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In a recent market discussion, AJ Vora, out of equities at Nuvama Asset Management, shared insights on the current state of equities. The conversation covered macroeconomic factors, changes in global interest rates, and potential investment opportunities. Let’s delve into the key points from the discussion.

Macro Headwinds Clearing

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The discussion began with an assessment of the equity landscape, suggesting that the macro headwinds for equities are dissipating. Over the past year and a half, concerns about interest rate hikes, ranging from 400 to 550 basis points globally, have been prevalent. However, it is now believed that the peak rates are behind, signaling a positive shift for equities.

Factors Favoring Equities

An Indian stockbroker monitors share prices on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) terminal at a brokerage firm in Mumbai on July 3, 2014. The Bombay Stock Exchange, (BSE), India’s second-biggest financial market, shut down during morning trade July 3 owing to computer network problems, a spokesman said. AFP PHOTO/ PUNIT PARANJPE

AJ Vora highlighted several factors contributing to the constructive outlook for equities:

1. Reversal in Global Interest Rates

The narrative around global interest rates has reversed, with an acknowledgment that peak rates are likely behind us. Whether cutting will occur post the second half of CY24 remains to be seen, but the shift in sentiment is significant.

2. Correction in Crude Oil Prices

The recent correction in crude oil prices, down by 15-20%, is viewed as a positive development. This correction eases concerns for the Indian market, as crude oil prices have a substantial impact on the country’s economic dynamics.

3. Strong Results Season

The result season has been robust, with aggregate profit after tax (PAT) growth for Nifty around 25-26%. Even after adjusting for oil marketing companies (OMCs), it stands at a commendable 21-22%. Across sectors, there has been an overall beat to analyst expectations.

4. Absorption of Foreign Institutional Selling

Despite challenges such as interest rate uncertainties and global geopolitical tensions, the Indian market has absorbed significant foreign institutional selling. Approximately 8-9 billion dollars of selling by Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) has been absorbed, indicating resilience.

Market Investment Strategies and Opportunities

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AJ Vora shared insights into potential investment strategies amid the changing market dynamics:

1. Opportunities in OMCs

The discussion highlighted the positive outlook for Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). With expectations of refining margins strengthening and concerns over marketing losses waning, the OMCs, especially in a falling crude oil price scenario, present attractive opportunities.

2. Bullish on the Auto Sector

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The auto sector, including both two-wheelers and four-wheelers, is viewed optimistically. The urban market’s strength, coupled with the rural market picking up and improving export performance, positions the entire auto sector for potential growth.

3. Positive on NBFCs, Especially in Vehicle Financing

In a falling interest rate scenario, vehicle financing in Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) is expected to perform well. The discussion emphasized the potential of NBFCs operating in the vehicle financing and housing finance segments.

4. Pharma Stocks – Glenmark and More

Pharmaceutical stocks, particularly Glenmark, were highlighted as positive prospects. Glenmark’s recent results and debt reduction were noted as favorable indicators. Additionally, there was a positive outlook for midcap pharma stocks focused on the domestic market.

5. Midcap Space and Sector-Specific Opportunities

The discussion concluded with a positive outlook on the midcap space. Emphasis was placed on the need for a stock-specific approach within the midcap space, identifying opportunities in sectors such as textiles, consumer durables, and more.


The market discussion provided valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of the equity market. From the reversal in global interest rates to sector-specific opportunities, investors are encouraged to navigate the market with a keen eye on changing trends and potential growth areas.

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