Best Solution how to mute avaya phone 2022

Best Solution how to mute avaya phone – avaya phone not ringing

Best Solution how to mute avaya phone 2022

Muting and unmuting calls

How to mute avaya phone, This method can be used to turn off or muffle your microphone in the course of a conversation. If you’re muted and the other party is not able to hear your voice.A muted call is unmuted by default whenever you change to another sound device in the course of the conversation. But, you are able to conduct call-related actions such as placing calls on hold, or returning the call in the call that is muted without being removed from the call.


  • You can muffle yourself when you are on a phone:
    • If you are on K165 or K175 Tap Mute icon onto the display.
    • On the K155 device Press K155, then press the  buttons on the device’s keypad.
  • To unmute yourself:
    • On K165 or K175, tap Unmute icon.
    • On the K155 On K155, press on the  button in the handset for a second time.
  • Optional: If you have a wireless phone Press on the Mute button to muffle or unmute your phone.When you turn off a phone on your mobile phone the application’s UI does not display that the call has been muted.If you cut off the call, but you do not de-mute the handset wirelessly, it is not muted.

    Disabling the Ringer

    This option is a way to switch off the ringer for all phone calls. If you set it to not ringing, this will disable both the phone’s alarms that are audible as well as visible warning settings.

    1.Press the soft button Features when it’s displayed.

    *To open the menu while on a call make sure you use the right arrow right arrow key or press the key phone phone key, and then hold the Features soft button.

    2.Use your up arrow upward and downward down arrow Arrow keys to move the display up to the Call Settings option.

    3.Press to the Select soft key, or the OK button or right arrow right Arrow key.

    4.Use using the up arrow upward and downward down arrow Arrow keys to navigate through the menu until you are able to disable Ringer.

    5.Press the soft key Change to alter the setting. Clicking on will turn the off the ringer.

The ability to mute your Avaya phone could save your life in the event that you suddenly feel the need to cough or sneeze during a conversation with one. If there’s an abrupt explosion of background noises, like dogs barking, or sirens that are passing by or a siren, you might need to turn off the phone. Because the receiver will be right next to the other’s ears, any unwanted sounds are likely to be heard loud and loud and clear. To avoid embarrassing yourself you can turn off muted.


Step 1

Call the number you would like to dial.

Step 2

Click”MUTE,” or press the “MUTE” button to stop the phone from transmitting your voice. It’s the one with a phone that has a line running through it.

Step 3

The button is pressed again to turn off the mute.


Headset/Handset Mute

Headset/Handset Mute permits a MLX operator or telephone user to switch the microphone on either the handset or headset off, and back on. The operator or user can talk to someone else in the same room , without being able to hear the conversation.

If headset operation is turned on the headset/handset microphone is turned off the headset’s microphone; If headset operation is off, then Headset/Handset Mute disables the microphone on the handset. The red LED that is next to the headset/handset Mute button is lit up when the headset microphone is turned off. It turns off when headset microphone is active.

The process of muting a call

You can turn off your voice connection to make a phone call. When a call is mute it is possible to hear the caller , but they are unable to hear you.

*Phone Mute Controls
The one-X Portal does not show the state and usage of the muted button on your phone. You should use phone or one-X Portal to turn off and on mute calls.

*Calls that are re-dialed
When you retrieve a call that was parked, it will cancel any muting that might have been previously applied to the call prior to when it was put away.

*Calls are held.
If you mutes a call and then place it in hold the muting is cancelled after you remove the hold. If you muted an incoming call, and the other person holds that call, the muting does not cancelled when the call is removed from hold.

*Conference Calls
If you are the host of the conference you might be able to muffle other attendees within the conference. See Muting Conference Parties.


*Mute/unmute is not currently available for calls made using the Avaya IX Workplace. Use the controls for mute/unmute in the client’s own interface.


To mute a call:

* In the Calls gadget, select callMute“Mute.

To unmute a call:

In the Calls gadget click callUnmute to turn off the mute.

Handsfree Speaker Operation

Handsfree Speaker Operation

Your phone is equipped with speakers and microphones that lets you call and answer hands-free. The speaker is situated underneath the handset. The microphone is situated just to the right corner of the phone’s keypad.

If there aren’t any currently connected calls to which you’re calling, a call that is answered by pressing the appearance button can be answered hands-free or via your headset according to the handset’s sound path settings.

If you have an active call with which you are hands-free, you can answer another phone by pressing the “appear” button. It will let you answer that call hands-free.

Conference Phones

The phone was not created to function as a conference speakerphone. It was designed to be used by a microphone that is located right on the other side of the telephone, with no barriers between them as well as the mic.

Phones that are designed to function as conference speakers usually include multiple microphones, and are able to deal with the sounds from a variety of directions. For information about conference speakerphones that are compatible with your phone system , contact the administrator of your system.

Using Handsfree

To answer a handsfree call:

1.To take a hands-free call simply hit the key speaker SPEAKER button. The button is lit even if you’re connected to a phone handsfree.

To end a handsfree phone:

1.To stop a hands-free call you need to hit the key speaker SPEAKER button.

To switch handsfree mode to the handset:

1.To change from handsfree to a handset, simply raise the handset.

To switch handsfree on the handset:

1.To change handsfree mode from the handset you hit the key speaker SPEAKER button. The button is lit while you’re connected to a phone handsfree.

2.Replace the phone.

To switch handsfree mode to headset:

1.Press the key headset HEADSET button. See Headset Operation.

To switch to handsfree using the headset:

1.Press on the key speaker“SPEAKER” key. The button is lit while you’re connected to a call hands-free.

To silence the phone while hands-free:

1.Press to press the key mute“MUTE” button. The button is lit while the call is turned off. If you switch between the handset or headsetthe muted sound function is immediately cancelled.


Answering a phone

When you receive an inbound phone call, the number that is incoming will usually be chosen automatically. But, if you’re already in a conversation or if you get more than one call at the same time it is possible to choose which call you’d like to respond to manually.

Answering an incoming telephone

If you’re not currently on another call take the handset off the table, or press the speakerto speak to the speakerphone or press the headsetto answer with the headset.

If you’re on another phone, from the phone screen, scroll down to the line that is connected to the call, and then hit “YES”or Okay.

Doing nothing to ignore an incoming phone

Press ignoreto switch off the ringer of anincoming phone call.

Calls placed on hold

1. Click the phoneto open the main screen of the phone In the event that you need to, press Phone.

2. If you’re not on the line you wish to hold, then select the line you want to put on hold.

3. Press Hold.

4. Press Restartor on the button for line on the call to re-call the call. Your system administrator might have activated the Hold Recall feature which notifies you visually and by ringing a priority to remind you of a hold call after a specific amount of time.

Disabling a phone

If a phone call is on muted and you switch to the headset, phone or speakerphones, the muted switch will be switched off. When the call is mute it will be able to see that the Mute button’s light comes in the middle and the top of the screen shows that Mute icon.

1. Click Muteduring an audio call, so that the other party can’t hear the caller.

2. Click the Mute buttonagain to stop the call.

Transferring the call

1. On the phone display, in case the phone to be transferred isn’t yet in use (highlighted) choose the line from which the call that needs to be transferred appears.

2. Press Transfer. Enter the phone number, or dial the contact number from the Contacts list or the number on the History list.

3. If the transfer was not attended to and has been completed, you can call back now to avoid having to make a public announcement about the phone call. If not you can click “Complete”or Ok.

Note: Unanswered transfers may be returned to the phone as an unrecorded transfer. In this instance you will get a call from a priority number and then see the message Return following the call.

Making a phone call

If you’re not making a call, you can dial the number that you want to reach by following the Dialing instructions provided to you.

1. Take the handset up, or press the speakeror headset(if appropriate) or the line button to find an open line.

2. Call the number you’d like to dial.

Dialing an number

On the screen for the phone Click the button to dial. The number you dialed will be redialed or you’ll be able to see a list of most recent numbers you dialed, you are able to choose one to call.

Note: The last number dialed as well as the redial list will be deleted when you clear the outgoing call Log has been cleared.

If you’re working on Redial lists then scroll down until you find the number you want to dial and then click “Call”or Ok. Your system administrator can disable Redial functionality.

Speed dialing

On the phone screen Hold and press the dialpad button assigned to the individual you wish to call. If the speed dial number is associated with an accessory module to your phone then press the button that is assigned to the individual you want to call.

Contacting someone from the contact list

You can contact someone on your contacts list by tapping the name that appears in the list. It is possible to locate names by scrolling towards it, or searching using the search bar. Utilize the dialpad keys to input the initial letters of the name , and the screen will move to the first name in your list.

1. Press the Contactsbutton.

2. Choose the number or person you’d like to call.

3. Find the person you’re looking for by typing the name of the person as it appears.

For instance, if included John Smith to your Contacts List with the name “Smith, John” you will begin typing his last name , rather than his initial name. When you press the dialpad, the display changes to reflect your input. Alternately you can scroll either upwards or downwards to find the number.

4. Press Callor OK.

Contacting someone from call history

1. Press the Historybutton.

2. Click to either the left or right side to look at a separate listing of all calls that have not been answered calls, calls that were answered, or outgoing calls.

3. Scroll down or up to choose the person or number you wish to reach.

4. Choose the number or person you wish to contact.

5. Press the Callsoftkey or the OKbutton.


You can forward your inbound calls to another number , or to voicemail. If the Forward button light is illuminated it means that one or more of the forwarding functions are activated. The forwarding functions that are available on your phone depend on the settings your system administrator has selected.

Send All Calls

If you turn on Send All Calls (SAC) is turned on the system, all calls that come in will be routed to a predetermined coverage number, which is typically your voicemail. When calls are received, they ring once on your extension, and after that, they go to the number assigned by the administrator of your system.

If you have the SAC feature is running by your phone then you will see a Send All softkey is displayed on the Phone screen to allow unanswered calls. When you press Send, All will turn the Send All calls on. If it’s already turned switched on Pressing Send All turns it off. You can also turn off Send All Calls off through the phone Features menu.

1. On the screen of the phone you can scroll to the right to open the menu for Features.

2. Select SendAllCalls.

3. Hold OKor press the button for line that Clicking Send All Phones turns off Send All Calls off or on.

Forwarding calls

There are a variety of forwarding options available , so you can choose an address to which your calls will be routed or switch off forwarding calls if it’s already turned off.

1. On the screen of the phone you can scroll to the right to open the menu of Features.

2. Select Call Fwd.

3. Enter the number you wish for your call to be directed as the goal and hit Enteror OK. Once you have entered your forwarding numbers, you will hear an acknowledgement tone.

4. Click OKto switch off the feature of call forwarding If it’s already turned off.

Disable call forwarding

1. From the phone screen Scroll to the right side to open the menu for Features.

2. Scroll down until you reach the Call Forward button that is active.

3. Click Okor press the button which Call Forwarding is displayed.

If you switch off the call Forwarding feature, you will hear an acknowledgement tone.

Calls to conference

You can make conference calls for up to five individuals (yourself and five other participants) from different places on the same call.

Making the conference call

1. On the screen of your phone Choose the current call.

2. Press Conf.

3. Call the number or contact the person listed in the Contacts list, or contact the person listed in the History list.

4. If someone answers When the person answers, click Joinor OKto join the caller on the call currently in progress.

5. Click Addand Repeat the steps above to include another participant on the call.

6. Click Dropat anytime to remove the last participant on the conference call.

The addition of a hold person to the conference call

1. From the phone screen Choose the current call.

2. Use the button to press Conf Press Conf addif you’re already in an event.

3. Choose the call on hold you wish to include in the conference.

4. Press Restartto remove the call hold.

5. Use the button Joinor Confto include the participant in on the conference calls.

Making a conference call hold

If you place conference calls on hold, participants can still communicate with each other.

1. Click Holdduring an conference call.

2. Press to Resumeor Okayto start your conference call.

dropping the person who was in the conference call

1. On the screen of your phone Choose the current call.

2. Press Drop.


There is the possibility of saving up to 250 names, and up to 6 names per number. When you click the Contactsbutton and you’re immediately put into search mode.

Looking for a person to contact

You can move to a specific set of letters in the contacts list simply by pressing an appropriate dial pad. For instance, if you press 3 the Contacts list could display entries that begin with D 3, E, F or 3 based the way you configure your contacts. Each time you press the dialpad, presses, the Contacts listing “drills down” to display the entries that match.

Note: On hook dialing must be turned off to allow this kind of search.

1. Press Contacts.

2. Utilizing the dialpad, begin typing the name you wish to look up. Be aware of the way your contact list is organized. If you have set your contacts under “Last Name, First Name” begin by typing in the initial letters the first name. If you’ve created your contacts using an alternative scheme, enter in the likely letter(s) that match the person you wish to locate.

3. Click Callto contact the person, or morethen Make Editto change contact information.

Contacts can be added by adding a new one.

It is possible to add at least six different numbers in an individual contact. By choosing “handle” as a type lets you track the presence of the phone number by determining, for instance, whether they are registered, active, logged in or forwarding all calls to a different phone number.

1. Press Contacts.

2. Press New.

3. Enter the first and last names by using the dialpad.

A. Press the key for the number which corresponds with the letters or numbers you want to enter.

B. till the letters or numbers are displayed.

C. Hold the character for a moment before entering it, if you have characters on the exact same note.

d. To create a space, press the number 0.

E. Enter the remaining numbers or letters.

F. Enter Bkspto erase one of the characters.

Note: If you want to erase a letter, space, number or other symbol that is located in between the words you typed then use your left and right navigational arrows to position your cursor next to the character you wish to eliminate. When your cursor is placed in the proper place, click the Bksp keyto eliminate the symbol on right of your cursor.

4. Choose the next field.

5. Enter the number of your phone and select Primaryif it is applicable. Primary number will be the number that will always show without the need to go to contact information.

6. Choose the next field.

7. Choose the type of number you want to enter (work or mobile or home). If you select handle give a number that is an extension code, the “at” @ symbol, as well as the name of the company such as, It is then possible to find the contact’s location through the handle icons which appear next to the person’s name or phone number.

8. If you have a different phone number that is associated with this particular contact then scroll down to repeat steps 5 to 7. You are able to add up to five additional numbers to this contact, however you are only able to designate one number as the primary.

9. Press Saveor OK.

Editing the contact

1. Press Contacts.

2. Find and then select the contact you wish to edit.

3. Press MoreEdit.

4. Select the field that you would like to modify.

5. Use the dialpad or softkeys to change the contact details.

6. Press Saveor OK.

Removing the contact

1. Press Contacts.

2. Choose the contact you wish to remove.

3. Press MoreDelete.

4. Enter “Yes”to affirm or Press Noto to cancel.

Call History

The History screen shows a record of recent calls, including details about the call’s disposition (missed calls, answered or outgoing) as well as the caller’s name and phone number (where there is one available) and call duration. and the length of the call.

Call History also lists bridged calls If you’re part of a call pickup group, calls you answered for someone else or you did not answer but were answered by another in the group you will be displayed by a forwarding icon to let you review the specifics of the call.

If you’ve had several missed calls The History button is illuminated and the missed Calls icon, as well as numbers of missed calls are displayed in the upper right-hand corner.

Watching the history of calls

1. Press History.

You can get up to the very top by clicking “History”again.

2. Scroll to the left or right to see different lists of answers and missed calls. To view details about others calls, swipe either up or down.

3. If you log bridged calls in addition to your own bridged calls, bridged call information is recognized by the CALL for: (calls made to the bridged line) or called from: (calls made from the bridged line) before the relevant number.

4. Use the button Backto go back to the view of list.

Incorporating an entry from the Call history of your contact list

1. Press History.

2. Select the number you would like to include in the Contacts section of your account.

3. Press +Contact.

4. Change the name and the phone number, if needed.

5. Press Save.

Removal of an entry from the call history

1. Press History.

2. Choose the number you wish to remove.

3. Press MoreDelete.

4. Click the delete buttonor Okayto confirm or press cancelif you don’t want to delete the file.

Clearing all calls history entries

The removal of all entries from the call history erases all the entries from the specific list that you are looking at. For instance, if you are looking at the list of outgoing calls only calls made outgoing are erased.

1. Press History.

2. Choose the list you wish to erase.

3. Click “Clear All”to remove all entries that you’re looking at.

4. Click “Yes”to confirm.

Disable call history

You can toggle History to off, or turn it on. In the event that you’ve bridged calls within your mobile, then you have the option to select whether or not to include calls made to bridged lines within the Call history record.

1. Select Options & Settings or Phone Settings.

2. Select Options & Settings…

3. Press Selector OK.

4. Select Application Settings.

5. Press Selector OK.

6. Choose the kind of call logs you would like to shut off. To deactivate logging of your calls, click History. To turn the logging of bridged lines off or on choose Log bridged calls.

7. Click the button to changeor Okayto switch the call history log either on or off.

8. Press Save.







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