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 Saul Investing Discussion

Saul Investing Discussion I began hearing concerning Saul Rosenthal through my subscription to Motley Fool Stock Advisor. Some people began to ask whether this or that stock was one of the “Saul stock” and I thought to myself “Who’s this Saul guy?”

Then I discovered Saul has his own discussion forum at the Motley Fool – Saul’s Investment Discussions I quickly realized that we had a lot in common: we enjoy investing, have excellent success beating the market, and stick to the common good.

I began sending him emails and asked him if we could discuss some aspects of his investment philosophy more deeply. I believe that if you’re an investment professional (or looking to become one) we’ll have a great chat.

Who is Saul Rosenthal and

Saul B. Rosenthal serves as the Chief Operating Officer, President, and President of the Company. Officer, and President and Chief Operating Officer of the Company. Mr. Rosenthal has served as President since 2004 for OXSQ as well as Oxford Square Management and is a member of Oxford Funds.

Additionally that, Rosenthal has also served as President and Director of Oxford Lane Capital Corp. Rosenthal has served as Director and President for Oxford Lane Capital Corp. (NasdaqGS: OXLC) an officially closed-end registered fund, as well as the President of Oxford Lane Management, since the year 2010.

He is also the President of Oxford Gate Management. Rosenthal has also served as the President at Oxford Bridge Management, the investment advisor for Oxford Bridge Funds, the Oxford Bridge, Funds, and Oxford Gate Management, the adviser to the investment of the Oxford Gate Funds, since the year 2015 and in 2018, respectively.

Mr. Rosenthal was previously an attorney in The law office of Shearman & Sterling LLP. He is a member of the board at Shearman & Sterling LLP. Rosenthal serves on the board of directors of the National Museum of Mathematics.

Mr. Rosenthal received a B.S. Magna Cum Laude in the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania as well as the J.D. at Columbia University Law School, which was where He was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar, as well as an LL.M. (Taxation) from the New York University School of Law.

Saul Investing Discussion

Saul Rosenthal is 51, Saul Rosenthal has been the Chief Operating Officer and President at Oxford Square Capital Corp since 2004. There are nine older than him, and there are no executives younger working at Oxford Square Capital Corp. The most senior director working at Oxford Square Capital Corp is Charles Royce, age 80. He is the Director.

Saul What’s your background?¬†What brought you to investing?

My education is in medicine. However, I’ve considered a career in mathematics.¬†I’d been investing on a sporadic basis for a long time, but I became serious in 1989, as our wife and me had a son and I was planning to retire in 7 year (I had).¬†My wife was panicking (“You don’t even think about going on a retirement plan in just seven years!¬†We’re expecting a baby !”), and I decided that I needed to start investing seriously.

It’s important to know that my wife , my family and I have been living off the money I earn from the market since I decided to retire in the year 1996.¬†This is 20 years!¬†I don’t have a pension or any other source of income other than Social Security.


There are times when people feel scared and overwhelmed when they first start investing. What should they do?

Not everyone is cut out to invest.¬†I believe you must be someone who is enthusiastic about playing games, and recognizes that you will not be able to win every time and isn’t scared of numbers.¬†I believe you should think of it as if you are learning something new starting by investing a little, and as you start out, try to master all that you could about the markets and investing.

My public board on the Motley Fool,¬†Saul’s Investment Discussions¬†is a excellent source, but there are many more.¬†If investing is enjoyable for you, then you’ll probably be successful.¬†If it’s a tedious chore it’s best to invest your money in a variety of index funds.

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What’s a good choice of stock for newbies?

good choice of stock for newbies Saul Investing Discussion

This is a question I’m not able to answer.¬†Every stock is unique and there is no stock that can be described as “typical.” Probably a best place to begin is to look at a variety of companies with products you enjoy and are using: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Nike, Google or any other you prefer.

What do you suggest for someone who is looking to invest but doesn’t want to invest a lot of time in it?

You can invest in index funds or ETFs that follow the market. When investing in individual stocks, it is essential that you are enthusiastic about doing it. Also, you must enjoy doing it enough that you want to spend an hour or two doing it.

What number of shares should investors have in order to have a proper diversified portfolio?

It’s difficult to keep on top on more than twenty or more stocks, which is an absolute upper limit.¬†I would prefer a lower amount of stocks because they are less difficult to track.¬†In my early years of investing and when my portfolio in terms of dollars was smaller I was able achieve better results in percentages due to the fact that I could be concentrating on 5-10 favourite places.

It is essential to read the quarterly reports and those transcripts for all quarterly conference calls. This will give you plenty of earnings season. The company usually says much more in the conference calls than on an earnings announcement. It is much more efficiently than listening recordings , as it only takes a quarter the time and you are able to skip forward-looking messages, etc. Check out investor presentations too. Also, get news feeds from your broker for the stocks you hold.

Which are your biggest mistakes that you’ve seen investors make?

biggest mistakes that you've seen investors make Saul Investing Discussion

The most common mistake is not being willing to admit you’re wrong.¬†Sometimes, changing your mind the face of fresh evidence and even selling when needed is the most crucial action you can take.¬†I believe that being able to make a change in the face of fresh evidence is among the most valuable skills I possess.¬†Learning that it’s acceptable to make changes whenever it is appropriate is among the most important skills I attempt to teach my students on my discussion boards.

I can be honest with you: I do make mistakes in entering or out of an organization, but I’m willing to reconsider my decision when I realize that I was mistaken.¬†This is extremely crucial.¬†I’ve met many people who are upset (instead of taking a second opinion) whenever you suggest that their beloved stock isn’t the best option.

Another big mistake is anchoring prices: “I really want to buying this stock, but it’s at $25, and it was at $21 three months ago, so I’ll wait until it gets back down there before I buying,” or “I know that I should sell this stock but I bought at $34 and I want to wait until I can get back to $34 before I sell.” The stock doesn’t have any memory.¬†It’s trading at the price it is at.¬†The question is what are you planning to do now.

Between 1989 and 2007, you earned 32% returns , compared to the market’s 12percent.¬†What kind of mindset and behavior are necessary for beating the market?

It is likely that you will start don’t worry about what the market is performing rather, focus on the way your own portfolio is performing.¬†Your aim should be to earn money that will help you and your family members have financial security and enjoy the things they desire in their lives.

It is also crucial to think of the information sources as only sources of information, they are not necessarily an actual Holy Grail.¬†When all the talk shows are telling you “Sell!¬†Sell!¬†Sell!” it almost always will be the lowest point in the marketplace.

Keep in mind that, generally speaking the overall market is fluctuating however, over time, it always going up (at least over the last few hundred years or more) Anyone who claims”this time is different” or “this time is different” and that the market will continue to go down for ever, must take it with a huge degree of doubt.

What investment tools or resources do you suggest?

I truly value I really value the Motley Fool.¬†They aren’t always right.¬†Not even close!¬†However, the stocks they suggest must at the very least include a thorough explanation of the reasons they are suggesting them, as well as a discussion forum for following the company.¬†This is incredibly useful.¬†There are many other places where you receive recommendations for stocks It’s just the name of a company without any explanation or follow-up.

If you had the chance to give your self at 25 a nugget of advice on investing What would you recommend?

Get serious about investing today. Even if you save an amount of money each year, if your investment is successful, the decades of compounding accumulate.

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