Best filemaker hosting uk 2022

Best filemaker hosting uk 2022

Best filemaker hosting uk 2022

Best filemaker hosting uk

Best filemaker hosting uk, The comfort of knowing that an emergency backup server is waiting for you. For smaller tasks, it makes the use of FileMaker server more secure practical, affordable and cost-effective.

Our goal is to offer the best FileMaker hosting service with the highest performance and high security for data and a low cost. We provide UK hosted dedicated hosting (for FileMaker connecting versions 15-19) as well as hosted hosting (server 14 for FileMaker 13-16 connections) that is GDPR and UK Data Protection compliant.

Our hosting plans come with well-thought out limitations that we believe will satisfy the majority of users’ needs. This means that your FileMaker files won’t have sharing a server anyone else who use up bandwidth and cycles that “unlimited” hosting plans bring. This way, we can provide top FileMaker Server performance at a reasonable cost.

Get started with your trial trial free today

To get your ‘new customer free shared FileMaker hosting trial’ (see dedicated hosting servers 15-19), obtain a quote or discuss if remote FileMaker server hosting is right for your situation call Paul Jansen on +44 (0)207 099 2879 or email us at this address.. For advice on the best methods for sending files is available here. If you’ve never tried FileMaker Pro you can download an absolutely free trial version of the latest version using the request form on this page.

It is not available alongside our shared hosting trial that unfortunately can only connect to earlier version of Go, Pro, Pro Advanced ( versions 13-16).

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Servers that are reliable, strong network

We try to minimal amount of downtime for our servers. It’s not uncommon to observe users who were connected continuously for a good portion of an entire week. Our own data as well as a lot of our development client’s data on these servers and we know how frustrating it is to discover that your data is not accessible.

If we need to restart (perhaps to update our security) we will always do so after sending an alert message to all users connected, and also late in the evening during weekends. Our policy is to never overfill any server, and to ensure the highest performance all the time.

In addition to our numerous clients on our hosting platform, we are pleased to have been chosen by a large number of professional UK designers to store client files. In addition to UK customers, we also have clients who frequently connect to us from Belgium, Holland, Spain and Denmark, Italy, India, Australia, Thailand and the USA.


Best filemaker hosting uk 2022

Host your FileMaker solution on Cloud is the ideal choice if you have sharing your software on several sites or with home and remote employees.
It’s also ideal for companies who wish to stay clear of the expense and hassle of managing and operating servers in-house.

Our history
We have more than 25 years of expertise in providing advice and setting up the suitable Claris FileMaker hosting environments and related licencing bundles to suit both on-premise and cloud server deployments.

Our service
We are able to provide advice on the most suitable hosting option for you based on a panel of third-party FileMaker cloud hosting companies.

Choosing which service to go for is a difficult process that is dependent on the particular specifications that you have for you FileMaker solution and your user base.

Therefore, we ask all the right questions so that you’re on the right track…

15-day trials
Many cloud hosting companies provide a trial period of 15 days free of charge so that you can evaluate the performance and connectivity across your client base. Most of the time, they will also offer trials of the latest FileMaker desktop software.

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How are we compensated
We earn our money from our fixed-fee service and a tiny profit of any Claris FileMaker licensing that we manage for us in our capacity as an authorized Claris resellers for FileMaker.

We don’t currently receive any compensation from our panels of cloud hosting third party providers, which means we can provide an impartial and uninfluenced opinion.

What’s included?
Based on the bundle of licencing that you choose, you’ll get:
* FileMaker licences for Pro (desktop) | Go (iOS devices) | WebDirect (web browsers)
* Hosting account set up in your name by our recommendation FileMaker cloud hosting service
A detailed documentation that includes all passwords as well as instructions
• 20 min of one-on-one remote training you can manage the cloud dashboard, and manage your backups

We can offer hosts-only environments for those who have already obtained their FileMaker licencing directly with Claris.

Claris FileMaker Licencing is scalable adaptable, scalable and dependent on your usage to ensure that you only pay for the amount you require and provides a cost-effective solution for businesses that range up to 100 employees.

FileMaker Hosting Expanded to the UK and Europe

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In the constant effort to offer the most enjoyable FileMaker hosting experience, FMPHost has setup new servers and facilities in London, England.

FileMaker Server 13 and previous versions have been found as being extremely sensitive to distances between server and the client. In general, the more distance, the higher the latency or the amount of time it takes the data to move.

All of our FileMaker Hosting options are accessible across Europe for lightning-fast rates and very low latency connectivity for our customers who reside in England, Germany, France, Spain and other countries all over the world.

The entire versions of FileMaker older that version 6 and including FileMaker 13 hosting that includes Unlimited WebDirect connections, is now able to reside in Europe by using the FileMaker Professional Database Cloud Hosting plan. Of course, you can purchase an FileMaker Server that is specifically tailored to your requirements also.

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