13 easy fiverr jobs for beginners

13 Easy Fiverr Jobs for Beginners to Make Money Online

13 easy fiverr jobs for beginners

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Fiverr Jobs for Beginners, Did you know that you can make money on Fiverr even though you’re a beginner? You’re in the right place if you want to make money online freelance. Fiverr allows you to sell anything you’re good at. Here are some easy fiverr gigs that beginners can do to make money online.

What is Fiverr? Fiverr Jobs for Beginners?

Fiverr allows individuals to share their talents with the world and offer services to businesses who need them. Every year, there are millions of new businesses. Virtual assistants are often all that businesses need. They can help with design and running ads on social media. You can send out bulk emails or send out a calendar invitation to your attendees. Fiverr allows Business Owners connect with Freelancers, and offers many options. It is more of a freelance employment platform. Fiverr is easier for beginners as you can offer services starting at $5.00 and increasing to $30.00 as you learn and grow.

Fiverr freelancers often provide GIG services. These are the easiest gigs you can offer clients if you spend a little time learning these skills. These gigs are actually the majority of those listed here.

They are easy to learn and can be used by anyone.

You can only have seven gigs on Fiverr so be sure to choose the right ones.

Fiverr jobs For Beginners

1. Business Names and Taglines – Fiverr

Each business invests significant money in finding the right name and tagline that will attract the right audience. Use the free tools below to find 10 to 15 names for your niche. You can also do the same thing to obtain 10 to 15 taglines to different business names. Send them to your client and let them choose the one that interests them.

Free platforms to generate Business Names & Taglines For Fiverr

Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify Slogan Maker/Tagline Maker

Namelix Business name Generator

2. Background Removal- Fiverr

In most cases, this is what YouTubers need. They would have to possess some knowledge about their work, but also need someone who can edit their images. You can also offer this service to influencers. Free software can be used to replace the background with beautiful backgrounds and eye-catching colors.

Use our free tools to remove background for Fiverr

Canva : This tool allows you to create presentation slides, instagram story boards and other cool stuff.

Remove.bg is a tool that can be used to remove background or other image edits.

Fiverr job For Beginners

3. Website Testing – Fiverr

You can test a new website, a game, or an upgrade. Many applications offer beta versions that allow you to test the latest version and make sure there are no bugs. The website can be viewed from the consumer’s perspective and you can provide feedback about how it can be improved. You can easily look at similar websites and suggest changes. In your description, you can mention testing platforms such as Android, Windows, and Mac. If it is a blog website, you can test the website design, page layout and call to actions.

After that, you can take screenshots and go through SEO Analysis. SEO is a technical parameter that allows a website rank higher on Google. Once you have listed all the correction parameters, either in pdf format or as a recorded audio file, download the Seo suggestions to send to the client.

Fiverr SEO Audit: Free Tools


Site Tester

Screen recording tool for free For Fiverr

OBS Studio – It allows you to record video and connect to live streaming or video conferencing platforms.

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4. Making Video Intro and Outro – Fiverr

YouTubers can use this information to increase their channel’s growth exponentially. Many YouTubers fail despite having original content. However, they are unable to highlight their videos in order to attract more subscribers. Your job is to fill this gap of creativity and uniqueness. An audio intro can help the viewer feel unique and can be used to inform the viewer what to do next after they have viewed the video.

Get free video maker tools For Fiverr

Panzoid – This allows you to quickly create short clips.

UnsplashPexels: All three tools are available for you to try and find the one that works best for your needs.

Fiverr Gigs For Beginners

5. Proofreading – Fiverr

Many articles don’t rank well on Google because they have spelling or grammar errors. This service can be offered as a gig if you have a good command of your language. You should also explain how your service will benefit their business. Grammarly, a program that checks the clarity and identifies errors, can help you to create a checklist to eliminate them.

6. Zoom Virtual Background – Fiverr

Individual trainers or groups can hire you to help set up meetings, send out invites, and create a background image. For a fee of $5 to $25, you can include your client’s logo as a background image.

Register as an administrator on the Zoom Web Portal.

Click Account Settings on the Zoom Room page.

You can switch the virtual background with the Green Screen option.

To add background options to your default library, click Upload Background

Zoom Virtual Background created with free tools For Fiverr

Canva – You will find templates for most social media sites, including facebook, instagram and pinterest. With the included quotes, you can create your own templates.

Pexels – You can access the stock images and videos for free.

7. Zoom Virtual Assistance – Fiverr

You could offer services such as planning the meeting and creating invite links for attendees. You can also list the tasks such as setting up social media promo posts, updating participant lists, and answering chat questions during the meeting.

Get Free Tools For Fiverr

Canva: A free online tool that allows you to create tons of templates and images. This is the most trusted source for freelancers who want to create pinterest and instagram posts.

Fiverr Gig For Beginners

8. Conversion – Fiverr

These tasks can be accomplished with many free tools. Sometimes people may have a pdf file and not be able to edit it. They don’t know the best tools available. Online-convert.com allows you to convert virtually any item in just a few clicks.

9. Social Media Post Packs – Fiverr

By managing the client’s social media accounts, you can become a social manager. This includes services such as writing relevant posts, hashtag indexing and research, scheduling or publishing, replying to comments. Creating memes, calling for action posts, and engaging captions.

Get Free Tools For Fiverr

Canva – Allows you to create predefined templates for stories and posts.

Pexels – Download images and videos based on the niche, then edit as needed.

Tailwind – This lets you schedule posts to instagram or pinterest, and recommends keywords.

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10. Creating Logo Design – Fiverr

A logo should convey the message that the owner of the business wants. Many brands redesign logos to make it more user-friendly and catch more attention.

Use these free tools to create a logo design For Fiverr

Free Logo Maker: Simply type the name and enter the industry. You can choose any one you like or modify it to meet the needs of your client.

NameCheap : This tool can be used to verify the availability of domain names.

11. Subtitles and Making Transcriptions – Fiverr

Video transcription involves translating audio from a video into text. This improves search engine optimization and provides a better user experience. This allows you to provide visual content for those who prefer not to hear the sound or when it is difficult to see. Rev.com also offers transcription jobs.

No cost tool

Google Docs – Select a blank webpage, click on the tools option and choose voice typing or use the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+S to navigate within the blank page. The text will be generated by speaking the words aloud.

12. Slideshow Presentation Maker

Many people are able to give a lot of information but lack the design skills. To make your presentation more appealing, you only need the best design tools. You can select the design you like, download 15-20 pages of available templates, and then edit the information according to the clients.

Get Free Tools

Canva – Use canva slide presentation to select free templates.

Google Slides is a cloud-based slideshow maker that offers customisable templates.

13. Fiverr Arbitrage

Arbitrage can be described as buying from one person and then selling it to another. The profit margin is the difference amount. You would be able to identify local businesses struggling to generate steady cash flows, regardless of where you are located in the world. You will need to locate High-Paying Skill for fiverr, and a Company that meets the requirements. Dropshipping, banks and other businesses all operate on the same principle.

Let me help you identify the most valuable services that you can offer to your clients, without you even having to have the ability or knowledge. These services are selected based on search rankings and thorough market research.

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Hope this would help you in starting a journey as a freelancer.

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