is the confirmation page it says that VPS’s typically take three hours to set up but I’ve never seen it take that long in fact it’s always much much less than an hour so I will get back with you when that happens and I will get an email when that happens.

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Run Windows In The Cloud and the Contabo fast Service

The Story Of How To Run Windows In The Cloud (seriously Cheap VPS Hosting)

So let’s talk then it is the next day but it only took uh let me see here on my screen I requested the server at 3 52 um and then they gave me the credentials to that at five o’clock so that was a little bit more than an hour for them to spin up the server.

So that’s not bad in the email that they sent with the login data you’ll see that there’s you can access it via VNC I will have other Articles about doing that but a better solution than that would be to access it via remote desktop so if you’re on windows remote desktop comes built-in you can just search for a remote desktop and access it via the IP address.

That way but I’m going to show you how to access it on a mac with windows remote desktop and this is if you go into the app store on mac and you just search for windows remote desktop it’s going to be the official Microsoft remote desktop application.

Microsoft Remote Desktop App

I already have downloaded um and it’s from Microsoft corporation so that is going to open up a window that looks something like this what we want to do is add a pc and the pc name is going to be the IP address so let me minimize that I’ll copy the IP address from this email and then I will paste that in and then the user account I’m going to add the credentials.

Here so the user name is going to be an administrator and the password is going to be this right here so I’ll paste those in and I’ll give this a name um canto admin for windows so that’s the credentials associated with this pc and I’ll just call this canto windows.

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The Contabo Security levels

The Story Of How To Run Windows In The Cloud (seriously Cheap VPS Hosting)

So my that’s the name of my pc so if I want to connect to this all I have to do is double click on this and it’s going to secure the connection basically a warning saying that the certificate couldn’t be verified do you trust it um I trust it so I’m going to continue it’s securing the connection and it’s the user account did not work.

So uh let me see if I got the right password here okay guys sorry about that I figured out what was going on I actually had an extra space after administrator which does end up being an invalid username right so I had to get rid of that space and I also spelt um cantabile wrong I said can tab bot which had no impact on the ability to log in.

Ip Address Connection

So I made those changes and yep so we can get out of here let’s try to reconnect actually let me look at this real quick so we have we’re connecting to this IP address we’re using this account and that’s the name of it so I think that looks good lets you can either right-click to connect or double click to connect and yes we trust this connection and it should let us on this time.

I don’t know if it’ll prompt us for the password nope we’re just going to go in and there is our remote windows desktop so this automatically full screens as you can see here you can make it smaller and what this actually does is kind of annoying you have to still scroll around the desktop I’m going to get out of here.

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The Contabo Ease of Preference

The Story Of How To Run Windows In The Cloud (seriously Cheap VPS Hosting)

What I found was a better preference to set is if you edit the connection again and you go to this to display and you set the fit session to the window when you scale down the window it’ll scale down the desktop too and you can change the display but I’m going to keep the default so let’s try that we’ll save that double click to connect continue and after that pulls up it will still start.

Fullscreen but when we uh change the size of it it will scale down so as you can see what I’m talking about so this again let me point this out this is a cloud this is a remote desktop on a data centre somewhere and we’re accessing it over the internet.

So you can do everything that you normally would want to do on a remote on a physical computer that’s in front of you but remotely over the internet so it might be a little bit slower if your bandwidth or your internet speed is not that fast but in general, you can pretty much do the same exact thing.

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Bottom Line

So I’m opening up internet explorer here is your start menu um do they still have solitaire doesn’t look like they have it on this version oh maybe they do no they don’t have this is a server version of windows so it’s not like an official desktop version of windows.

But you can download things install things all that stuff as you normally would here be paint and you can see a little bit of a lag because of the latency but in general I’m impressed with the responsiveness to let’s just go to a website after completing this setup let’s go to and this is uh this is in a German data centre.

so it’s detecting that and it’s showing us the default language so you can change that to English right here not the united kingdom just regular English agree there we go.

like comment subscribe thank you guys for Reading let me know if you have questions.

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