Digital Marketing Foundations

Digital Marketing Foundations Beginner to Advanced (2022)

Digital marketing techniques, strategies and tools are constantly getting evolved. In this Article, Haneef Fact Diary will help you in keeping up with these fast-moving emerging fields,

Cover all the techniques you need to know to help your business cut strategies and techniques through the noise while engaging with potential customers and adapting to the incoming times.

This Article begins by discussing the building blocks crystal tools of online marketing, including how to utilize them, where to utilize them, and where they should be headed.

The Next steps will be through how and when to define your value proposition, identify your potential target market, and establish your goals and KPIs.

Then The next steps are for customers to evaluate the brand’s online presence, where and how to decide, and what to do on a marketing channel, then optimize the structure of your website,

leverage and boost your brand SEO, pay to advertise, and make social media presence to help your target audience find you.

Plus, you will learn how to develop and manage your email marketing plan, get started and plan for video marketing, and create easy-to-understand and analyze marketing reports that will help you assess your progress.


Connecting with the customers online:

Digital Marketing is a key fundamental part of every business, but in today’s evolving market, it’s unpredictable and evolving fast. There’s always a new tool, and It seems it’s an everyday journey, a new strategy, and a new trend. 

So it’s no surprise to everybody that this makes it too hard to know where and when to start, what works in real-life scenarios, 

how to spend your time effectively, and what you need to do to build this framework that needs to be adopted for a great marketing strategy. But together, we can, and we’ll fix that.

In this article, I’m going to cut through the noise and dispel the myths and give you a proven step-by-step approach, 

how you can develop your digital marketing in such a way that will not only grow your business and its strategies but will also be advanced with the times.

It includes everything from the first step of developing your strategy to selecting the right marketing platforms to capture the key skills you’ll need throughout your marketing journey.

Whether you’re looking to start with your own home-based business or work for a large corporation, you’ll find the skills you need to feel confident to embark on your digital marketing journey right here. So let’s begin.

What is digital marketing?

When we talk about digital marketing and its technique, we’re essentially talking about promoting your business online using many channels.

And these channels might be a good chance to make your buyer aware of your products and what you’re selling. Some common and effective digital channels include your website, search engines, social media, online video, and paid ads.

You see, your potential customer will intersect with many channels in their regular day, 

and marketing is the tool about finding and convincing the right message to share with the right potential person, at just the right moment, through the right channels of convincing.

And that sounds like a lot to get and be right at, but the truth is told, we marketers rarely get it right on the first try of an attempt.

You see, the art of marketing is just as much compared to science as it is an art and the real digital aspect of marketing lets us get into the scientific journey of marketing. 

We spend a lot of time making a hypothesis, testing it and then using the data we collect to adjust the course, and failure will be part of the journey. Now it’s all of this data that makes digital marketing incredibly powerful.

Every action you take on the web is tracked, you collect enough data points, and you can build powerful predictions about people’s behaviour. And because marketing is persuading someone to take action, the more data we have, the more successful we’ll be at that persuasion.