Top 7 Proven Ways to Make Money Online in united states from Home

Top 7 Proven Ways to Make Money Online in united states from Home 2022

Top 7 Proven Ways to Make Money Online in united states from Home

Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online in the united states from Home


Make Money Online in the united states from Home Making money online is a dream for many. It’s an opportunity to be your own boss, work from home, and potentially make more than you would at a traditional 9-to-5 job. But before you quit your job for the comforts.


Before you quit your job to make money online, it’s important to know that there’s no such thing as easy money. Work on building your skills and experience first.


Making money online is a dream for many. It’s an opportunity to be your own boss and work from home, but before you quit your job for the comforts of your couch, it’s important to know that there’s no such thing as easy.

Making money online is a dream for many, but it’s important to know that there’s no such thing as easy money. Before you quit your 9-to-5 job, keep in mind that it takes time and commitment to make money online.

There are many ways to earn money online. Some of them are more complicated than others. After all, the goal is to make money, so it should be simple, right? Well, for some methods, you need a lot of time and effort to get paid.


Others might not even work. The most valuable way of making money online in the united states is blogging. Not just any blog will suffice, though; you need a blog that does well in search engines and has an audience that likes your content.

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It’s also important to post regularly- at least once or twice per week and update with fresh content regularly.

There are many ways to make money online, and deciding which option is right for you can be a difficult process. Different jobs require different skills and abilities. There are also certain tasks that people generally find more enjoyable or interesting than others.

However, there are some online jobs that don’t require prior experience. You might have heard about these opportunities before but didn’t know how to start making money online.


In this article, we’ll cover the basics of some of the most popular internet jobs, as well as some alternatives you may not have thought about before

Making money online is a great way to start earning an income from home. And it’s not as hard as you might think. Making money online in the united states is easier than in other countries because you can take advantage of the many different opportunities that are available to you.

Whether you want an easy home-based job or a more challenging work-from-home job, there are plenty of ways to make money online in the united states. You just need to know where and how to look for them.


This article will provide you with some helpful tips on how to earn money online in the united states from the comfort of your home! If you think that it is difficult to make money from home, then you probably haven’t tried these ways. With the right techniques and skills, there are plenty of ways to earn money online in the united states.


Here, are some sure-fire methods for earning a steady income from the comfort of your own home.

Making money online is a dream for many. It’s an opportunity to be your own boss, work from home, and potentially make more than you would at a traditional 9-to-5 job. But before you quit your job for the comforts of your couch,


it’s important to know that there’s no such thing as easy money. This article will teach you how to set up a successful business, find valuable clients, and earn money online from home in the united states.


Affiliate Marketing and Facebook Marketing. Online usability testing job. Micro/part-time job sites. Simply Click Photos and get paid. Instagram marketing job. Teaching your native language. Making Chatbots. Joining Q&A websites.


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a very popular way to earn money from home. People who know nothing about the online marketing world are happy to get started earning money from home. In fact, many people start the entire journey by promoting.


Affiliate marketing from home before they decide to take the plunge. Some people don’t even need any knowledge about the online marketing world. All they need to do is to sign up to as many affiliate marketing sites as they can.


In such cases, people should never feel bad about not understanding the nuances of online marketing.

The affiliate marketing process is one of the simplest ways to make money online. It involves people advertising products for the sale of profit. The commission earned on every sale is the amount of profit earned.


Some people start their affiliate marketing careers at the very first opportunity, starting from blogs or small e-commerce websites. However, a long and successful journey requires the person to learn skills like advertising, marketing,


how to promote products on social media and in an old-fashioned way, like word of mouth or mail.


There are many ways to start making money from affiliate marketing, such as reaping commissions by signing up for other affiliates, blogging, joining affiliate marketing online in the united states.


Affiliate marketing is the process of making money by connecting your site to other websites which serve up advertisements to people on those sites. This business model is very similar to that of advertising, but instead of paying you to advertise for them,


these companies pay you to advertise for them. They pay you a certain percentage of the advertising profits for each click that someone makes on their ads, whether it’s on their site or another site.


If you’re not already selling something on your site, affiliate marketing might be a good way to find it. Clicking on an affiliate link might lead to a sale on your site, or maybe the company will even make you a representative.


Some of the most popular types of affiliates are those selling eBooks and eChapters, Amazon


Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money by promoting other companies or brands on your own website, social media pages, or blogs. In return, you earn money or pay the company you are promoting a commission.


You can post your own product or company on these platforms. You can also post other people’s products. This is sometimes called sponsored advertising.


In the U.S., the main way to make money from affiliate marketing is by setting up an online store on your own website or you can sell to a marketplace. But for people in the united states, the main way to earn money from affiliate marketing is by setting up a website.



That links to another person’s site. This means you make money on commission. People who do this are often called affiliates. and Facebook Marketing


Many people who are looking to make money online opt for affiliate marketing and Facebook marketing. This seems to be the most common route to becoming rich from the internet, and the most effective.


The secret is to get people to buy your product or service or to download your free product, and then have them buy more from you. It’s that easy.


Affiliate Marketing


A good affiliate product is someone who already has the product, but hasn’t purchased it yet. If they see an advertisement for the product, they’ll click on it and buy it.


So, what can you sell that is attractive to people who have already bought the product? The answer is almost anything. Most people get products because they’ve bought other products by someone they trust. 


Facebook Marketing


Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform and has more than a billion users. Every single user is free to create a page and interact with other users. If you have a Facebook account, you can start posting and interacting with users on the platform.


It is important to be careful about how you communicate with users, though. Every interaction you make on the social network is traceable to you and your brand, so don’t be careless. Be clear about your business, product, or cause when interacting with users.


It is also important to share relevant and interesting information and refrain from using intrusive ad formats. If you want to expand your reach beyond the social network, consider using Instagram to post photos and images.



You can earn anywhere from $0.1 cents to $0.3 dollars per click that you generate. It is a process of getting new subscribers to your website and convincing them to visit and like your Facebook page.


You can either be paid through your personal Facebook page or you can build an audience with a paid Facebook page.


Through a Facebook page, you can:


Join the Facebook group (e.g. women`s comedy).


Promote yourself in groups.


Write reviews and articles.


Organize the Facebook parties, groups and connect with others.


Invite people to book your Facebook page for free for a day.


For a paid Facebook page, you will have to pay a subscription fee to gain access to your Facebook feed. You will also have to create a Facebook page to reach your target audience.


Depending on your selected strategy, you can for Product Companies and E-Commerce


Make Money Online by Selling to Product Companies and E-Commerce


Facebook is still a very good platform to sell products on, and also to connect with your customers. If you’re not selling directly to your customers, it’s a great alternative to Amazon for selling directly to other companies.


You can offer services directly to companies, such as Social Media Marketing, SEO or Content Marketing, Website Design and Development, & More. You can also create Facebook Ads and target the right audience for your business.


Marketing on Facebook for Product Companies & E-Commerce


Once you’ve created a great Facebook campaign, you can start monetizing your business. For example, you can set up a “Buy Now” button and have it appear on the product page 


Facebook is the most popular social media platform today. It’s responsible for the world’s largest crowdsourced social media network, which is an incredible achievement in itself. However, the real credit for that goes to its userbase.


Most people share something on Facebook every day, which means it has an extraordinary reach. Facebook can be profitable if you are selling your products or services, and I will cover the steps to create a page and start running ads for your own product in this article.


In short, Facebook is an advertising platform that lets you create “Friend Locator” pages. By joining the “Ad Manager” tool, you can create a custom page and have it integrated into the Facebook advertising system. You can create this page without registering for Facebook,


Online Usability Testing


Online Usability testing requires you to analyze a product or website. You can choose the country of your choice, and see if the site is usable in your own language. You do not have to be a computer specialist.


It can be as simple as using a simple interface to perform a job that requires absolutely no programming skills. It’s quite easy to complete. The earnings can be quite good and the services available are not limited to usability testing.


The pay ranges from about $10-$25 per test, depending on the type of test. This can be a great income for an English speaker since most developers and software developers in the united states are Indians.


Affiliate Marketing As a part of affiliate marketing, you get to work with big websites, such as Amazon.


When you work as a usability tester, you are asked to review products and services so you can find any usability issues.



There are many ways to use your skills in this area. You can help out with your team, or you can work independently.


There are now many companies which are offering this service.


Popular ways to use your skills include:


Web design and development companies


Affiliate marketing companies


Affiliate marketers


Social media marketing companies


Facebook pages


Social networks






There are a number of different companies that offer usability testing for job seekers.


Learn more about how to take your skills to the next level.


Web design and development company


One of the biggest web design and development companies in the world is Digital Creatives. and Earnings


There are various ways to earn income by providing usability testing and assessing website usability. When you are evaluating websites, you are essentially providing the user experience.

Receive a Share of the Website Traffic and Website Money


A great way to earn revenue through online usability testing is to get a cut from the websites you evaluate. Different websites have different deals, so you may have to negotiate your compensation.


When you come across a great website for your job, you can pass it off to other clients the same day you test it.


Become an Amazon Associates Partner


For a small fee, you can become an Amazon Associates Partner. For a larger fee, you can convert to the Amazon Affiliate program, which offers higher commissions, and you can also get jobs in the united states


Some of the best user testing jobs in the united states are the online usability testing jobs. This means that the job requirements are similar to user tests performed by firms that provide testing services.


But those companies use the services of independent contractors, in which case, the companies looking to test products will hire people to perform the testing for them.


You don’t need any prior experience in usability testing.


You only need to invest a few hours of your time to get a basic understanding of what needs to be tested.


You can be a high performer without spending too much time in the process.


You can work from anywhere, provided you have an internet connection and Internet connection. Cons


You need to be available to make calls during testing hours. in united states


Udemy is a free online platform to learn and teach. And you can earn your cash doing it too. The requirements are that you need to be a good teacher and that you have good communication skills.


In fact, if you are good at online or phone-based interviews, you can learn to make up a little artificial language to have a word game or go in blindfolded on an interview.


After completing the programme, you will be able to make money making up the fun and interesting words. They have a variety of study materials and games for their job skills that you can study from.


It has many modules for sign language, Deaf Studies, ASL, Grammar, Communication, Reading, Writing and more.


If you would like to learn to create your own online communication game, you could do so on Udemy. 


Micro/Part-time Jobs


Online job listings are an incredible source of employment. There are millions of job listings on different websites like Reddit, Upwork and freelancer sites like Elance. One thing that differentiates these job listings from others is that most of them are truly authentic and real.


The key to finding a job that pays is to understand the kind of work they have to do, and what skill sets are required to do them. There are numerous ways to make money online; here are the top 7 most popular ways to make money online:


Affiliate Marketing The lifeblood of many websites are affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing gigs. Affiliate marketing means earning money by promoting a product on your website by way of a commission.


Part-time jobs are fairly simple to make, and you can do them in your home office/studio. In fact, the freedom you have and the flexibility to set your own hours are some of the best perks.


There are a lot of people who work from home because they are not happy with the hours or location of a regular workplace, or they prefer not to spend so much time commuting.


Get Paid to Create Custom Social Media Posts or Profile Photos on Quora.


Create Your Own Facebook Like & Comment.


Facebook Page Design. 


Create Top 3 Facebook Page Ideas.


Create a Facebook Page for Your Business.


Writing Testimonials or Review Posts.


If you have a well-designed website or blog that you want to advertise to people, you can also create a free website on sites like WordPress.


Sell Products on eBay. in united states from Home


When you are starting out with a new job, it can be difficult to find work to start off with. If you are ready to commit to an entire month of work, consider the following jobs.


Job Description


Google and Facebook Ads.


Googles AdSense Job and Facebook Ads Jobs


Navigate Ads united states


Ahrefs Local SEO Job.


Instagram Job.


MacGurus SEO Job.


Allofworkem’s Blogging Job


Create Custom Pop-up Ads on Facebook.


How-to guides in Google’s AdSense Audience Network.


You can find a huge list of part-time jobs in the united states from home in this article at 10 Best Websites to Find Your First Job in the united states from Home.


Simple Part-Time Jobs from Home


Most of the popular websites nowadays are focused on providing content marketing. If you’re looking to try out this avenue, you’ll need to have relevant skills.


If you already know how to market your services online and sell your products online, you can try online jobs in this area.


Become an author.


These jobs require nothing more than having a brilliant understanding of your audience.


Become a graphic designer.


This one requires more effort in terms of getting in touch with people, but it can be very rewarding.


Become an affiliate marketer.


Affiliate marketing can be a good option, especially if you have good customer service skills.


These are popular jobs that can pay very well.


You can make money by answering customer service or technical support Online in united states


Micro/part-time jobs online in the united states are basically casual or entry-level jobs for those people who need some extra cash, but cannot afford to quit their jobs.


Subscribing to online newsletters.


Training others online.


Vlogging (Video blogging).


It is often a good idea to set up a website, and then post your content for a small fee.


Depending on the part of the country you live in, there are different ways to make money online in the united states.



Simply Click Photos and Get Paid


Just Click Photos Simply Click Photos was established by Sanyam in November 2017, and it was initially a mobile app development company that focused on creating mobile apps, mostly in Tamil.


They also had an iOS app, however, they were unable to sustain it. Thus, Sanyam decided to turn to an alternative source of revenue.


Simply Click Photos allows people to search for images online and then allows users to purchase a random picture from the platform at a low price. You can browse the images by category, size, colour, etc.



After purchasing a photo, Simply Click Photos asks you to provide your name and address. They will then send you a prepaid envelope to send the photo to you. The return envelope will be sent back to Simply Click Photos in a pre-paid envelope.


– 25,000 Daily Clickers in united states


Simply Click Photos has more than 75,000 advertisers in the united states and more than 25,000 users who have uploaded their photos on the platform daily. There are some basic things that users must do in order to make money through this platform. Image



Everyone would agree that one of the best ways to make money online is by using one’s own image as the key marketing asset for various products.


Simply Click Photos has a large network of users uploading their images on their platform, so it’s easier to find relevant photos for paying advertisers.




One of the biggest advantages of Simply Click Photos is that the company is very transparent about how they make money. People who are looking to make money online can find a safe, and well-regulated option by


Simply Click Photos or Click here Now offers mobile phone users a unique opportunity to earn money through their mobile applications. By signing up, users get the opportunity to create an account on the Click App to get paid for the use of their pictures.


The goal is to generate income by allowing users to pay each other when their pictures are used on public profiles.


The Click App is available on the Play Store and also on the iOS app store. Once you set up the app and install it, you can start earning money using it. You can search for your Facebook friends and start collecting money.


Click Photos can be an awesome way to earn money from home, but remember that it is self-employed work that requires you to submit all of your personal information to the app developer.


Simply Click Photos is a united states photography website that helps people take photos in low light using their mobile phones. You can select your photos using their free photo editing tools, which include the usual filters, graphics and stickers, before posting your photos online.


They allow you to earn as little as INR 10 per photo by simply clicking on it and watching as it is circulated on social media.


A similar site, Picplz, helps you make extra money by allowing you to select your photos and upload them to it, allowing people to view and download them in exchange for money.


After selecting your photos, you can receive your share of the reward or your part of the commission as an affiliate. Another option you have is to simply enjoy the pictures.


Joining Q&A websites and vlog


Instagram Marketing


There are people from all over the world who have over two billion active Instagram accounts. All these accounts may have their own account names, but they are all a part of the same mega-platform.


People use the platform to market themselves, their products or services, and to gain followers. How? They make them. Instagram’s growth is due to a large community of influencers.


These are people who post a wide range of content on their feed, which makes them popular. This is what enables them to have an impressive number of followers.


Although the nature of an influencer’s content could vary, most of them shared pictures of the things they love and post pictures that express their positive emotions.


Apart from the many sponsored advertising and shopping pages, there are plenty of other places on the Internet where you can make money from Instagram. You just need to have good taste in your photos and know how to use all the features on the social networking site.


You can charge users to like your photos or let them interact with them in other ways. This also means that you can make money from likes without spamming your followers.


You can also share your photos for advertisement purposes. For instance, if you are running a beauty salon, you can create and promote a Facebook page for the same. Or if you own Jobs


Another option for monetization that has seen great growth in the united states is that of Instagram. Almost every business, and more often than not every millennial, has at least one.


While there are many benefits to creating a business account, specifically for business-related activities, social media account may also offer access to many marketing opportunities.


Instagram is a great way to promote a business and get your product in front of your target audience. It provides a great opportunity to break into your target audience directly and indirectly.


Instagram’s main uses are primarily to engage with followers, make money and enhance the profile of a business.


This guide is geared to help those who are starting out with Instagram

Jobs in the united states.


Many people are now using Instagram for many different reasons. Sometimes they use it as a platform to share photos of their friends, the places they visit, etc. Some people use Instagram to document their life and show off the latest and greatest things.


Many people also use Instagram to show off their expertise or even their skill in particular areas of expertise, such as photography, cooking, interior design, etc.


There are many Instagram marketing jobs in the united states, but here we have collected a selection of the best:


You can also explore many other Instagram jobs in the united states by using our dedicated Instagram jobs page. Conclusion


There are so many ways to make money online in the united states that it can be difficult to find the right job for you. Do your research, explore different options,


To get the most out of Instagram marketing, you must use the latest technology. When using Instagram, you need to consider the following:


Here are some of the most useful tools you can use to post pictures and improve your brand on Instagram:


Instagram is getting better with features and functionality. And now, you can post photos in 16:9 aspect ratio! Take advantage of the ever-improving feature and use it to your advantage. Here are a few tips to make Instagram even better. 1. Highlight your brand.


Use a clear, large photo, and include details about who is in it and what products they’re offering. This way, you can captivate your audience and increase your business’s value. 2. Use hashtags.


Add specific hashtags in the caption of your post. This is an easy way to gain visibility. 3


Teaching Your Native Language


If you wish to try out your linguistic skills and make money doing it, here are some ideas on how to do it. And if you have an idea of how to make money online through online courses and forums, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


Teaching a second or third language is becoming one of the most lucrative and interesting ways to make money online in the united states. You will earn a decent amount of cash just by doing part of the job.



One of the first things you need to do to start teaching is to choose a language you are interested in learning. When you start, you will have to find the perfect teaching site that offers courses in your chosen language.


Most of us in the developed world don’t think of learning a language as being a necessity, and you may be surprised to learn that this isn’t true for the rest of the world either. Even highly literate people usually find it difficult to remember hundreds of words from a foreign language.


It’s even harder to recall long passages from a novel. To become fluent in a foreign language, you’ll need to get to know a particular language really well.


To get started, learn how to create a study plan for your desired language online. You can find countless resources on the web for learning languages online.


One popular site is iSpeak, which offers free audio lessons in over 300 languages, covering almost every subject you can think of. As you progress through the lessons, 


A web developer is the most common profession in the united states for foreign learners. As one can imagine, web development isn’t something that you can learn on your own. This is because there are certain things you can only learn through formal training.


You need someone to guide you through the education and training process. Most people choose a web development school in their own country and teach there. But if you really want to learn web development online in the united states, there are multiple ways.


If you want to learn web development in the united states, there are three types of services you can choose from:


How to teach English to your online students: This is the easiest and most popular way to teach English online in the united states. You can hire someone from the united states or hire someone abroad to do the job for you.



Making Chatbots


Sure you’re sitting comfortably because you’ve just read about how to make money online in the united states from home. This article is filled with highly valuable information on making money online in the united states, but there is also a huge amount of controversy surrounding the topic.


Let’s take a look at seven common reasons for this: 1. You don’t know what you are talking about On one hand there are companies out there who genuinely put people’s hard-earned cash at risk – however, the big companies don’t advertise this.



Companies like: Upwork Lifetimejobs WorkaFill Weebly Zapier Eloquentworks Crowdspring etc These are just some of the sites that allow you to make money online from home, but there are literally thousands of more companies out there doing the same thing.


What is a chatbot?


Although the term has come to describe software (apps) or a set of software tools for interacting with users in a natural and human-like way (“social robots”), the term “chatbot” refers to automated software in the form of voice-powered automated systems or chat.


Interfaces are used for customer service, interaction with websites, or other software to help people carry out basic tasks.


Providing these automated services helps reduce cost and increase productivity for companies and organizations and reduce error-related costs by ensuring that the same question or instruction is answered correctly.


They provide a lot of flexibility in the way a business can improve its bottom line, reduce risk, and improve efficiency.


One of the most prominent and profitable ways to make money online is to make Chatbots.


It is quite easy to set up Chatbots, and then sell services on how to improve them. This way, you could make money as a consultant and improve your bot, or you could make money as a developer and make it into a powerful bot.


Chatbots make all kinds of applications. This includes smart personal assistants, online payment solutions, blogging tools, and some other stuff.


Moreover, there are a large number of options to make money from Chatbots. The main method to monetize Chatbots is by making them into a part of a system.


In other words, you can have multiple Chatbots in a system and sell different services on each one of them. The market for such a business is huge and numerous.


My experience is that one of the most lucrative ways to make money online is by making chatbots.


You can make good money just by writing some text, and bot-building platforms will read it and transform it into code.


You can make even more money by adding interactivity. For example, typing “let’s chat” into the chat field, then you can click the “chat” button to reply.


Here are some key points to keep in mind when making chatbots.


Invest in Webmaster Tools and How-to Guides.


Prioritize your services with the correct audience in mind.


Content development and updating.


Once you have your bots up and running, you need to market them to the right audience. It’s important that bots are designed to understand your customers and act like real humans. To build a successful chatbot, the first


Joining Q&A Websites


Programming Mavenlink is a very popular job site that offers online programming jobs in the united states. They are hiring both web development and Java professionals. They pay high for good work, and if you have good programming skills you can probably earn good money.


Hosting If you are a good programmer or web developer, you should consider working as a server administrator or as a project manager. Social Media Marketing Manage social media and earn cash in everyday business.


Give customer service for your startup online. Make YouTube videos and make $0.50 These are the most commonly mentioned online jobs in the united states.


Other sites you can use to find more relevant jobs include CareerBuilder and UpWork. Honey does a lot of work for sellers in the united states, and they pay $0.16/hr.


Q&A Websites have become very popular, and there are a number of people who earn money with them. There are two kinds of websites where you can find online job opportunities to earn money online. They are


Q&A Jobs


Single Answer Q&A Jobs


1.Q&A Jobs


Q&A Jobs is the most popular online job board where people can advertise their work, and customers can contact them directly to get work. There are actually more than 10,000 Q&A jobs available on this website. The jobs are mostly for outsourcing, and the majority of the requests are for customer support, data entry and customer service.


2. Single Answer Q&A Jobs


Single Answer Q&A Jobs is similar to Q&A Job, but only a few jobs are listed on it. You can find jobs for various different positions. From data entry to customer service, you.


Quora is a popular website where readers submit questions, the website gives people the answer and you get compensated for providing that answer.


It’s a great source of additional income and it’s a service that everyone with a love for knowledge and would like to help others with their questions.


Sometimes it might seem as though the right content or the right image is hard to come by, but you can actually get paid for having more than the average number of followers.


This has the potential to give you a ton of new subscribers and an opportunity to gain followers. You can also use the strategy to out-rank all the Instagram marketers out there.



Just about any online forum will have a section dedicated to people looking for help. Almost any job that requires a person to test their online communication skills is easily found at a Q&A website.












General Jobs & Business.




On Fiverr.


Seller University


All You Need is Q&A.


Do you want to become a freelance writer? Ask people for answers to their questions. But the question you must ask yourself is, how will you get the answers to people’s questions?


There are many websites that allow users to test their internet communication skills in order to be freelance writers.


Ask anything.


What are some of the skills that are needed to be a questioner?

I Spent 2 Hours Doing Surveys Online

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looking for different money making ideas, and one of them that I always came across was that you could make money by simply doing surveys online. Now, I’ve never actually done it myself, but I decided that, in this video, I wanna go ahead and test it out.

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Now, I have no affiliation to this company. I have no idea if it’s actually going to earn me any money, but I’ve read a couple of different articles, and one from The Penny Hoarder talked about how you can make an extra 40 bucks using InboxDollars,

so I’m gonna spend about two hours doing surveys through InboxDollars, and I’m gonna report to you guys what my real earnings are in this process. And again, I just wanna restate this: I have no affiliation to InboxDollars. If you do decide to go use them, that’s totally up to you.

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Otherwise, you’re probably going to be getting a lot of marketing emails in the process. So, I’m gonna sign up now and let’s go ahead and see if I actually get this free $5 credit. And it is currently 2:43 pm Eastern Standard Time, so I plan on doing this for the next two hours and stopping at around, you know,

4:45, and we’ll see where my earnings are at. All right, so according to InboxDollars, I have just opened up an account and I just have to confirm my email to earn a $5 bonus. If you’re wondering about this email, this is just an old email account I had for a project from many years ago, so I’m just going to be using that one.

So, let me go ahead and open up Gmail now, and I’m gonna see if I actually got that email, and whether or not I get a $5 credit. It is now currently 2:50 pm and there is no email insight, so I don’t know if it just takes a while, but I’ve checked my spam folder, I’ve checked my promotions folder, and I have not received any email yet from,

what is the name of this site again? I completely forgot. InboxDollars. So, I’m gonna go ahead and just start trying to do some of these offers, and I’ll check back in maybe 10 or 15 minutes and see if that email comes through. But as of right now, not seeing any emails from them.

Hopefully, I get something here shortly. So, I went ahead and skipped to an offer that’s supposed to be earning me 50 cents, and that is by filling out a quick questionnaire. And so, obviously, I’m looking to protect my information, so I’m going to be going under the alias of Jim Lemon for all these different surveys that I’m filling out.

Currently 2:53 pm. We just went ahead and finished that introductory survey, and I have officially earned 50 cents for probably about five minutes of effort. So, next here on the list it is telling me that I simply have to watch TV and I can get a 50 cent bonus. I have no idea what that means, but let’s go ahead and click and find out.

All right, and for some reason, it is having me watch a video about an otter that was being nursed back to health after it was rescued from a canal. I have no idea how this is going to be earning anyone money, but apparently, this is going to earn me 50 cents by watching this video.

So, the good news is, I’m happy to announce the otter was in fact nursed back to health and returned to the river, and after watching that video, this little progress bar at the top moved a little bit blue. I’ll show you guys what that means in a minute.

And then, I assume once this progress bar is completely full, we’re going to get some kind of reward for that. Okay, so essentially, what this bar is doing at the top for us is it’s giving us the opportunity to now scratch and win. So, I don’t think you actually have earned anything at this point in time.

You just have the ability to earn up to $10. So, since we’re already a little bit of the way there, let’s just go ahead and wait until we hit the $25 mark, and then we can go ahead and scratch and see if we win the prize. So, things are actually getting pretty interesting now.

They are putting a VR device on a very old man and putting him back into World War II. So, yeah, this has been a very compelling video. One of the tricks that they’re playing here is that, as that bar is moving further along, it’s moving less and less every time.

So, I’ve actually watched, like, three more videos now, and the bar is only, like, maybe 40% of the way there. So, if you actually want to try to get all the way up to that three sign, it’s probably gonna take you a lot longer. So, we’ll go ahead and get up to the two dollar sign, and then see if we actually win the prize.

All right, ladies and gentlemen, the moment, are you serious? There’s really that much left that we have to do? Okay, just kidding. One more video, then we can see if we actually won this Scratch and Win bonus. All right, so it’s 3:15 now.

We have officially earned our second reward, and so we’re gonna go ahead and scratch now and see if we have won our $25 reward. So, first of all, I’m not even sure what exactly I’m trying to win here. I think I have to match three of these.

If I win four cents, I’m gonna be honest with you guys. Okay, so yeah, all right. So, yeah, we’ve just won four cents, so let me go ahead and hit continue. And I assume that’s going to be added to my balance? All right, so it’s currently 3:15. This is a 30-minute update.

I have earned 50 cents so far, which means I’m earning roughly $1 per hour on this website. But the good news is, the email just came through, so let’s go ahead and see if I can get my $5 credit, and whether or not that is actually legit. So, the email came through for InboxDollars.

Let’s go ahead and confirm now and see whether or not I actually end up getting this $5 credit. And it looks like I actually did, so now my account balance is up to $5.50. Okay, so I’ve now navigated myself to a section of this website called 100% Free Offers, and this one appears to earn you $4.

So, let’s go ahead and give it a shot and see what exactly happens. So, I actually just read up on that one a little bit more, and I actually have to not only register, but I have to install software on my computer, so that is where I draw the line.

I’m not going to be getting paid $4 to knowingly install malware on my computer, so we’re not gonna do that one. I’m gonna hopefully find a different offer here. So, I guess this one appears to be just as illegitimate or legit as the rest.

I don’t know, Big Buck Survey, $2.50 of earnings, and the chance to win a $1000 Target gift card, so let’s give this one a shot and see what happens. Okay, so after filling out that survey, it turns out that I haven’t gotten my gift card yet because I must complete one silver deal before claiming your reward.

So, I don’t know what these are. These are probably things that are going to try to charge me money, so I honestly don’t think I’m going to be doing any of these things. I will look through the quick and see if any of them look legit, but I’m guessing they’re not, and I’m guessing

I’m also not going to be getting my $2.50 that was promised to me by my friends over on So, here we have two high-quality options, “Customize your experience by completing “a household survey to earn 10 cents.” So, that seems pretty legit.

We’ll go ahead and do that now. So, this is a new one. After completing this survey, they told me that I was not qualified. However, I did collect one spin. I don’t know what a spin is going to get me, but let’s go ahead and find out. And this is Billy’s Spin to Win.

So, apparently, I don’t even have enough to do one spin. Let me see if I do. I don’t know, let’s give it a shot. And I’ve won five cents. Okay, I’ll take it. Oh, “Sign up now to receive your free sample “of Tide laundry detergent.” I’m gonna go ahead and try this one now.

Apparently, I will sign up and receive a free sample of Tide laundry detergent. So, yeah, I don’t know. I mean, this seems like a really bad way to make money, I’m gonna be honest with you guys, and I’m very concerned about the overall health of my computer at this point in time.

But it’s 45 minutes in, I’m gonna commit to another hour and 15 minutes of this and see, you know, what kind of damage we can do here. I’ve got this cat in the corner that is, like, purring, and it’s honestly one of the weirdest websites I’ve ever been on in my life.

Apparently, I have filled out a survey, and now I should be able to redeem my offer for my free Tide. But lo and behold, no, I am being brought to another page to fill out yet another survey, and I’ve already been on National Consumer Center, though, so why am I back on this website, and more importantly, where is my free sample of Tide?

Okay, so apparently the survey gods have blessed us here with one more spin on Billy’s Spin to Win, so I’m gonna go ahead and spin and see what exactly this is going to get us. I won a Scratch and Win progress. I don’t know what that is. Oh, you know what that is? And you know what I won? This is what I (censored) won right here.

I won that much progress on this stupid bar on the top that allows me the chance to potentially win money. Okay, so it is officially 3:45, we are one hour into this challenge of doing online surveys. I have earned a total of $5.75, five of which was given to me as a free credit, 75 cents of which I earned from these fingers right here by completing online surveys.

I have exhausted all of the good surveys on the site, and at this point, pretty much everything I’m trying to do I’m getting disqualified for, which gives me a Spin to Win chance on Billy’s wheel, and I can’t seem to win anything except for free scratch-off plays that eventually give you a chance to win money where you’re probably not going to win.

So, at this point, I think I’m going to just try to do the TV thing and rack up as many free scratch-offs as I can and see if I’m able to win anything in the process. So, as if this couldn’t get any worse, I have to re-watch the videos I’ve already watched, so I am now watching the baby otter video again, and I assume that all of these videos are going to be ones that I’ve already seen.

Okay, so it’s now 4:04 pm. This challenge is going to end in 40 minutes, and so I figured this time, let’s go big or go home. We’re gonna go ahead and let this thing go all the way up to the three dollar sign. Not just the one, not just the two, but the three-dollar sign reward.

So, all the way up top here, you can see that my Scratch and Win bar is completely full, giving me the opportunity to scratch now and win up to $100. So, let’s go ahead and give this a shot and see what we win. So far looks like we’re gonna potentially win about eight cents.

Not really sure how I feel about this, to be honest with you guys. And would you look at that? I believe we have won eight cents for roughly 30 minutes of watching videos, and the last time I hit continue, I didn’t actually win this, so let’s see if it’s even credited to my account.

And yeah, it appears that that was never even credited to my account, because when I go up here, yeah, I’m not seeing eight-cent earnings, so. Actually, no, I guess it’s right down here. Earnings Tracker for Scratch and Win, these are pending, so maybe it takes a couple of days.

So, the first time around I won four cents, and the second time around I won a total of eight cents. Okay, guys, so that’s gonna go ahead and wrap up this video. This is how much money you can earn with surveys online. Overall, I would say this is an absolutely horrible way to make money.

It is a great way to raise your blood pressure, though, if you are interested, and I do believe I have given my computer at least three different viruses today, and I’ve signed up for a lot of junk mail. But the good news is, I didn’t use my real email.

So, in total, for roughly two hours of work, I earned $5.75, $5 of which was a free credit for signing up, and 75 cents was earned by completing online surveys. I got roped into watching the TV to earn free scratch-off credits, and in that entire process, after spending probably about 45 minutes watching clips online, I earned 12 cents in the process.

So, my grand total earnings here is $5.87. Now, the other piece of this is I cannot request a withdrawal until I have $30, so the truth is, I haven’t earned any money and I wasted two hours of my life completing surveys online.

But anyways guys, that is the point of this series, for me to do the work and you just to watch a video and decide, okay, whether or not you wanna do this kinda stuff.

And so, that’s exactly what I wanna do with this series is looking for different ways to make money out there and actually test them out and determine whether or not you can really make money doing these things.

So, I’m gonna do a hard pass here for online surveys as a method of making money. Go ahead and drop me a comment down below if you have an idea for a follow-up video in this series of different ways of making money.

How I Earn $707 a Day Working from Home Making Videos

how I make $707 a day from home. Of course, I going to show you exactly how, You know, there’s a lot of, kind of click baby videos out there on the internet, and so I’m gonna do my best job to just tell you straight, show you exactly my process, and take you behind the scenes of how you can work from home making videos,

and generate some seriously-cool income. And I’m also not gonna pretend that this is easy, but these are some results. Right, in December, just last month, we brought in over $21,947, and that was $707.96 per day. Now, that was actually with affiliate marketing through Amazon,

but that doesn’t even have to be the only affiliate marketing website you use to earn money. We’re actually a part of about 20 different sites, and here’s the other cool thing, is that was actually just one source of income. Another way and a lot of ways that people say to make income on YouTube is with Adsense.

And with the ads that play on videos. And so last month alone, that was almost nine thousand dollars, $8,938.28. So that was an additional $288.33 per day. And so, I wanna break down in this video, really step-by-step, the no-BS guide to making money from home with YouTube and affiliate marketing,

and if we’re just meeting, my name is Sean Cannell, @SeanCannell, rhymes with YouTube channel, on all the different social media platforms. My passion is helping you build your influence and your income with online video. And one of those ways is, how do you make money?

Like how do support the vision? You know, sometimes people are uncomfortable talking about money, but we need money for the mission, right? Whatever it is, if you wanna sustain your dream, work from home, support your family, make a difference, impact the community, we gotta generate income.

And that’s part of our mission here at our company, Think Media. If you’re here on the live stream, what’s up, Mommy, and Moia’s World, Willy, Zachery, confidential. Hello SlavGuns, Dan, Georgette, good to see ‘ya. So let’s just dive straight into this.

Affiliate Marketing 101, let’s get on the same page with what exactly this is, and why this is my favourite way to start earning money this year. This is the way I got started, and I believe it’s actually the shortest path, ’cause you don’t have to create a product, and we’ll talk about that.

You don’t have to get tons and tons of views. We’ll talk about that. And so here’s Affiliate Marketing 101. It really, what this is, when you review or recommend a product online, and you earn a commission when somebody purchases it.

That’s what affiliate marketing is. My definition is it’s a cool way to make money sharing the products that you love and use. So tell me, what is your niche online and on YouTube right now? You know, I’m now in the tech niche, talking about cameras, and it’s the products I love and use.

Like I use this MeFOTO phone holder and this JOBY tripod to go live on Instagram, and I put it right on my desk over here in front of this window, all the time. And so if I love and use this product, I can say hey, I tried all these other ones, I love this one if you wanna check it out, and you recommend that product.

Now if someone purchases it, you make a commission, and I’m gonna explain how in just a second. So that’s what affiliate marketing is, here’s how it works. What you can do, is you can sign up for a program like the Amazon associate’s program.

It’s one of my favourites, but there’s so many, there are literally tens of thousands, if not a hundred thousand affiliate programs, and Amazon’s in a lot of different countries. You can see on the screen here, above me, that there’s the United Kingdom, and France, and Germany, Japan, and Canada.

So when you sign up for one of those countries, and a little hack, ’cause you can actually sign up for all of them, we’ve signed up for pretty much all of them, and that way, we get checks from the U.K., we get checks from Canada. Even though I’m based here in Las Vegas and the United States.

So once you sign up for any kind of affiliate program, here’s how it works. You sign up for the program, and you gotta get approved. Then you’ll be able to create, clickable, trackable links. And so, I’ll actually show you how to do that. And so once you’re signed up, you can just log into your Amazon account,

and you know, with it being the new year, it’s all about the new you, right? So maybe you’re reading some books, and so you can talk about like what book do you wanna read, “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk. And that was a book that, or “Crushing It”.

So if you wanna recommend that book, you could just kind of go over to Amazon, talk about it. Now if you notice at the top of my screen, I’ve got a little bar that says, Get Link. And I could get the text link here, to this exact product. So now I could recommend this book if I was doing a book review

if I was a book YouTuber, and this would be an affiliate link, that if someone clicks on that link, and purchases the book, then I would make a commission. Here’s what’s crazy, is on Amazon, they have what’s called a Cookie. Meaning it tracks the person who clicks for a certain window of time, and on Amazon, they give you 24 hours of whatever that individual purchases on the site.

So you could imagine, during the holidays, or during any time, someone’s like, doing, looking at some book reviews, they click on that link, and they’re like, you know what? I wanna buy a PS4, and Last of Us, remastered. C’mon, Last of Us, Two, coming up soon, and they grab those things.

You would get a percentage of that sale. In fact, the results I’m showing you, over about 50% of how we earn money, and how as a solo creator, I built a six-figure income, off the Amazon associate’s program, was off products I did not recommend but was because there were videos, and there were links, and there was traffics, traffic out there, in the world.

So can you see how powerful this is? And so, what you do is, you sign up for an affiliate program, you can create trackable links, then. Then you could put a link in your YouTube description. But here’s a cool thing, you actually don’t have to use YouTube.

You can start a blog. You can start, I mean, maybe podcast show notes, but you just have to have the links somewhere on the internet, and then when some visitors will click that link, especially when you kind of point to it, and then you make money if a purchase is made.

And so, this is “Do it on a Dime”. And awhile back, I interviewed her on video influencers, organization, DIY, frugal living. And so in this video, clean in less time, and other life short-cuts. So right here, she’s using this hair dryer thing.

And look, there are the links to the products she’s recommending. And that’s why I ask you, what’s your niche? Because you can do this any niche. This is Matthew, he has a channel devoted to the MPC and making music. So he’s talking about the MPCX, and then, there’s an Amazon link to the product in this video, and you can see, okay, man, this is how he’s making one stream, there are ways to make multiple streams of income.

But one stream of income, from creating videos at home, working from home, and talking about products that he, that are just products he loves and uses, and it’s just a cool way to add value. And this is what’s amazing about it. It doesn’t charge the person extra money.

It doesn’t in some way, make the product more expensive. It actually just honours and values the creator, that’s kind of a middle-man or middle-woman, that is able to then help them make a living. So I’m able to work from home, make videos, recommend products that I use, help steer people away from products that they should avoid, and guess who gets less money?

Is Amazon, right? The big corporations make less money. But the creator in the middle, you, just get to support your dream, your mission, by getting a percentage of that. So it’s like a win-win-win-win, and guess what? The big corporation, Amazon, Canon, Sony, they’re pumped because you’re helping them ultimately sell products and point people to certain products.

Could be a yoga, blocks, yoga mats company. Could be a health product company, so they’re pumped, and that’s why they wanna work with affiliates, is what you’d be called when you start promoting as an affiliate, someone else’s product.

So they’re pumped, you’re pumped, ’cause you’re earning some money, and so, and then the viewer, and the person grabbing, or that ends up purchasing it, I hope that you would always do this, in integrity, you know, also just really share and treat others the way you wanna be treated, c’mon, the golden rule. Just sayin’, look, Dude, do not get this camera, man.

The auto-focus is super-sketchy. Get this one, instead. And you’re just there to help people, so, the consumer wins, the company wins, you win, this is why I love affiliate marketing. You could see how powerful this is. This is Dad Verb, and some of these are students from some of our programs, like, Video Ranking Academy, and so he is helping dads, helping new parents, he’s talking about budget-friendly newborn must-haves.

This is like some kind of infant, toddler stroller. And he’s got a link to all of the list of products. So whether it’s like, you’re in the family niche, or a book YouTuber, or talking, of course, about tech, or beauty, or lifestyle. And what’s crazy, is you might be like, it doesn’t apply to me.

Dr Eye Health, right? He actually jumped to one of our programs, a little over a year ago. Now he’s had almost a hundred thousand subscribers. And he’s got a lot of these break-out videos. Now here’s the thing, every video you make, doesn’t need to be about affiliate marketing.

He’s got a lot of videos that will just treat different eye symptoms, help you diagnose, think things, all kinds of different videos. But then he maybe does like a blue light blocking glasses review, or different coloured contact lenses reviews.

And so then he’s making money through YouTube, making videos from home, or his office, wherever he wants to make videos, and earning money and passive income, and we’ll talk about how to do that in just a second. Kids help, again green toys, eco-friendly toys, that are actually worth the money.

And so, can you see, how powerful this is? And my question to you in the comments, what is like one top of a mind product idea that’s relevant to your niche, that would help people that you serve, your target audience, and that would naturally have an affiliate program? Probably is sold on Amazon.

And what isn’t sold on Amazon? But it could be software. It could be even higher ticket things, more expensive things. But let’s talk about how to get started, and the fact, you know, this is the no-BS guide. I don’t want to, a lot of gurus out there, right?

They’re just like, hey get rich quick, you could just like, through up a video, and this is just gonna happen for you overnight. And we know that overnight success is rarely overnight. The truth is, this takes work, you gotta develop skills, you gotta master marketing, you gotta learn really how to sell in the sense of, if you’re not giving a good call to actions, and having good messaging, and thinking through the whole process, it’s just not gonna work.

And I made a ton of mistakes coming up, and that’s the passion of this YouTube channel, is. To help you go further, faster. Because back when I first started stumbling on this, I had this idea of like, okay, I’m gonna make a video called, “Gift Ideas for Him”. And this was back in like, 2012, right?

And so in this video, I just actually went around my house, and this is on my other channel, the Sean Cannell channel, I don’t really upload there. And I just grabbed like some headphones, and like books, and like a watch, whatever.

And I threw it in, like a little bin, and I sat down, and I was like, hey, I’ve got some gift ideas for like the Dads, or the brothers, or the boyfriends, or whoever in your life. And there are some links in the description, let me talk through these. And what was cool, is leveraging the power of the fact that YouTube is a search engine.

If you actually look at this video on the internet, or if you still search for this, years later, it’s still found. Like you can type in gift ideas for him, right now, and this video came out like eight years ago. And look at this man, this is crazy. So there’s, these are like the top five results.

This video is still there, seven years ago, and there I am, just sitting on the couch, with my dog, Rosie, and I’m talking about gift ideas for him, right? And so, I started this, but at first, it wasn’t really working for me very good. I shot a video, put a link in the description, and when I really started experimenting with this, I’ll never forget the first payment I made from the Amazon affiliate program, and it was $2.12.

Can we just clap it up? Right, you know what I mean? You’re like, wow. But remember, we gotta look at the reality of this. Like, don’t despise small beginnings. I think what people think is like, I’m gonna make my car payment, my mortgage payment is gonna be two weeks from now if I upload two videos.

Now you really got to dig deep and commit to the process of this. But I wanna show you, how things can scale. ‘Cause that was like my favourite payment ever. Obviously, I like the bigger ones now. But the reason why, because it was proof of concept.

It showed me that it was possible. It was $2.12 more than my neighbour’s made online, that month. And I thought, man, if I could make $2.12, then I could make 20, two hundred, and 20 thousand a month. By just learning and mastering this stuff, and scaling, right?

And so, “Big things start small”, right? Jeff Bezos says that, and I love that, because it’s this picture of Amazon, just graffiti’d logo on the wall, now Jeff Bezos is worth, is 110 billion dollars, personally, and Amazon is almost a trillion-dollar company.

What am I saying? I’m saying don’t despise small beginnings. Don’t despise, like, if you’re just getting started, or you haven’t started yet, in fact, tell me, how long have you’ve been posting videos if you already have a YouTube channel? Are you thinking about starting one this year?

And maybe you’re gonna be in an office with a spray-painted sign, with you know, computer, or with, like your phone, on some kind of rig, and you gotta just, start. In fact, what’s so funny, was, even years ago, I started getting clear, and I started to go to this tech show in Vegas.

And I’d find my way to like, sneak my way in, you know, I’d go with like, at the time I worked at a church, so I’d get a pass through the AV department there. Then I went through my friends, like, news company. A lot of times you don’t really buy tickets to CES, you just, get them somehow.

And so this was 2013. And I went to this tech show. Now next week, I’m going back to CES, it’s one of the main events of the year, at Think Media. And you know, I would just go around, I was talking about tech, but here’s what was cool. I didn’t buy any of this stuff.

I just showed up somewhere, shot videos about things, and then, in the description, you can actually see, an Amazon link. Now, this wasn’t going amazing, but this is how I started to scale my income. Started to build it. I figured out my niche, and I’m gonna share six tips with you in a second on how to actually build an affiliate business,

but I just started diving in, and finding ways to talk about products, and mastering marketing, sales, to kind of connect it all together, and now last year, at CES, this is how many videos I put out, like tons of stuff. And this is, years later.

So like noise-cancelling headphones, drone remote, thunderbolt dock, you know, 360 cameras, stream, live-streaming equipment, and that’s what we talk about here on Think Media. We talk about tech. And so, again, this is something I scaled into and was able to build up over time, and you can do the same in your own niche, maybe going to industry events.

And my first payment, right, was $2.12. But then, as I said, last month’s, over 20 thousand dollars. So I’m gonna talk about how to do this. But first of all, why I love affiliate marketing. And the main reason is actually that, not only was the opportunity big years ago, but the opportunity is huge right now.

So let me show you this. Right now, eCommerce is growing at a staggering rate. So global eCommerce is supposed to hit five trillion, 4.9 trillion by 2021. What does that mean? It’s this idea, that if people like me, and thousands, tens, hundreds of thousands of people, are making five figures a month, six figures a month, seven figures a month, from affiliated marketing now.

Where’s the industry going? This is a question we should ask. Is online video growing? Are more people watching YouTube? Is eCommerce growing? Are fewer people going to brick and mortar physical stores, and more people shopping online? The answer is yes.

So, by leaning into this right now, you’re positioning yourself to ride the wave. So it’s a growing trend. Now think about it, if there’s that much money being spent online, and grandma used to be scared about pulling out her credit card, and maybe she still is scared, but three years from now, she’ll be less scared.

Do you know what I’m saying? Like let me know actually, do you shop online? Or do you still mainly shop at brick and mortar stores? And don’t let your behaviour confuse you to think that you know what, no, everybody shops online now, are you kidding me? Like nobody goes to stores anymore. Well, let me ask you a question.

How much percentage of commerce do you think eCommerce is? Tell me in the chat. Like, tell me in the comments. If it’s growing this big, how much per cent of shopping do you think is global retail of people shopping online versus people going to a mall, or people going to like a physical store, or whatever, right?

And what a lot of people will say is, I think it’s like 80%, like eight out of 10 people shop on Trending topics, self-development tips, 40%. So four out of 10 people are shopping online is what he’s thinking. You know, Flex Magazine, 60%.

And that’s what it feels like, especially, now if you’re watching Think Media, you’re already like forward-thinking, ambitious, entrepreneurial, creative, building something, you know what I mean? I know you’re like a purpose-driven, a person who wants to take over the world and builds your influence online, and you’re already thinking out of the box.

So, but it’s not 60%, it’s not 80%, look at this, by 2021, it’s gonna account for 17.5% of global retail. So like, 17 people out of a hundred are shopping online right now. What? Right? So that number is just growing as it pertains to, affiliate marketing, and so, look at this trend. Look at how it just continues to grow up, go up on this growth curve,

and so what happens when you capitalize and position yourself now, for when this is 40%, 50%, 60%? People are asking, and I put out a video recently on, “Is It Too Late To Start a YouTube Channel in 2020?” The answer is no, and this is a good example.

It’s still so early in this online space. Yes, it’s maturing, I’m not denying that there’s competition, I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy. But what I am saying, is that it can be discouraging because we think, it’s already market saturation. There’s no hope anymore. There’s no, Dude, it’s only 17.5%, by 2021. So position yourself now.

Become a thought leader. Plant your flag in a niche, and really lean in on these ways of making money. So why do I love affiliate marketing, just a couple, quick reasons. You don’t need a product. Like, by the way, one of the great ways to make money from home, online, is to create your own product, like maybe drop-ship something.

You know, get something from, Aldi Express, and set up a Shopify store. But you don’t have to do any of that with affiliate marketing. You could just start talking about somebody else’s product. Thank you so much, Chef PK, for the super-chat. You don’t need to do any fulfilment. Oh man, I love this.

You know, we have products, and we’ve got incredible education programs, because the thing is, you need to learn these skill sets. It took me 10 years to learn these skill sets. So we have accelerators that help people, but that means there’s fulfilment. We actually then have to, deliver on that product.

And then there’s customer service, and then there are emails, and then there’s back and forth. The cool thing with affiliate marketing is that’s all on Amazon. That’s all on Abode if you recommend Abode software. That’s all on Canon if you recommend Canon cameras from their website.

That’s all on Sephora, you know if you recommend some makeup or Dick’s sporting goods. You don’t have to ship, fulfil, return. You just make money in the middle. You can get started quickly. This is why I think it’s the best way to start making money from home, and you start a YouTube channel, or a blog, and you could just get started.

You could start putting out content, and then link-to products, and you’re in business, and it’s powerful. You can make passive income. Especially, I had shown you a video, that’s like seven years old, “Gift Ideas for Him”, so I made it seven years ago. It’s still ranked number six on the YouTube search.

And it has affiliate links in the description. Therefore that money makes money for me. That video makes money for me when I’m not working. And I made it once, but it’s worked for me for the last seven years, super-powerful. You have a flexible work schedule. So this is a great side hustle. Everyone’s talking about side hustles.

Like, how can you make side hustles from home? This is why, because after your day job, after school, after, you know, in the morning, before you go to work, or before you have that responsibility, you can shoot that video, write that blog, a record that podcast, create that content, and you can work on your own terms.

You can hustle all summer long, and then take a couple of months off. And that’s how I built my way up. Because I had a full-time job, I worked at Red Robin for 10 years waiting tables. I worked at a church, as a video production director and as a marketing director for six, seven years.

And I was able to build side income on Saturday morning if I wanted to for a couple of hours. In fact, when I’m recording this, it’s just, it’s 8:30 am on a Saturday morning, and in a little bit, I’m gonna be talking to our inner-circle program for a while, and then I’m gonna go out to lunch with my wife.

I can work when I want, where I want. I can work on the road, right? It’s just a flexible work schedule. Six, there’s no face-to-face selling, right? Meaning, you don’t actually have to like, talk to one person, and who wants to cold-call, or go door-to-door? In fact, the powerful thing about this, is people come to you,

especially when you create search-based content, because they now are searching for something on YouTube, like a stroller, like some eco-friendly toys, some budget hair things, or make-up, or eCommerce, or software, and reviewing different software compared to each other.

There are so many possibilities, but then the affiliate links are just in the description. RantswithRoger, appreciate the super chat. And so, then you also don’t need prior experience. Like there’s no one stopping you from starting this. You don’t need to fill out you know, some resume. And Sean, will you select me? No, choose yourself.

You don’t need prior experience. And you can learn these skills, in fact, make sure that you’re subscribed here on Think Media, but more than that, make sure that you’re subscribed to our new channel, Think Marketing. Because we’re actually gonna be phasing out a lot of this type of content on this channel,

and that’s why we started a new channel. But here’s the deal, this generates multiple six-figures in our business a year now, affiliate marketing does. And, there are also about ten other ways we earn money. So if you’re really into this kind of content, or you want some training, and some free videos, don’t miss out on our new channel.

We just launched it, and I’ve actually, by the way, I don’t have the six tips even, I haven’t shared those yet. So I’m gonna share those with you in just a second of actually how to start an affiliate marketing business. But make sure you’re subscribed, in fact, tell me if you’ve already checked out Think Marketing.

And we have a weekly video podcast. Where we’re gonna be answering your questions, talking about these topics. I’ll be doing live streams like this over there, where we’ll be able to dive deeper into how to set these things up. How to make money online from affiliate marketing.

But then also, here’s the bottom line, the thing that people really aren’t talking about, is they’re like, you know, just start this, and just go make it, when the fact is, this is a skill you have to develop. And it’s a skill that you gotta invest in. You know, you’re actually, really paid a lot of times in proportion to your skill.

This is why doctors, and attorneys, and architects pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to school for six to 10 years so that they can start earning money, right? Don’t ever let people tell you that you don’t need to develop a skill to make money from home, and really crush it online.

Like sometimes I feel that there’s a lot of dishonest online personalities that kind of over-simplify some of these things. It’s simple, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy, and it doesn’t mean that any one of us is just entitled to just jump in and just go viral and have some kind of cash machine. And that stuff actually really turns me off.

In fact, that’s why we’re starting Think Marketing. Are we just think marketing gets a bad wrap, and that we need voices, that people saying, look, yeah, you gotta do marketing, you gotta do sells, you gotta develop new skills to dominate a new economy like how to make videos, and how to rank ’em, and how to set up affiliate marketing, and how to communicate clearly, and eventually build proven sales processes.

All these types of things, but you can do with integrity, you can do it with honesty. You can do it with transparency. So anyway, make sure to check out Think Marketing, link in the description below. But here are the six steps for building an affiliate marketing business. Are you ready? And this is, this is it.

Like, you could go really deep in each of these, but here is your game plan to crush it with affiliate marketing this year, and so let’s get into these. Number one, choose your niche. You gotta choose your niche. And so, I think that, where people make mistakes, one thing you could research is people do niche sites. Niche sites on Google.

They create a website that’s all about a particular niche. A particular type of vertical. All yoga products, or all a certain toy. Or all fragrances. They just, like a fragrance website. Or you could also do that, and that’s tip number two, are you gotta set up a YouTube channel or website.

Now your niche, notice the channels we talked about. Do It On A Dime is like frugal living, how to save money, you know, hacks like that. Dad Verb, was parenting, right? You had Kids OTHelp, newborns, and so toys for newborns. She does tummy time, she does all kinds of things and products related to that. Of course, tech.

Now, you can niche down in tech. Some of you might be, and I think tech is still an open frontier, I get it. You’re like, no, I could like throw a rock one foot and hit ten techy tubers. True, but you gotta niche down and differentiate yourself. Like, whereas, for example, Think Media.

One of the reasons we’ve been different is we don’t cover all the newest smartphones. We don’t cover 3-D printers. We don’t cover smart home tech. We don’t cover cars. So when you think about tech, it’s a huge conversation.

What’s your smaller piece inside of that? The reason to be subscribed here on Think Media is its tools for creators. So we’re gonna help you make videos. We’re gonna help, we talk about the M50, the A6400, the A6600, Sony cameras. How do you use your camera? How do you set auto-focus? White balance.

So we niched down in a bigger niche. So you want to choose your niche, then you gotta set up a YouTube channel or a website. Then you wanna build influence. That’ll be your next step, and that’s what I want you to focus on all year. YouTube, email, because YouTube is not the only traffic source. Get YouTube subscribers, build an email list.

Build your social media following. Build a Facebook group, that’s a great one. SEO your content, or SEO your blog post, or your website post, so you can get traffic to those sites. Notice these tips are also in order. Then you sign up for affiliate programs.

‘Member how I said, you sign up, and then you get approved? One of the mistakes people make, is they try to, they like start a YouTube channel, and they go to Amazon, and they have no videos out. Or they set up a YouTube channel, they posted one video, and they apply.

I think you need to post like six videos, probably as much as 12. Get some momentum going first. Like, treat this like a real business, man. You know like, again, we kind of like half-heartedly lob out three videos, and we just are like, why am I not getting approved? Put in some work.

Like really dig deep. If I’m gonna open up a coffee shop, right over here in Las Vegas, like, I’m going to fill out forms, and get approved in the city, and rent a little space, and order my coffee cart, and make a plan, and design a logo, and I’m gonna go through a bunch of steps to build a real business.

What I need you to do, so that you can make money from home, and quit the job that you hate, and build a life on your own terms, is go from dabbling to dominating. You can’t just kind of dabble your way in. So you’re doing these steps seriously, right? You’re thinking through choosing your niche.

Setting up your channel, building some influence first. How much? Not much? I’m saying, I would suggest, probably about a thousand YouTube subscribers, and we got videos on this channel to help you with that. I’m suggesting each video, getting around two hundred, three hundred views as a base to, up to about a thousand views.

So I’m not saying you need to be PewDiePie and have a hundred million subscribers. What I am saying, is to get some influence first, then sign up for affiliate programs. And here’s the power of the sequence, is I want you to see the whole sequence first. So then you can say, okay, I know that this all works backwards.

I’m thinking through my niche. I’m setting up the channel. The videos I’m posting are building influence in a particular niche. Now I’m signing up for affiliate programs. So it’s like, okay, gardening. I love gardening. So I’m gonna make videos about gardening.

I’m going to talk about products already on Amazon, and sometimes people say, well, what if I make a video, but I’m not approved yet? I won’t make money. It’s kind of like saying, what if I start making videos on YouTube, but I don’t have four thousand hours of watch time, and a thousand subscribers yet, so I can’t monetize the videos yet.

Dude, you gotta build the influence first. Who would have thought you have to put in work ahead of actually earning income? Who would have thought you might need to put in work for three months, six months? Who would have thought, how much money am I gonna make in the first year?

How much money did the doctor paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to make in the first year of college? Zero. How much money did the attorney make money in the first two years learning the skills, and building towards their career of becoming a lawyer? Negative two hundred grand.

Right? Because you invest early. All I’m saying is to do some heavy lifting. And by the way, this stuff is so amazing. You can experience a lot of success in even six months, or even 12 months, and that is very possible. So much so, that this particular way of earning income, and working from home, is faster than a lot of other careers.

when you really get focused and devoted. But, it doesn’t mean it’s instantaneous. And if you want it to be faster, it means you’re getting serious. It means you’re treating it like you would treat getting in world-class Olympic shape. It means like you would treat it if you opened up a restaurant.

My friend just opened up Santo Coffee in Seattle, Washington. He’s there seven days a week. 10, 12, 14 hours a day. Now I know that’s like, well shoot, I mean, Sean, I don’t wanna do this anymore. Well, cool, because I mean, this is the no-BS training.

This isn’t the dudes that are like, yo man, you sip a pina colada while you’re on your laptop on the beach. By the way, who wants to bring their laptop to the beach? I don’t wanna get sand in my keyboard, and scratch up my screen. Meanwhile, I actually wanna go swim. And I don’t actually wanna work on the beach.

I wanna work from my office and then go to the beach whenever I want. But anyway, so sign up, number four, for affiliate programs, feeling saucy today. Then you drive traffic. See now you’ve got your channel set up, now you got influence going.

Now you’re signed up for a program like Amazon, or tons of others, and we have again, a lot of videos. I’ll put a whole bunch of resources in the description below to help you on some of these topics. So now you can send specific traffic to the affiliate links or programs that you’re talking about. And then number six earns revenue.

That’s the six steps for building an affiliate marketing business, but I’ve got a mistake that people make in just a second for you. And I just wanna pass off, first, say, if you’re getting value, can you smash the light button? And thank you so much for being here today as well. Appreciate you Mommy, and FurbyGrace says truly informative.

Awesome. If you’re just getting here live, too, catch the replay. ‘Cause this video will be up here on Think Media. But those are the six steps for building an affiliate marketing business, but here’s the number one mistake that keeps people from making money. Are the focus on all of these other things, the number one mistake.

But they really don’t master the traffic thing. At the end of the day, and what is traffic? That’s an internet marketing, a digital marketing term that basically means views. It basically means page views, video views. And so if you don’t, your income is going to be correlated to actually getting traffic. And not all views are the same. Think about it.

If someone is on YouTube to watch cat videos, and you’re trying to say, well, I wanna sell some beauty products. Their intent, if they happen to find your video, is not to buy anything that day. Their intent is to watch some cat videos. And you and I both love some cat videos, don’t we, right?

And, but that doesn’t mean, like when I’m at home, with my wife, after a typical day of hustling, and doing whatever, I’ll go home, we go to our smart TV, and we turn on the TV. We’re not shopping then. But last week, I was shopping for some new gear for the new year, and it’s to take some tax deductions before December, before January 1st.

Last week I was looking for an A6600. And I ordered one of those, we’re gonna be talking about it on the channel. I was looking for the best lenses for that particular camera. So what am I doing? I’m looking at blogs, I’m looking at videos, and what was my intent? Credit card out, I was ready to buy something.

So it was about, it’s not just about getting views, but it’s about getting the right views. And so if you want to learn more about that, this video is my best recommendation. And so you can click or tap the YouTube card to watch it, and it’s gonna help you get the traffic needed, and build the influence needed so you can get approved for the affiliate programs.

You can get views to your affiliate links, so again, click or tap the YouTube card to check that out. Question of the day, What is one of your goals for this year? Tell me in the comment section, what is one of your goals for this year? And I just want you to know from the bottom of my heart, I’m grateful you’re part of our community.

Thanks so much for being here. Subscribe to Think Media. And Think Marketing, our brand-new channel, where we’ll go deeper on this topic. Our goal at Think Media is to help 10 thousand people create a full-time living doing what they love while making a difference with online video.

Because I’m a small-town kid as you saw, that was walking a CES, that was shooting videos, and was only making two dollars a month on affiliate marketing, but now I’ve been able to build a company. I’ve been able to build a business that allows me to do what I want, where I want, when I want, with the people that matter most to me.

But more than that, that it also allows us to make an impact and make a difference, and so, that’s our heart, is to help shorten your learning curve, compress decades into days, and help you go further faster. So that’s our goal here. That’s my commitment to you in 2020 and beyond.

But tell me one of your goals in the comment section below. And next, check out that video on how to get more views. It’s gonna help ‘ya get more views on YouTube, so you can get approved for affiliate programs,




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