Best Way how to sell a house in sims freeplay 2022

How to sell a house in sims freeplay? Can you sell your house on Sims Mobile?

Best Way how to sell a house in sims freeplay 2022

how to sell a house in sims freeplay Shopping for items in the Sims freeplay is a crucial element of the game. take a look at this article if are unsure of the best way to go about it! This article also discusses the selling and storage of unwanted items.

How to sell a house in sims freeplay Home Store


Home stores are where you purchase things, sell them, and store them in the freeplay sims.

The home store is openedClick on the furniture icon on the panel in the image below. The appearance will vary based on the type of device you’re playing on:

Once you’ve opened it, the home store will appear different based on the device you’re playing on.

If you’re using an older device, your home shop will show in the form of a bar that runs across the bottom of the screen. There are various sections for home, furniture (building rooms decorating, decorating, etc.) outdoors, inventory and more with tabs that show different categories within each section.

For instance, in Furniture , you’ll find an option that is titled Living Room, clicking on it will display the entire living room furniture:

If you’re playing on smaller devices, The homestore will display in a small box, which will fill all of the screen. There are no separate categories for furniture, home and outdoor on this page The tabs for the different categories are all within this box.

For instance, Living Room. The option for Living Room can be found when you go to the store in your home, clicking on it will display the entire living room collection:

There is an inventory section that includes all tabs for the various types of items that you’ve accumulated: 


To purchase an item go to the store in your home and select the item you wish to purchase and locate a place on the lot of the house to put it in (it will flash red , and it will grey out if it is impossible to put the item there) then click at the tick that is green to purchase it.

Note: Certain items may only be put either outside or inside

The image below illustrates what it looks like when you can’t place an item in the correct place:

Sometimes, you’ll get an objective in an adventure that will require you to purchase items, like on the DIY HOMES Peaceful Patios Quest, one of the objectives is to purchase S5,000 worth of outdoor decor. This means that to finish this quest:

On a Larger Device:

  1. Open the store’s home
  2. You can click on the Outdoors section to the right side of the bar.
  3. Scroll down the bar until you come across your Outdoor Decorations tab, click on this tab.
  4. Browse the bar until you find something you’d like to purchase (remember you can purchase one item for S5,000 or several items totalling S5,000) I’m planning to purchase a Black Double Garden Screen that costs S3,000, and it’s Black Single Garden Screen that costs S2,000.)
  5. Select the product, locate an area on the house lot where it can be placed and then click on the green tick that you want to purchase (it will flash red , and that green tick would gray out if you are unable to put the item in)

On a Smaller Device:

  1. Start the home store
  2. Scroll until you see your Outdoor Decorations tab, click on it.
  3. Browse through the list to locate something you’d like to purchase (remember that you can buy an item for S5,000 or an assortment of items that total S5,000) I’m going to purchase the Bamboo Lamp, which costs S5,000.
  4. Select the product, locate an available space on the home lot where it can be placed and then click on the tick in green to purchase (it will flash red , and it will grey out if it is impossible to put the item in)

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For selling an item, you must open your store in your home, and then select the item from the home you wish to sell. A price will be shown on the right side of the red simoleon icon, which is the amount you make when you sell the item. If you click on the red icon, and an ad will pop up asking you if you wish to offer the product for sale. choose yes if so.

Best Way how to sell a house in sims freeplay 2022


If you wish to sell any items in your inventory, you have you to press the button on an item within the inventory as if you were placing the item in your home for the possibility to sell it.



It is possible to store things that you don’t need in your home, this can be very helpful if you intend to utilize the item later on (I would not recommend selling anything you don’t need to use today!)


It is also possible to use it to transport things to another home:

I will demonstrate how I moved my bookcase that I used for my kids, but it could be applicable to any object that you want to store!


  1. Click the Home Store button
  2. Select the bookcase, then click on the button to inventory, and the bookcase will be removed from the house.
  3. Take it to the place you’d like to put it in, and then click the home store button again.
  4. Locate the inventory section.
  5. Then go to the tab where the item is located (preteen bookcase will be located in the preteen tab)
  6. Select the bookcase, and put it in the place you want to be when you move in Click”green” to put it.

Follow the steps one and two if simply want to add the item into your inventory.

It’s true that the Sims’ FreePlay is a great game to play, but at first, it can be difficult to pay the bills to feed your Sims. I don’t like buying in-app purchases. This informative tutorial will help you earn a few hundred thousand more Simoleons in order to pamper your Sims.

Also you should restart your progress since the tutorial is only available only once at the beginning.
If you begin with dogs This guide won’t help you.

Step 1: Taking Advantage of the Tutorial:

Best Way how to sell a house in sims freeplay 2022 (1)

If you’re making a small improvement, restart your game through clicking the
1. Add a Sim.
2. Pan Rotate, pan to zoom in, then zoom out.
3. Purchase toilet paper.
4. Toilet use, 7 seconds.
5. Cleanse your hands in the sink.
6. Expand the space of a room. This is the way to earn some Simoleons instantaneously. Visit your Sim’s bathroom and extend the tub from the top, to earn free. It is possible to sell it after you have completed the tutorial. There will be a little hedge that is in the way so it’s best to clear that first.
7. Put in flooring. Don’t put tiles or flooring in the bathroom because it could reduce the number of Simoleons you’ll receive. Set it in the living room.
8. Install wallpaper. Don’t put any new tiles or flooring in the bathroom as it could reduce the number of Simoleons you’ll get. Set it in the living room.
9. Buy a lamp.
10. Moving an object.
11. Shop for clothes in the wardrobe. Be aware that you do not need to alter anything by tapping the green check mark and then click yes.
12. Get an herb garden.
13. Plant some bell peppers in 30 seconds.
14. Check your mail.
15. Redeem money from the town map.
16. Make your fire department. The cost of rush construction is no cost.
17. You can get your Sim an opportunity at the fire station.
18. Make your second home and add a Sim. Be vague regarding your Sim because you’ll delete it in the future. The fee for rush is no cost,
19. Make sure you inspire your new Sim by baking a cake.
20. Take the clock from your inventory.
21. Open Simtracker.
22. Make the Sim to (using an alarm on your Simtracker)
23. Switch Sim choice.
24. Make fun of Sims for 10 seconds. Sim Ten seconds.
25. Create the park in for 4 minutes. Don’t rush the construction and wait for 4 minutes as an intelligent human being. keep your LPs.
26. Open your park. The training is done.

This is designed for players who are familiar with the game.

Step 2: Making Simoleons:

1. When you’re done with Step 1, head to your Sim’s first bathroom. Go to the menu for building and then tap the middle area of your room. There is the option to sell it to gain the SS6,140. Tap the red SS. This will provide you with plenty of money to purchase a One-Bedroom House in the future.

2. Choose your next Sim and tap on the menu, then click on the red small button to the just to the right of its name. The screen will ask: Are you certain that you wish to take your sim out of town? Click yes.

3. When the Sim has been removed visit the town map , tap the home icon in green and then click on the button labeled “View House”. You can then sell the rooms (the objects will be on the inventory) and then either sell the flowers and trees or add them in your inventory.

4. If you’ve got an empty lot, check the map of your town and tap”green” again. The next time, tap ‘demolish the house’. Tap yes.

5. Select the blue home icon in any house to create a ‘One Bedroom Home’. The main benefit is that the construction duration is just five minutes.

6. Once the house has been built you can tap on the green icon, then select “View House”. You can then sell the entire house and then collect the greenery. If you are considering this house, do NOT transfer the red sedan to your Sim’s first house.

When you save to purchase the Mansion it will grant you a luxurious vehicle.

Step 3: The Last Step:

1. Rinse thoroughly and do the same mini step 6 step 2 for as many times as you like. You’ll notice that additional Simoleons build up quickly.
2. Whatever you do, don’t purchase The Hallway House. It’s not worth the money to save an additional SS7,000 to buy the mansion.
I hope that you like this tutorial as well as my first time in ‘Ible I’m pretty sure I got it fairly well.

How do you sell items through Sims Freeplay?

Best Way how to sell a house in sims freeplay 2022 (2)

In order to sell your item, you have to open the home store, and then click on the item within the home you wish to sell. The price will appear in the middle of the red simoleon icon, that’s how much you make when you sell the item.

You can sell a house inside Sims Freeplay?

In Sims freeplay, all you need to do is to sell each room by going to the setting for building and pressing sell the room. However, you are not able to sell the home. If the room is filled with Items that are in it and you would like to add to sell it, then all of your belongings will be put to your inventory and then be kept there. We hope this will help!

Are you able to sell your items through Sims Mobile?

There’s no way to sell your items on The Sims Mobile, that’s why it’s not available. But, you can save any items that you don’t wish to keep in your home in your inventory by pressing the items and then pressing the icon that appears to be the shape of a box.

What are the best ways to sell items on Sims?

To do this, hold and tap the item you wish to get rid of and press the button of an unopened cardboard box. It will then put the item in your household inventory to be used when you need to swap it out or put it in a different room.

Do sims have the ability to move houses in free-play?

A Sim is able to move to a new house. It means that you can move one Sim and then move him/her from their current residence to a different one. The house that is empty will display the Sim’s face and the previous one will display a blue icon that allows the user to create a new Sim.

What happens if I tear down the home inside sims Freeplay?

What happens when you tear down the home? A milestone (normally at every increment of 250k) that the worth of the new house increases). When you tear down the house, everything is gone and the best way to get the highest return, keep everything in your inventory, or even sell every room and even the trees!

What happens when I decide to demolish an entire house within Sims Freeplay?

You can sell things on The Sims Mobile?

Are you able to relocate the baby in Sims FreePlay?

A baby may move to the family or, if the case of an orphan it may be adopted by a different sim. After adoption, the child will be moved with the adoptive family. There is currently no method to move a baby.

Do you have the ability to torch down a building within Sims Freeplay?

No. What could occur is that the sim(s) which are placed before the fire will respond to the oven, but not anything else.

It isn’t possible to sell it. However, after a sim has moved into the same home as a second one, the home that the sim was in is being offered for auction. Visit the town map, and you’ll be able to look at the house, or tear it down it, or if you have enough money, sell it to a different sim !

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