How do I transfer crypto

How to Transfer Crypto (BTC, ETH, ADA etc.) To Kraken into

How do I transfer crypto

Important Warnings

  • Transfer Crypto If you attempt to transfer an unsupported token can cause being unable to deposit tokens.
  • Try a small amount at first
  • Be careful when selecting the network you wish to use for crypto

How do I withdraw or Transfer Crypto Cryptocurrency on Kraken

Log into your Kraken account. Since is a mobile app software, if you could use the Kraken Mobile app then it will make things faster and easier for you. If you do not and want to use your PC it may take some back and forth but it is still very easy and quick.

transfer crypto from kraken to crypto com

The main website of¬†Kraken’s main website¬†you can click at”My Account” on the main page of Kraken “My Account” button at the top right.¬†This will direct you to your account balances and money.

transfer crypto from kraken to crypto com

Select the “Funding” 4th from left in the upper left corner.¬†This will direct you to the Deposit and withdrawal page.

transfer crypto from kraken to crypto com

Click the Withdraw button to begin your withdrawal process.¬†It will take you to the token or coin you’d like to withdraw and the network you wish to utilize.

transfer crypto from kraken to crypto com

Select the currency¬†you’d like to cash out from the window.¬†If you are unable to locate your currency, you can use the search feature they offer.

transfer crypto from kraken to crypto com

If you wish to transfer money to a place other than¬†Kraken¬†the system will ask you to enter an address to the account for the first time.¬†When you next withdraw from the address the address will appear within your account book.¬†Hit”add” or “add …coin address” button on the end of the page.

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Visit Kraken Now

Finding a deposit address through uses a mobile app model. This means you need to own a smartphone and download their app.

Google Play Link;

Apple Store Link:

After you have downloaded the app, you will be able to sign up to create an account on

Once your registration has been completed it is time to log into your account. Once you do, you’ll be taken to the dashboard’s main screen.¬†You will be able to see your total portfolio value is on this page. Below, you’ll be able look at each cryptocurrency individually and the amount you have from each one and the worth of each.

transfer crypto from kraken to crypto com

When you hit the “receive” it will show on your dashboard for the man, under the total portfolio amount.¬†This will direct you to the page to deposit or withdraw.¬†Hit the button to deposit.

transfer crypto from kraken to crypto com

Select the crypto option and it will display several options for depositing.¬†If you click exchange,¬†¬†exchange it will be deposited into your trading account. You might choose¬†¬†wallet if you’d like to transfer the funds directly to your wallet.

transfer crypto from kraken to crypto com

Select the coin you would like to put in the list which will be displayed on the right.¬†There’s an option to search that can be clicked and you can input the amount you’d like to deposit in case you don’t want to search for it in the list.

transfer crypto from kraken to crypto com

A deposit account will be displayed You could copy it using the copy-paste option or obtain the QR code for your address too.

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Go to Now

The withdrawal is complete at Kraken

Put in a name at the ‚Äúaddress description‚ÄĚ. For this case, you could use ‚Äú¬†¬†deposit address‚ÄĚ to make sure you do not mistake it with anything else if you want to repeat the action again in the future.

transfer crypto from kraken to crypto com

At this point after this stage, you must enter the amount that you wish to withdraw. Hit the withdraw button once you have completed.

transfer crypto from kraken to crypto com

It will prompt you to confirm it one last time and will allow you to check that every information is correct.

transfer crypto from kraken to crypto com

If you are able to activate your 2FA it will ask for you to input your authentication code to verify the transaction.

transfer crypto from kraken to crypto com

Once you have confirmed the 2FA step the cryptocurrency will be delivered to

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Where is My Crypto Deposit?

If you haven’t received your crypto deposit, you need to check which side is the cause for it. You can check the blockchain ledger and see if Kraken sent it. If it is sent but not credited on , you need to contact them. If it is not sent yet, then you need to contact Kraken .

How long will it take to transfer?

Before you contact either exchange , it is important to know crypto transactions could take time. Based on the congestion of the network you are using, it could take hours before the transaction is confirmed. Considering the sizes of these two exchanges, it could also take hours before it is sent by Kraken due to heavy load, and could take lesser time to be credited at .

Does Kraken has fees for withdrawals in crypto?

Kraken does have a withdrawal fee. If you would like to learn more about which coin has how much minimum withdrawal limit and how much is the withdrawal fee, please check this website.

Does offer crypto deposit fees? does not charge any fees for crypto deposits.

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