Proven Steps to make money in us as international students

Proven Steps to make money in us as international students 2022

Proven Steps to make money in us as international students

How I make money in us as a college student

How I make money in us as a college student, no youtube no social media following no day trading no drop shipping so i make about 3 800 a month this is kind of a conservative estimate because it does vary a little bit due to my other streams of income such as youtube but it doesn’t really affect the number too much but it does range from around thirty-seven hundred to four thousand dollars.

I’m 20 years old student at UChicago the first source of income is obviously youtube i average around 200 a month uh from passive income mainly with around like 13 000 subscribers and currently I believe 80 videos up there was one month where it particularly was more because I have one particular video blew up in total got me around 400.

so that particular month it was a spike but I didn’t calculate that into this budget and then the next thing is uh cryptocurrency and nfts so again this is a massive variable number but during my gap year, for example, I made about I think seven thousand dollars six thousand seven thousand dollars in total from cryptocurrency.

so my gap year during that time period is around six months so if you average it out it’s about a thousand per month but again I don’t really take that into account so the main way I make money is from teaching tuition and let me just clarify a few things one this tuition occurs entirely online I teach in groups of three.

so it’s me versus three other students um in an online format mostly i share my screen and kind of tutor mainly focus on English literature high school writing literary writing I do some past sat courses sometimes very rarely so every week I work on average eight hours to nine hours in actual tuition time and then for pre-planning and classes it’s an additional maybe two hours.

Working Hours

so in total, I work around eight to ten hours a week my target age audience is like the great audience started from around sixth grade to seventh grade um and then i quickly expanded to all the way from sixth grade to currently ninth grade or sometimes even tenth grade i’ve talked before and my majority of like students are focused around eighth and ninth grade.

so like high school or like early high school going into high school students so for my high school specifically there is a different like grading system for classes so, for example, English is split up into non-native and native and then within native, you have like standard plus honors and honors plus.

so what I had going for me is I’ve been in honors plus classes basically my entire life in this school so for about seven years so I didn’t know what the most difficult material would look like so at the beginning my target audience were either people who were struggling in these honors plus classes or kids who were in honors who wanted to go to honors plus.

who you know they need to take the whole test and improve your grades to be upgraded by a class so my teaching method is very straightforward it’s you tell me what results in you want I will devise a plan to get you there and I have very specific milestones that I will create after I’ve assessed a student’s growth.

so i will ask for past essays past like testing past uh writings whatever and then I will give them my personal score and then i’ll also take their like school grades into account so this is my price breakdown as of right now after three years of working in this field so i definitely did not start off with this number but this is where I am now I’ll report the numbers in r b because that is how these kids pay me.

Teacher Earning

um and then I will report the total number in USD on the screen as well so each person pays me 250 RMB per hour I teach three kids per class so each time set by three I teach seven to eight classes a week so that’s eight times 750 which is around 6000 RMB counting one month is having like 4.5 ish weeks for example then that would be 25 000 RMB per month which would total to 3848.88 USD according to like today’s exchange rate this money is my personal savings.

um, I save at least 40 of this money for the past few years and the rest of it goes uh partially into my rent but I cover my living expenses purely from youtube and some other freelance side jobs that I do like my redrawing and do some photography um as well as like interest on some of my investments that’s it so I don’t live off of this money I don’t count it into my living expenses other than rent and utilities.

which are like the big one so I first got started when I was in high school I had a brother who is four years younger than me and it kind of started off as my kind of tutoring him naturally during my junior year of high school so when i was an ib student and at the time his friends came over one day to our house and they were prepping for a debate competition.

Debate Session

so I was just like I do debate like I did debate and I was decently good at it so I’ll just give you some pointers so I sat there and it turned from like one-hour session to like a three-hour session and then they were coming to my house regularly and then one time my brother was like oh some of my other friends want to join in on your session too and I was just like okay well this is becoming kind of a project.

so I talked to my mom and she was like you know what why don’t we pick some sort of subject that you’re good at or you’re interested in and you just you know should start doing like start tutoring jake and his friends that’s basically how it started it really started to take off i started to take more students um around senior Europe high school.

so this was after I’d already gotten into UChicago so the only thing i had to worry about was ib classes so I had a lot of free time on my hands essentially decided to start you know going to school staying after school a little bit more to tutor these like kids one-on-one so in the beginning, it was kind of disorganized I just kind of asked my brother’s friends like.

if anyone is interested I just charged them a really low rate um lower than u.s minimum wage actually at the time but it was more for because I just wanna experience and also because it was super fun for me I really love English writing in general I mean I’m writing a book at that time I only took around seven to eight students in total and it was more like one-on-one sessions but I quickly realized that I didn’t like one-on-one one because it was too much dependent on this individual student and second of all each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Student Improvement

i feel can be more easily expedited like their improvement can be easily expedited by having other students in the same group right it’s like i think some people just study better when there’s another person similar in grade similar level maybe better or worse than some other things and when you put them together you teach them together they kind of like rub off each other.

they get more energized it becomes like a friendly competition it’s just i think a group environment was better so I mentioned that my growth particularly happened the summer before college and as the latter half of my senior year in high school and the reason for that is because it was near finals time.

so it was like the big test that kind of showed like my students improvement and to my like really like it was amazing but to my surprise, a lot of my students either succeeded in like going up by a grade so like the honors students went to honors plus the standard plus students went to honors or they had like gotten the highest uh final scores they had ever received and so we got an overwhelming amount of like positive comments from the parents of these children and they were just really happy in general.

Group Chats

if you didn’t know there are a lot of like reach out group chats featuring just like parents and so these parents were sharing like oh my god my daughter son got amazing grades this time um and it’s all thanks to like Chloe so all of a sudden I had a lot of business and i really needed to figure out what my limits were um and I kind of mentioned this in that gap year q a video but that’s why the summer before college.

i just worked a lot because i just kind of wanted to figure out what was comfortable for me what was too much what was manageable and all of that and this is also the time where i started devising my lesson plans so i will put a sample of my lesson plan here so i teach text by text.

which means i will select texts either based on your curriculum in school or just stuff that i like and i think you will benefit off of and then i will teach you everything from like analysis to reading to comprehension and then ultimately to outlining writing and planning and editing right so this is kind of like my process.


um so what ended up happening was I settled with around five to six groups of three each that I wanted to take with me when I started college and so that’s exactly what I did the time schedule was really painful because throughout college because of the time difference obviously, it’s like a 13 hour time difference I can only teach them either their weekday nights.

so my weekday mornings or their weekend mornings aka my weekend nights both of those options were kind of detrimental to like a first-year college student right because like it’s either of one like wake up at seven a.m every day or number two your Friday nights and Saturday nights were just gone so for me I had to make a lot of like sacrifices in order to keep up my streak but I really didn’t want to stop teaching.

so I decided to stick with the morning method so multiple days a week when I had to wake up at seven even though my earliest class was at 10 a.m I had to wake up at seven get my lesson plan ready get my tutoring ready review all the notes I take taken for each student and then teach them for an hour and then move on to the next student teaching for an hour.

so it’d be like seven to eight and then eight to nine am and I would rest for an hour and then my class will start at 10. so right now I’ve kind of changed the schedule to make it their weekend mornings aka my weekend night so basically Friday and Saturday from 8 pm to like past midnight I’m not available at all that’s the sacrifice I have to make for this.

Teaching Job

which I don’t even view as a sacrifice because I genuinely enjoy teaching so much I have scaled down my operation actually I’m sticking to my seven to eight classes a week and I’m not currently taking newer students however I do this system where I graduate students out of my cycle so when I think your writing is at a level where I think you can get like a’s for the rest of high school because that happened before i would just be like you don’t have to come to this class anymore.

which is kind of ironic for me to say because of course you know you want them to keep paying you but for me, it’s more about doing good work for the students and seeing their improvement and I become so proud of these kids so sometimes I’ll just be like you don’t need to come to this class anymore so we can either continue on a different path where I just teach you like sometimes like college-level stuff.

where we just read like cooler more difficult texts or you can use this time for something else sometimes they choose to stay on sometimes they do take my advice and graduate in which case then i’ll go scout out potential new students which usually i have like a waiting list so I’ll just like pick a couple of students from there and be like hey do you guys have time around this time slot.

if you do this is my process I’ll give them the whole spiel that I just gave to you guys and the last one is how you can use this as a method so I do want to emphasize that these kids are in shanghai and what this means is that education as a whole is a very like a vastly different industry than in the united states or I believe in any other western country like the baseline for.

how many people charge for tuition education sap prep college prep even sorry that’s my cat again um the baseline for how much they charge is just much higher like I’m not extorting any of these people I charge like the industry average if not lower than the industry average I definitely started off as very low on the spectrum and then now I’m kind of like at the industry average for college apps for sat prep this amount that I just stated can go up by like five-folds and I know some college people.


who is like you know like they’re like working people but they have like college agencies who no lie make like 70 000 us dollars from one student like one student my personal opinion on that is that that’s too much and you shouldn’t be paying that amount for anything but for Chinese parents who really want these kids to do well I can kind of see?

why they would do that but I really don’t want to be on that end of the spectrum which is why I’ve stayed away from past sat college stuff and i focused mainly on English writing and literature so for you you didn’t study in china um and you don’t have access to this market or you don’t really want to I think just as a general rule tutoring is just a really solid method for earning some extra income at your leisure.

it’s not really like a minimum wage job where you have to work like a nine to five um but it does have some requirements right like you need to have some sort of like experience or testimonials or some sort of background now and of course, you have to be like good at whatever subject it is that you’re teaching so there are some innate requirements but I personally think that.

if you’re a good student you study well you did well in high school this is definitely something you should go into i wouldn’t recommend this as a full-time job for anybody because it’s a little bit too volatile for my taste going on like Fiverr um just to kind of test the waters i think is a great idea you should charge very low prices to get people to hire you and then just see how it is like tutoring people online..

because it is a weird process you have to get used to but I would suggest you try that out first at like yes like lowballing yourself but you’re doing it for the experience just a little bit so do that and after you kind of figure out your teaching style and the niche you can either one look to your high school and offer to teach kids of like a lower grade in a specific subject or two find agencies.

but just a word of caution please don’t be on the side that kind of cheats people out of their money by not putting a lot of effort into their classes and that’s kind of the thing I wanted to end with it’s like every time I tell people that this is the amount of money I make this is the students I teach um they immediately assume that you’re like cheating Chinese kids out of their money.

but if you’ve seen me teach you to know that this is not an easy process I’ve done this every single week for multiple hours for two and a half to three years which is actually more than I can say for any other thing I’ve done regularly in my life and i think consistency is something that people don’t really think about when they think about how hard it is to do something I think that applies to like youtube or twitch and stuff like that too.

so over the past couple of months really I’ve been looking over my career trying to reflect and I came across this video file from a conversation that I had with the Omani student association at the University of Kentucky in January of 2019 they reached out to me to talk to them as a mentor to tell them about my story and what advice I had for them given where we are in the world I.

thought it would be a great opportunity for us to share this presentation with others that are studying internationally actually an international student it’s about my experience being an international student navigating the system the things that I learned the mistakes that I’ve made my goal is to always give back and help develop the future labor force and this is an opportunity for me to share with them.

a presentation that happened between a small group of individuals in Lexington Kentucky on a cold winter night of January 2019. if you have an international student or Armani student studying internationally share this with them hopefully they could learn from my mistakes and my successes it is our role as individuals that have gone through the system to tell the story of how we got there in today’s world.

most of the youth think that success happens and the failure does not happen we need to make that transparent we need to show them how we navigated the system so Armani students if you’re watching this enjoy it reach out to me my role is to help you especially if you’re in the united states I can provide assistance to the Armani student association Lexington Kentucky at the University of Kentucky go wildcats thank you so much for inviting me.

Economic Education

today we welcome UK alumnus dr Abdullah he’s the director of the center for economic education an associate professor of economics at northern Kentucky university and Ku he received his Ph.D. from the UK in 2010 and his research focuses on financial literacy education and financial behavior dr al Bahrani is native of Ramon and his passionate and mentor and mentoring international students as they achieve academic success dr Abdullah we’re very proud of you and honored to have you here to discuss your experiences and your story thank you.

thank you so much for that introduction thank you everybody for being here today um I’m proud to be here today as well uh one of my um one of the things that I’ve always wanted to do is be able to mentor and influence the future generations uh how many people are from Vermont here okay so today’s goal is to tell you what my story is what my international story is and unfortunately.

when we talk about international students we lump them all together as if we all have the same experience my experience is extremely different from anybody else’s here so what I’m going to do today is I’m going to tell you my stories and hopefully something resonates with you not everything’s going to make sense to you or apply to your personal lives but I hope that when you walk out of here there’s at least one thing that you take with you okay so today’s about me we get to talk about me and the things that I’ve accomplished and the failures.


that I’ve faced we often don’t talk about mistakes right but I didn’t get here without making any mistakes so maybe you learn from my achievements and you’ll learn from my mistakes I would like to keep the dialogue going okay I know we have about 45 minutes at an hour today you can reach to me via Twitter or Instagram use the formal way of communicating.

if you like through my email address and I’ll have this up at the end so what’s my story the first thing that people ask me is who are you because the truth is I don’t fit in a typical box but then they hear my accent they’re like oh this guy sounds like he’s from Kentucky what’s going on it’s confusing but the beauty of that is I get to define what my identity is I get to tell you today the way you get to see me or the way I want you to see me.

so the first thing that I define myself with is associate professor of economics as we know that is always part of your identity no matter where you go that will always be part of you and yes a lot of cultures a lot of nationalities have that pride as well but in oman I think it’s because of how small our population is how we know each other we know each other’s families that’s always ingrained in us but not only is it about the nationality the reason being is important to me is because of a story or a line that my mom told me when I was 16.

Education System

the lady there is my mother doctor and my mother won I was 13 got a scholarship from the state department in the united states to come do her Ph.D. at the University of Louisville so she picked my brother and I was 13 my brother was 11 and said you know what we’re going to google Kentucky so I can further my education and as Armani’s we know that the education system is an important aspect of who we are so we get here and luckily my mother graduates in three years.

so she does her Ph.D. in three years that means she graduates when I’m 16 which is a great thing but it’s a horrible thing for me because for three years I’ve been studying our system I came here as a ninth-grader I didn’t have any Arabic studies or Islamic studies if you go back to Amman for your 12th grade year you’re repeating years.

so we had to make a decision and the decision that we made is Abdullah instead of doing 11th grade you’re going to do 11th and 12th grade at the same time so I started school at the University of Louisville as a 16-year old that isn’t a problem there’s a lot of people that start school as a 16-year-old but my brother alm who was 14 said Abdullah you can’t stay here by yourself I want to repeat classes I want to stay here with you so here’s a 16-year old that’s starting as a freshman that has a 14-year-old brother that’s living with him.

so this is not an experience that any of you have this is unique to me yes we had a guardian that we reported to we lived in the same apartment complex but now was my responsibility every morning I woke up in the morning I took him to his high school I left his high school at 7 30 8 o’clock in the morning and I went to campus so that means that meant I had to I couldn’t schedule any classes.

Undergraduate Experience

I wanted that also meant at 2 30 when our um was leaving school I had to go pick him up and then I had to drop him off home and then go back to the evening classes I had to manage the bills I had to manage his insurance and all the stuff that associated with it.

so my undergraduate experience is totally different and I don’t expect anybody to understand that but that experience, shaped my future so we talk about me wanting to mentor why where does that originate from maybe it has something to do with that experience with my brother that I grew up thinking that way.

so when my mom left us when I was 16 years old first of all this is an extremely difficult decision for a mother to make my father too was part of this decision making to leave your 16 and 14-year-old and leave because you trust them so much he trusts the value of education and the hopes that they will be successful that day that she left I remember admittedly she sat my brother and I down and she gave us all the advice that mothers gave their children but there’s one thing that was a little bit different.

she said Abdullah you’re an ambassador of Ramadan make us proud so that’s why dean Armani is so important to me because every day when I walk and I talk I have this belief that I’m representing every member of the Armani culture every Armani national so when I see that our body is here I am proud because I am holding my promise to my mom so that’s the Armani aspect of me but I’m also a researcher I love thinking I love solving problems.

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um, I’m an educator I teach students all the time but most importantly the capacity that I’m here today is to be a mentor so I ask that you allow me to be a mentor so now that you you know where we’re at and the fact that you’re here how are we going to mentor you well the first thing that mentor does is they give prep and I want to acknowledge everything that you have gone through to get to here today nobody recognizes the difficulties international students face to get to hear you got accepted to the University of Kentucky.

one of the best institutions I might be biased I graduated from here but I totally believe it but before you got accepted to the University of Kentucky you probably filled out scholarships how many of you are on scholarships from back home getting scholarships is not easy trust me I tried to get a scholarship from my mind I didn’t get one.

Learn new Languages

so you’re already ahead of me the other thing you did is you left everything that you know because you wanted to educate yourself you got on a plane some of us had to learn a new language when we got here you definitely had to learn a new culture a blue nation has its own language but you know what I meant when I said big blue nation, not anybody else knows that you had to fight homesickness on a daily basis I know that I fight it till today that smell of musk up in the morning.

you can’t take that from somebody’s senses every day you fight it and you have to fight social perspectives you have to fight that perspective that yes I do belong here especially in our current political system we have to talk about that how do we belong so I congratulate you for being here today I congratulate you for everything that you’re doing to further your education.

so with that said you’re here what do you do now so you made it to college at the University of Kentucky the way I see is you have three options from here the first option is to get your undergraduate degree and you return home which is what most international students do the other option is you get your undergraduate degree and you decide to work at your opt h-1b visa.

wherever it is but you stay here to get that experience which is the option that’s available to you and then finally the other option that I see is you get your undergraduate degree and you enroll into graduate school and those are the three options so the truth is I’m gonna tell you the secret that to succeed in any of these three things it’s the same process there’s only one method and we’re going to talk about the details of that but the punchline is you have to do more than just go to class and focus on your GPA and that’s the reason that we’re having today’s talk.

is how do you navigate undergraduate education and get the most of it I know some of you are seniors but there’s still things that you can do to get the most out of this experience so I can’t tell you what to do if I don’t tell you how I have failed in the past so you know that I started the University of Louisville.

when I was 16 I had you know a family pressure that I had to handle I started off as a chemical engineer major and that’s my background and the reason I picked chemical engineers because if you’re in Vermont you’re either a doctor or engineer so we all that’s what we were fed and most importantly I was great at that at least that’s what I was told I don’t know but people said you’re very good now I said all right great.

so if you’re great at math and you want to make money engineer you want a job that online you become an engineer that’s it so which engineering chemical engineering because of all the petrol and the gas in our mind and that’s what I did um I applied to get a scholarship from my mom but they’re like you know you graduated from American African American high school this doesn’t apply for you this is for people that graduated from Rahmani schools.

I was like okay I went out and at that time there was a company in Oman giving private loans to students that would uh proceed to succeed so they would fund you but they didn’t fund you directly they funded you the same way everybody that has a scholarship would be funded and that’s they would give the money to the cultural attache and then I would have to do everything that scholarship students did which is what at the end of every semester you send your transcript.

if you don’t send your transcript on time you don’t get your money so I I I faced all of those issues but because I was working with the cultural attache I had another restriction and this restriction I think might be international but it’s I know uh it applies for Omani students if you want to change your major you can’t.

so three years into my degree I’m like you know what felt like a failure didn’t know what I was doing I was not passionate I took that econ class I was like I love this I need to change my major to economics can’t do that so what am I going to do I don’t advise you to do this if you’re from oman i just unofficially changed my major.

I started taking classes in economics and I stopped taking technical engineering majors major classes and I filled out the whole paperwork and right before I was going to graduate I declared my econ major and I sent that letter to the cultural attachment like what’s happening I was like I’m graduating and that’s how I become I became an econ major but I had to face that.

so I did a five-year program undergraduate at the University of Louisville three years in chemical engineering in the last two years in economics and when I changed my major my life changed and what changes now is I am allowed to do what I’m passionate about well I chose to do what I was passionate about so as far as my degree I completed it but there’s a lot of mistakes that I made too and I think some of these mistakes are universal for our undergraduate students.

it’s not just an international student issue I advise students at northern Kentucky this is a common lack of involvement so when I was at the University of wu I showed up to class and I left that’s what school was before right no I tell my students today that 80 of what you learn actually happens outside of the classroom twenty percent of it happens in the classroom so the other eighty percent happen in situations like this.

where we’re sharing dialogue or talking to each other so you need to put yourself in more environments and i know the advising center over here has a lot of events so the requirement or the expectation was to attend three events make an a what do you have to do at 6 30 on a Thursday nothing that’s where you learn you share ideas and you’re part of the dialogue process uh.

so I focus only on grades and that’s typical in today’s society because we are great we are gpa driven but the truth is if somebody walks in with a 3.9 and they can’t tell me anything else other than what theories they learn in the class whereas somebody that comes in at 3.5 with a lot of experiential learning I will always pick the 3.5 and I say this from experience because I hired people I hired recent graduates and we’re going to talk about my work experience in a minute I will pass up on the GPA, yes GPAs aren’t great but I’m saying on the margin do something else.

so lack of experiences lack of communication and this is really important I think this is more of an international student concern we don’t want to burden our professors at least in Amman we were brought up that their teacher is on a pedestal you keep them on a pedestal you don’t respect them you don’t take their time so what that does is when you come to college you don’t go ask your teacher for help you don’t go ask your teacher about what they do outside of the classroom.

we are individuals we have our own experiences so what ends up happening is when I came to the point where I wanted to apply for graduate school I didn’t have references like the writers because I stayed to myself and I didn’t want to burden that professor by telling them what I’m passionate about.

so go out see them now that I’m on the other side I’m like if the student comes talks to me I love it and I’m like why did I not know this back then so don’t underutilizing your professors they’re here talk to them so after I did the undergraduate degree I did my master’s at American university that’s actually where both my parents did their masters my father in economics and my mother in English as a second language.

why did I pick American university because that’s where my parents went I didn’t have any advice because I didn’t talk to professors American university is a great place but I literally applied to two schools my advice today for my students to apply to ten schools at the minimum ten schools assuming that you could afford the registration fees those are expensive and that’s something to also budget for so in 2002 in May.

I graduated with my undergraduate in June I started my master’s degree and I did it in one academic year by August 2003 I had a masters in economic theory I didn’t know what to do with my life so I go to Ramon the other reason I picked American university is that I wanted to be in Washington dc close to the world bank because ultimately that’s where I wanted to end up working I eventually got a job in the mortgage business.

they said you know what during the housing boom we need people to sell mortgages in 2006 in march I got my acceptance letter to the University of Kentucky and I figured out what I was going to do for the next four to five years so I worked until May of 2006 and if you know anything about the mortgage business.

that’s when the mortgage business will start to go down and I like to tell people that I forecast the downturn of the economy and that’s why I left in may but in reality, the reason I left in may be because the world cup was starting and I wanted to watch the world cup so I left it was actually June in July I moved down here to Lexington by august we started I started the Ph.D. program I finished my Ph.D. programming uh four years here again best time of my life.

so today what do I do today I’m an associate professor of economics that means I teach economics and I also do research in economics um my research is focused on financial behaviors actually household finance is what’s called why do people make the decisions they make with respect to their money okay so this research is actually influenced by my experience in the mortgage business.

because I didn’t understand the things people were doing with their money and I didn’t understand that why different people in different states had different behaviors so what does state policy have to do with it and so I asked those questions my research also is focused on some of the things that are happening online today like the labor market, okay so I stay in touch with Ramon through that at northern Kentucky my focus is the student experience.

the way I view my role is if you are a student of mine I need to figure out what your goals are in life and I need to facilitate that and if you don’t know what your goals are that’s fine let’s talk about what do you like what do you not like so my role as a professor is to help guide you so what’s my advice to you this is why you’re here right first of all my advice is think macro a lot of my students are focused on one thing and that thing is what job could I do and I’m gonna tell you this.

if you’re focusing on the job then you’re always going to be behind because our economy is always changing we’re actually starting to move more towards a gig economy so with the gig economy your question should be what problem do I want to solve in society or where is a problem in society once you figure out where the problem is then you figure out what is my contribution here how am I going to participate in this.

if you are worried about Armani uh youth unemployment that’s the problem how do you solve that problem what is your role going to be we have a lot of people that identify the problem but they don’t want to be part of the solution and what they say is I just want a job right we all want a job that’s the problem but problem solvers are going to be our future and to identify what the problems are you need to know.

what the problems are and the way to figure out what the problems are is you attend dialogues like this join the economic society great organization on campus doing great things as dr Patel is a good friend of mine he went to grad school here and we still work together on projects with helping students navigate the world of econ work on research with a faculty member remember.

when we said talk to talk to the professors I’ll tell you a secret if you walk into a professor’s office and say dr Patel I’ll pick on him today that’s what he does for me and my friend dr Patel can you tell me what your research is about that’s it conversation’s done he’s going to talk for 30 45 minutes because professors love to talk about what they do and then what you could do.

when you end that conversation is dr Patel this is assuming that you’re interested in it don’t lie about it right dr Patel this is really interesting is there any room for an undergraduate student to be part of this research tell us your answer usually there’s always a possibility and now you just navigated to this undergraduate research place that a lot of people don’t take advantage of I have four students currently working on research under my supervision we’re probably gonna co-author papers together.

what did it take it came to my office I said you know we’re kind of interested in financial literacy there are more i could read about it i was like yes read all my papers and then come back to me and tell me what you thought some students never come back but the students that come back and find a way to work together so the other limitation that you’re going to have is there are limitations with work here in the united states for international students.

so how do you navigate around that well the on-campus work is available to you up to 20 hours uh ras resident assistants at halls always need it you get free housing yes it’s uncomfortable because you have to take care of other people you have to weigh the cost and the benefits what do you want to experience right um and then fellowships there’s a lot of fellowships work over the summer that you could do or work that’s going to support your research most importantly I don’t know about you but when I was in college as an undergraduate this was my pattern.

I started the semester I would take my 16 weeks of classes and the day I submitted my final before the grade was posted I was already on a flight to Ramon first quiet out and I got to and I spent time with family and I said yeah like I get to relax I work so hard right and then the spring semester I would do the same thing and then I’d go back to a month for three months I worked.

so hard I get to relax I’ll go to the beach swim go to grandma’s house kick it with the family that’s three weeks or 30 months that you could have been doing something you don’t have to spend the whole three months doing something you could go on a study abroad so the study abroad over here is how many weeks just 24 days.

how many hours do you get credit hours four credit hours and you get to experience a part of the world you get to experience um working with other people but most importantly that’s what employers are looking for you can talk about that international experience yes all of us are international students no you’re students in America international students means that you can expose yourself to more international experiences.

so you do this you get the experience and then you get the rest of the summer off things that I wish I would have done one of the value-added here and I’ve had the privilege of working with your advisors as we plan we plan this uh this program you have amazing advisors that really care about you okay so reach out to them they don’t know how to help you.

if you don’t tell them where your struggles are okay and say that you have struggled is nothing to be ashamed of okay because none of us haven’t fully figured out so tell them how to support you best now finally reach out to me I might not have all the answers, okay your experiences might be very different than my experiences.

but what I can do is I can help you navigate I can find the answers for you or direct you to who might have the answer most important thing that I tell my students is to communicate tell people what you need because if you don’t tell us what you need then we assume everything’s fine that might be a bad assumption but that’s how we operate so once again social media or via email will work.

so the last final tip is to build your brand that’s it that’s how you see success in all of these opportunities and building your brand is by taking advantage of experiences and being able to talk about them what makes you who are you that’s all I have right now questions all right so if you’ve made it this far you’ve got you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve heard my story you’ve heard about my successes and my failures.

if you’re a student once again in the united states or an Armani student trying to navigate the next steps of your life reach out to allow me to be a mentor and advise you I see it as my role so thank you to make sure to share this subscribe for more content leave a comment telling me what you enjoyed about the story so I can make sure that I continue to provide content that is uh important and well received by you.

all right let’s be real college life could have you on a serious budget but don’t you worry because in this video I’m gonna show you how you can earn money online while you’re in college so stay tuned hello my friend I want to show you .you you you some ways that you can earn money online if you’re in college and you really don’t have the time for a full-time job or a part-time job every little bit that you can do to earn some money on the side.

while going to school is going to help but before we get into it if you are new here and you like videos about making money online working from home and entrepreneurship go ahead so without any further ado let’s get right into the content alright so the first website is going to be called mind sumo alright and basically mine sumo you have to have very large companies and some small company also on here that come here and they need some ideas from people like you.

I’m gonna give you the scenario and then they’re gonna see if you can solve the problems you just have to submit the problems and you can win some big money with this as well here on the home page of mine sumo it’s mine sumo calm they have four companies and therefore solvers what you want to focus on is being a solver.

if you come down here you’re gonna see a lot of the company’s very well-known companies that they work with okay the company will post-challenge the solvers submit ideas and then the company rates the ideas and then 50% of the solvers will win cash so here we go to give you some examples sometimes they’ll be anonymous and sometimes they’re not anonymous okay so you can go ahead and scroll through these as you can see this one is sixteen hundred dollars and the top ten are going to share that so that’s pretty much how it works and for this one.

if if the top 50% will share sixteen hundred dollars alright so I clicked on this one this one’s already been done but I just want to give you an example of what is expected of you okay so over here the company will post about the challenge and what they want from you and also over here they’ll tell you that the top five will earn sixteen hundred dollars, okay there have been 40 submissions and only five people out of the 40.

so that’s really not a lot of competition for this okay and over here it’ll tell you the deliverables so you always want to check out the deliverables this is pretty much everything they want from your idea so make sure that you’re very thorough and over here they’ll tell you that the submissions will be graded on the following criteria and creativity clarity manufacturability and then meets deliverables and the deliverables are right here on this page these are the actual people that one actually.

so this is how they broke it down the top to share $1000 so these two people won $500 each and then the next three will share $600 so 200 200 200 okay and then down here is where you submit all of your information and your solution alright so that’s pretty much how it works I just wanted to go through one that was already done.

so you have an idea of what they won okay alright so if you scroll all the way to the bottom you go to the solver’s section and they have a couple of testimonials from people that actually do this but if you come down here to the frequently asked questions and over here the basics who can sign up for mine sumo anybody can create an account on mine signal with a valid email.

if you’re a student please use your school email so that we can direct your school-specific challenges to you the cool thing about this website it used to be only for college students now they have opened it to the public and it is worldwide okay so most of these questions are going to be directed towards students but you don’t have a student okay.

so can international students during mine sumo, yes my sumo is now open to everybody and actually they address that right here I’m not a student can I still use it absolutely our challenges most likely be directed towards college students and recent graduates it doesn’t matter if you’re a college student or not.

if you can solve these problems these companies will pay you okay all right so how do I receive and redeem prize money my sumo has an integrated payment system through PayPal in order to cash out go to your earnings page and click cash out now you will be prompted to connect your PayPal account if you haven’t already the cash out has to be manually approved by my sumo which usually takes three to five business days.

if we notice fraudulent activity or PayPal returns an error we will decline the cash out request and notify you of the issue once cleared you can attempt to cash out again alright so you do have to have a PayPal account for this one all right so this one is called mine sumo dot-com the next one is called InnoCentive dot-com this is also an open marketplace for companies to come over here and launch.

what they call challenges and with these challenges they actually want you to come up with solutions for them okay and you’re going to be one of the people with sauce challenges so if your mind see solutions everywhere challenge yourself to change the world work to solve important problems for the world’s leading organizations and earn cash rewards and the professional recognition you richly deserve.

now I’m just gonna tell you right now you guys that this actual website is more advanced and the problems that you’d be solving would be very impactful actually globally so these are gonna be more advanced so if you are just a very smart person a student or you find something on this website that really interests you.

if you’re just sitting in science and climate change and have great ideas for this type of thing then go ahead and sign up for this one however the rewards are huge and the competition is less okay so you can earn $20,000 $18,000 it’s crazy the amount of money that they will pay you for your idea if it’s really good okay this is how it works for a solver you’re gonna have to click solver over here instead of seeker you sign up and complete your solar profile and then you’re going to review the descriptions of all open challenges in our challenge Center.

and you submit the proposed solution you’ve developed for a specific challenge and then you see a few ones so cash awards for your solutions that are accepted by the seeker organization okay you come down here watch the little video they tell you how everything works you can go ahead and take a look at their best practices they have some tips for writing a winning solution they have habits of winning solvers.

the importance of solution requirements is okay so they have a lot of helpful training already on this website these are just some examples alright so for example here’s one on innovative sustainable soil remediation methods okay there are 170 active solvers for this is something you know about and this is under chemistry engineering design.

so you can go ahead and check the tags and see if it’s something you’re good at and if you feel really confident about this possibly win $20,000 so this is a high-paying one but of course, it is not for everybody I could never solve any of these challenges and you just click on register and then you put in all of your information on here but I wanted to bring this one to you anyway because I believe in you okay.

so this one is InnoCentive dot-com another way for you to make money while you’re a college student is from your phone in a really good way is by reselling now there are a few apps that I’ll show you where you can start reselling things you can buy things at a low price and then you can resell them at a higher price a lot of people actually make money doing this okay and this app is called mark re you can come over here to the website to check out exactly how everything works you can go ahead and list a number of things.

if you don’t have something to sell right now you can always go to a store like Ross or Burlington and get some name brands that are very low priced and then come to a site like Merck re and resell them and this is not the only website that you can do this with so I’m gonna show you a couple more but this one is Merck re.

if you take a look through here this sugar canister is going for $30 and there are people on the internet that will buy this stuff okay because they really like it or sometimes it goes with a theme that they actually have in their kitchen so this is called Merck re right so this is Grails and you can use the Grail app and this is a men’s designer and streetwear marketplace okay.

so you’ll be putting up men’s clothing streetwear or designer you can sell Nike sneakers if you have any of those at home that you want to get rid of you can sell really trendy stuff like this some of this stuff is selling for a lot of money and I’m gonna tell you where you can find some of this stuff and just put up here and resell it okay.

so most of these are Nike sneakers and I can tell that some of these have been used before and they’re going for a lot of money all right these are Adidas they’re selling for 400 bucks okay you guys these are used sneakers that are selling for $65 anyway I’m gonna show you what you can do with this.

if you have a Ross by you you can find so many things on there or Nike sneakers there are Adidas sneakers there are converse you have a bunch of things from there that you can sell there’s Calvin Klein you do have to search for the good stuff with the good prices but this store has some really good prices and I suggest you check it out go over to the Grails app and put your Nike sneakers that you bought from Ross up there for a higher.

so that you can actually make some money with this alright and I’m moving on to the next website so this is the deep up app okay so basically you buy sell and discover fashion for the most inspiring community of creatives in the world this is more for vintage clothing, okay and I’m gonna give you a tip on how to make money with this as well you can earn a lot of money.

All alright, I’m gonna give you an example of the stuff that is selling on here okay so this is all vintage clothing and you can get vintage clothing for very very cheap put it up on Dee pop this is actually a community it’s kind of like an Instagram because you get followers and stuff like that okay.

so you have people following you and you but you’re posting your clothes on here and when they buy from you you get paid via PayPal if you have goodwill close to you if you have a thrift store close to you you can pick up items from there for very cheap and then sell them on here for a higher price I mean there’s stuff selling for sixty-six dollars over here these bands some things are selling for $30 $40 or even more than that okay.

so this is deep pop and that’s how you can make money with this alright and the app is available on the App Store and on Google Play if we check out the reviews on here they have a four-point eight rating which is really awesome and some tips on how to actually get your stuff sold on here people say they make the most sales if they actually wear the item that they’re selling so try to wear what you’re selling and take a photo of it this is deep pop and this is the deep pop app I hope you found it helpful don’t forget to subscribe for more content like this.

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