10 Proven Ways to Make Easy Money in the united states 2022

10 Proven Ways to Make Easy Money in the united states 2022

10 Proven Ways to Make Easy Money in the united states 2022

10 Ways to Make Easy Money in the united states


Make Easy Money in the united states Living a comfortable life in 2022 is not easy. However, with the changing times, it is possible. Here is Make Easy Money in the united states that can help you live a better life.


The job market is at an all-time low and wages stagnating, it’s becoming harder and harder for people to Make Easy Money in the united states enough money to provide for basic needs. 


But don’t worry! You can still increase your income with these 10 simple ways that anyone can do! Become a freelancer and start earning an income from home. 


Sell old and unused items for cash using sites like OLX or Quikr. Start your own blog or YouTube channel. Sell on Etsy. Trade stocks or other securities.


Making money has never been so hard, even for the most talented and ambitious individuals. Today, more people are living paycheck to paycheck than ever before.

With the job market at an all-time low and wages stagnating, it’s becoming harder and harder for people to make enough money to provide for their basic needs. For those who don’t have a side gig or a trust fund, making ends meet can seem impossible.

But don’t worry! You can still increase your income with these 10 simple ways that anyone can do!



Here are 10 ways you can Make Easy Money in the united states 2022 right now:
1) Become a freelancer and start earning an income from home
2) Sell your old clothes
3) Open an online shop
4) Trade stocks or other securities
5) Start your own blog or YouTube channel
6) Sell on Etsy


Make Easy Money in the united states is a land of opportunities. With the right knowledge, you can earn money anywhere and anytime. Whether you’re a student, a housewife, or an office-goer, here are some ways to make more money.

1) Invest in property: invest in property that gives you good rental returns.
2) Sell your old things: sell your old and unused items for cash using sites like OLX or Quikr
3) Start a blog: if you have something to say, then start blogging! Blogging opportunities abound on WordPress and other websites.
4) Home catering: if you’re good at cooking, then offer home catering services to people who want dishes made fresh at home


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Are you looking for ways to make more money? If so, this article will provide you with many ideas. While some of these methods may be very common when it comes to making money, there are some that you might not know about.


Here are 10 different ways in which you can earn money in Make Easy Money in the united states–all of them are easier than the other!


Are you tired of searching for a way to earn money in Make Easy Money in the united states with or without investment? Especially during this time, when the economy booming is at its worst but work from home opportunities are rising.

YouTube Online shop through Instagram/ Facebook Become a Subject Expert Freelancer Online tutoring Transcriptionist Guru Proof-Reading Selling Photographs



Subscription-based product Content writing Social media marketing App development Offer suggestions and opinions Video editing Download Free Income eBook and start earning online.

YouTube is one of the most widely used websites in the world today. More and more people are watching videos on this website every day.


People are obsessed with video watching these days. Almost every family has a YouTube channel and many people use the platform to create videos or make them watch on the internet.


The trick is that if you make good videos, people will subscribe to them. Once they start watching your videos, you will get a certain number of subscribers, and other people will watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.


So, it is important for you to make good quality videos that are also appealing to your visitors. You can make your videos of food, travel, music, etc.




Youtube is the first step in earning money without investment. It is becoming more and more important and has quickly reached its all-time peak popularity. It is considered the video-sharing website with the most viewers.


Youtube is the place to share your original content and gain the largest exposure. Make sure you make the most of your videos and begin with a clear message. Think of what you want to say, write it down, and record it.


It may take a few times to perfect, but once you’ve got it right, you’ll have thousands of people watching your videos.


Channel to Increase Your Income

You have a YouTube channel. What you could do to increase your income, become popular, and start earning money from your channel? How to make good money on YouTube?


Ranking on Google Search


First, make sure your YouTube channel rank high in Google Search. You have to be

#1 on YouTube. It could be creating a program for your favourite hobbies, web development, home improvement, astrology, and many other channels.


Each of them could bring you a decent income. Try to create video reviews, share to all your friends and earn up to $20 per day per video. If you have tens of thousands of subscribers, it could bring you hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.


If you have even a small following, you could be lucky, earning between $2 and $30 per video, depending on your Niche


Ads – Make Money on YouTube

Are you good at video content creation and do you want to make money on YouTube? You’ll definitely need a camera.


In addition to that, you need editing software and be knowledgeable with YouTube Ad Guidelines.

Also, you must become a subscriber to the YouTube Channel. Then start building your following and stay consistent with your videos.


Also, develop a solid strategy and posting schedule for your YouTube Ads.

It is important that you don’t post irrelevant videos because nobody wants your ads.


Since you have uploaded the videos on YouTube, it is quite easy to share them with other people.

video on making easy Make Easy Money in the united states


Video Tutorials on Youtube

To know more about YouTube growth, here is a little article that can help you.

Offers on YouTube

Find Big Cheaper Local Services

Making Money Online With These Ten Main Ingredients

 An online community for people willing to learn

Are you looking for an online community to learn about fitness, nutrition, cooking or any topic in general? Find a bigger and more diverse community in any of the biggest online communities such as Facebook or Reddit.

 Accept Video Ad On Facebook

Making money online is not easy but you don’t have to do it alone. You can monetize your social media by accepting video ads. Here are some tips on how you can start making money on Facebook video advertising.

 Earn YouTube Profits with Premium Partner Program



Ecommerce Mogul Selling Digital Cards Earn in Make Easy Money in the united states You can build your own digital marketing company or get your services featured on e-commerce websites or blogs or as a subject expert.

While starting, you will need a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and an Instagram account.


You should also make an Instagram profile with good photos that can attract clients. YouTube Online shop through Instagram/ Facebook Become a Subject Expert Freelancer


Online tutoring Transcriptionist Guru Proof-Reading Selling Photographs Instagram Ecommerce Mogul Selling Digital Cards Earn intake Easy Money in the united states Apart from these, there are so many opportunities out there.


Each month, you are lucky enough to receive about a thousand business leads. Instagram can be easily one of the easiest ways to make money online. In fact, some people make more money through Instagram than through paid jobs. Instagram as an avenue for earning is ever-growing.


We all use Instagram for one reason or the other, so as a marketer, you can make money through the medium. Here are 10 ways to make money from Instagram.


1. Hashtag Searches


It is a well-known fact that people spend a lot of time on social media. If you can discover what people are searching for or using your social platform to generate those searches then you can make money.


Since you know what your audience is looking for, you can create search-friendly posts. Look for trends and search terms that attract your audience. & Facebook Skills to build your cash


1. Understanding Instagram marketing


For a regular person or a remote worker, Instagram has become an indispensable marketing tool. Almost every business can build a massive following without spending a single penny, but how to use Instagram to your advantage?


My Story and how I made $8,000 in 60 Days What makes Instagram marketing really worth the effort is the fact that Facebook is actually divided into 2 categories, a personal profile, and an enterprise profile.


Facebook decides who is an entrepreneur and who is an individual user with high intent. In other words, even if you get invited to an event by a large corporation you can not expect to get paid.


Instagram is exactly the opposite:


Individuals can promote their own businesses. It’s no secret when people post a picture, they get likes, comments, and comments. This encourages them to make even more posts, which in turn get even more likes, comments, and comments. So what’s wrong if I say, a lot of Instagrammers do the same?


Instagram is an amazing platform, one that helps boost your ego, boost your image, boost your business, improve your profile, and most of all, boost your bank balance.


For every one million likes, you can make up to ₹3,000. More likes and comments mean more money, not only that, it helps you know how to get even more likes and comments, while learning from others, as well as practising your skills, as well as watching tutorials and visual proof that what you are doing is successful.


How to make money as a freelance photographer in Make Easy Money in the united states: 10 Amazing and easy ways


You will be amazed at what people are willing to pay. If you’re a professional photographer with a decent page, then this is the place where you can make the best money. Also, with a few extra resources you can make your brand famous as a freelancer.


2. Make it Instagram-able


No matter what you do, if you don’t take the time to make your Instagram-able, then you will struggle to make money. With the high level of competition, it’s necessary to stand out from the crowd.


Remember, not everyone will like your pictures or what you’re saying. Hence, make sure you put your effort and make the content worth watching.


There are several businesses you can do on Instagram and Facebook. You can also start an online store on Instagram to sell products directly.


It’s easier to sell on Instagram and there’s more engagement. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of time finding the best sellers in your niche.


You just need to use Facebook, hire a designer, buy their products and wait for your money. You also need to find the best photo agencies and photographers to provide high-quality photos to your Instagram feed.


They can also help you to increase your marketing through social media. All you need to do is open a Facebook business page, find the best-selling products and your niche, and contact the sellers to order from them. You can start the business immediately and it’s easy to track – Tips and Tricks


1. Find Users and Engage Them


Yes, the title might be a bit controversial. But social media is now a big part of the online marketing of companies. At the end of the day, companies that get active on all social media channels will stand out from the crowd.

Of course, in the end, it is the quality of engagement that matters most.


The most important thing you need to understand about Instagram is that: it’s not about engagement, but rather the depth of engagement. One great example of engagement on Instagram is the pin code meme.


Basically, you just need to post good quality, inspirational photo, an uncluttered feed, and a well-crafted caption, and you will not only gain attention but an engaged audience. There are a lot of ‘advanced’ techniques that can be used



Marketing Uber Financial Consulting Gurukul University is giving a unique opportunity to find a job in the most amazing way.


The only thing required is a lesson. Now, when you have seen the opportunity, it would be a good thing to share. You may be a teacher or an assistant at a big institute. Now, the question is, what is the lesson for? Showcase your best lesson Let’s find out the answer by yourself.


If you think that it’s the lesson of Teachability, then there is no second thought that the best thing would be to show your best lesson to the people. People are different and so is the assignment that they have prepared.


That’s where we will start – Facebook & Instagram!


If you’re a parent and are expecting some positive cash flow from your child on Facebook, they are happy to pay a fee. And even if the child doesn’t pay you, other parents or guardians will.


Facebook also has thousands of other companies like ‘Poshmark’ and ‘Cozy Apparel’ that pay regular pay.

So you’ve seen your child saying to you, “Mamma, I don’t like this school. They are taking away my birthday money.”

“If you don’t like your Facebook teacher, write a letter to the board.”


You also see your child clicking to like a picture that is posted. Well, the person who posted it is compensated by Facebook to promote certain products in exchange for likes.




Facebook Marketing is an effective way to generate new leads without investing a single dollar.

It requires little in-depth knowledge of Facebook (No coding, no Javascript) and can be completed in a day or two.

It doesn’t matter whether you already have a successful Facebook page, or if you want to start from scratch.


The first step you should take before you start marketing is to get a Free Google AdWords Account.


2. Structure your Facebook page


Create a layout of your website

Add a descriptive name of your website

Add a descriptive name of your website Add a description for your Facebook page


Upload relevant& Instagram Influencers

Are you interested in expanding your social network and earn money at the same time? Then the answer is yes, I know it.


Look for people on Facebook and Instagram who is already influential and use it as a guide when it comes to the right audience and products.


For example, if your followers are on Instagram, the people you’ll want to target would be the beauty bloggers and Instagrammers. If you know them, you can just offer your services or write a guest post on their page.

Act now because when these networks are going viral, it is very difficult to remain anonymous in this social media world.


I will give you some tips below which are very useful for those who are new to social media marketing.

and Instagram Marketing


If you want to start Facebook and Instagram marketing, then we recommend you visit this article to learn how to make $1,000,000 with just a small budget. is Your Key to Easy Money


But wait there’s more! We give you easy and free ways to earn more money. It is more about sharing some ideas with you so you could decide if it’s really worth it.


While browsing through Facebook you’ll be easily able to find these opportunities. You can create and promote your own Facebook page by uploading all your information or just uploading your images.


If you’re not interested in all those questions, just make a community page or do something like the creation of a group and creating a cover photo and description.


With millions of people, not all of them have time to respond to you. It could be because you’re new in your field or maybe because they don’t really know how to utilize Facebook. Sometimes they don’t even know it’s called “Facebook” Groups..


Facebook groups help you to make money with very little time and effort. But you must know the step-by-step way to Make Easy Money in the united states 2022 from your Facebook account.


1. Sell Your Posts (a Facebook group)


It’s so easy to sell your posts as social media marketing and Instagram advertising takes care of all the marketing needs.


2. Become a Content Creator


You just need to write a lot of valuable content for others or even yourself. And if you’re interested to become a Creator – you must have to have an audience base.


3. Advertising For A Website


In this case, your content just needs to be unique and original. People will then find it interesting and begin to share it on social media, therefore, generating traffic to the website.




The best part of making money from Facebook is that you are just one click away from becoming a millionaire.

Facebook says, “Most people say that Facebook makes them more money. That’s why it has become the second-largest advertising network after Google.”Advertising Revenue by Influencers


It may not be right for everyone, but for those who are enjoying a tremendous amount of Facebook traffic, we are sure you know how to make money through Facebook ads and social media promotion.


Using the right audience (people who you know are “going to buy that”) can be the easiest way to start and you can generate thousands of dollars within few months by using this method.


Following are the top 10 Facebook ads that will get you the best ROI (return on investment) in a minimum of 30 days.


1. Avoid the bloat of post


Why do we often see the same advertisement being published multiple times on Facebook?

It’s to make sure that our friends, relatives, or family members see the ad, and click on it to open our website or apps. Business, Right People, and the Right Time


Facebook Business is where the richest part of the players are currently in Make Easy Money in the united states.

Last year, Make Easy Money in the united states top Facebook page was 1010 Carrot, with 6 million likes and 500 million monthly impressions.


I recently met 1010 Carrot’s Marketing Manager, Sarah Kakkad, at InMobi’s Pitch In The Park event in Bengaluru. She is a powerful woman with a charismatic leadership quality.


A quick chat with her let me know how effective Facebook advertising is in the united states, where the number of businesses using Facebook is set to touch 500 million.


“I have good numbers to justify ty investors strategy to use Facebook for advertising in united states. I have made sales from my previous month’s campaigns.


has a number of paid and free activities that can be done on its platform.

While the most popular, the likes of Facebook Groups and Groups is becoming popular. And, it is one of the most important social media platforms in the united states.


While there are many online business opportunities that are doing very well and they can benefit you by your creativity and skills, if you are united states, Facebook groups are probably the best way to earn money online.

There are so many ways to join Facebook groups in the united states, and this is where you have to be very careful.


The first and most important thing to remember is that Facebook doesn’t allow anyone to post an ad in a group and ask for money.


However, there is an exception. When it comes to group marketing, Facebook allows anyone to make an ad in the group,


Becoming a Subject Expert

In the cities, and colleges, the subjects, including Marketing, Accounting, and English. People always look for any subject expert with substantial knowledge of the subject. Some such examples are Liza, a student who is working on her language learning.


She tutors students so that they can concentrate on the language while she is teaching. She does not earn money by selling her services but she has a number of clients who trust her and the student will get better marks.


a young united states language teacher, who is working on her research and is currently in her native city, Noida. Liza and her work If you are a subject expert, you can either sell your services or you can sell your knowledge. It can be to other subject experts or an interested client.


Freelancer/ Online Tutor

Make Money Online Gifting make money online gift cards Babylon Cards GiftBusiness.com Getting Started on Fiverr BungalowBlues.com Bongo Bongo Featured in the Huffington Post, PracticalHindu.com, Tuttifreakingalot.com. Betterlifeinc.com. InfluenceTrader.com.


Social Influencer JEE Partners Some of the below suggested ways to make easy money in the united states are not new concepts but simply need to be implemented in daily life and you’ll be able to make money online without investment, making the process of working from home very easy.


1. Gifting: Gifting is becoming increasingly popular in the united states and has now been made a business that can be done from home.


People gift more than 30 million unique products on e-commerce portals on a monthly basis.



Writing / Translation Blogger Transcriptionist Making Money from Home Homemakers can earn money from this alternative work from home in the united states. By doing it on the internet, you can earn up to Rs 30,000.


Amazon Creating a shelf-full of your books on Amazon with up to 12 titles can be a source of income. Real Estate Buying and selling property are not much difficult in the 21st century.


Make sure you have some idea of the real estate market in the area you live in before you can buy and sell a house. Landscaping jobs are available almost everywhere. You can make money by doing simple landscape jobs.



Online Books Webhosting Swim training Banking jobs Web design/ development Programming Documenting… Find a new business model that works with your skill, knowledge, and experience Check if your skill is in high demand and suitable for someone.


Also, consider the cost of the services. Check for marketplaces that cater to your niche. If there are no marketplaces, create one and market it to people interested in that niche. You can market it through blogs, Facebook, etc.


Do not expect instant success. Success can come after a few days. But even then, expect it to take at least 6-9 months before you see a rise in your income. Post your e-commerce product on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Local markets and online stores Do some research before selling products online.

Let me begin with the truth that the use of any kind of social media these days is very limited. So if you do not have any followers, you’re basically wasting your time to advertise yourself.


The first important point of getting popularity is to create strong content for your brand. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are not so popular.


If you do not have any videos, YouTube is the best platform for you. You can create your own videos and sell them. I have a couple of videos and I sell them. Another option is to online shop through Instagram. Just follow this guide to get started. Take advantage of this time and become a YouTube channel owner or Facebook page owner.


You’ll make easy money this way and enjoy the results. or Assembler? When people are busy, they look for things to do which will not bother them in the morning and will not cost anything in the evening. Through the endless usage of smartphones and social media, it is quite easy to follow certain practices that will not cause anyone.


Most people think that they will earn money with a single click. However, it is quite easy to earn money as a Guru or Assembler only by practising the skill from within a society or following an affiliate program. There are many money-making schemes that have certain advantages.


One of the best ways to earn money as a Guru is by doing gig economy, especially when you share your knowledge and sell your time as a teaching assistant or expert, teaching online or face-to-face in the united states. It is a male-dominated business, but I have done it with women.


In the united states, it is a very good idea to take Guru to the united states as it gives you access to a vast network and opportunities which are not available to you in other parts of the world.


Know The Benefits Of Guru In united states and How it can Help You Grow Your Business

Not only women are on this line, but men can also benefit from it. As there are other ways to Make Easy Money in the united states, Guru in the united states is not so important to focus on.


However, it gives you access to good opportunities in the area of business.

Selling your photography is the most common Guru job you get in the united states. You can buy photography products through Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, Amazon, etc.


Each Guru specializes in one or more types of a profession and he’s referred to as their Guru. However, there are some Guidelines and Laws involved.


Provide one or more proof that you have worked within the industry. Make sure you have a nice website and provide clear information. Make sure you have a valid A-license or a license for any other documentation you are required to provide. Mention the name of the company that works with you in your profile.


Provide a clear summary of the types of work you will offer, and what is the deadline.

Provide details about your training in the industry.

Give an example of your work.


Provide your phone number.

Provide the amount you charge per hour.

Offer more details about your website.


You should consider certain things if you are(Sales Representatives) in united states

To earn money, start with generating and driving sales for organizations and by doing so you will open your own opportunities in the form of products and services.


Guru earns mainly by offering knowledge on a specific subject. The fact is that there are many Guru businesses in the united states:


Marketing Gurus

Product Gurus

Project Management Gurus


Value Added Gurus

SEO Gurus

Business Gurus


Finding your Guru business is simple and it is a good idea for beginners:

Check websites like GURUconnection.com and GuruConnection.com.

Find a business with the right type of Guru model


Offer to become their Guru Business partner

Get regular leads, not only this is possible but this is the first step to making money on Guru.

Over the past few years, there have been lots of new businesses and communities formed on LinkedIn.


While some of them are just for networking, others are for earning a little more.

Social Media Consulting

Social Media Promotions

E-commerce WebsitesBlog


YouTube Channel

Act as an Editor or Content Creator

By creating a job that needs a specialized skill, you will increase your earning power significantly.


Expert Opinion Writing

Ethical/ Ethical Consultant

Numerous Website Development


Rapid Results Deviation




You can become a guru by introducing your own educational content, or by teaching someone else through your platform.


However, the most reliable way is to find ways to partner with an expert, who already has a certain level of knowledge, knowledge, and appreciation of the subject. There are so many ways to make money from education in the united states.






More suggestions for aspiring gurus and teachers can be found here: Get Paid to Teach.

More suggestions to those who want to learn online, I’ve recently had an interesting conversation with a few people. These people expressed an interest to earn money from knowledge and skills that they already have.


Video Conference Interviews


I personally teach students all around the world, and at times it can be stressful. The simple& Self-improvement

As hundreds of websites and social media groups are blooming worldwide wide startup incubators to meditation forums to beekeeping forums, every person in society so trying to make money online business.


From Google to Facebook, from Instagram to Reddit to Facebook, all online content that you can find on the internet is like a treasure trove for you to promote your business.


So, if you are curious about how to make money, or how to become an expert, then scroll down below and get inspired with these few ways to get successful.




making money in the united states is still a great way for you to earn money without investing much, as the revenue generated from YouTube is increasing every day. Whether you have a passion for producing Guru is a full-time job but you can also make money by doing some part-time work.


The task is to provide a valuable service for other people by writing articles, blogging or joining networking groups.

more than 70,000 Guru jobs on Freelancer, but the greatest opportunity is the Guru jobs related to teaching. They have been asking a person to teach some subject (like engineering, math, etc) for $49.


Once you decide which job you are going to choose, you should be ready to start your own blog or start teaching online courses to help people.


Teaching is very easy: all you need is a blog where you can post your lessons and comments about the material. So, start learning something you like and share it with your friends. This way, you will learn a lot of things about other

Are you ready to be a Guru in a field of study that you like, or want to study?

You may also want to become a Money Guru in a field that you like or want to study.

Money Gurus are experts in their chosen field and can offer tips and advice to those seeking advice.


Now, let us look at the different methods of making Guru:


1. Using your voice


You can earn money by simply talking to people. However, do not worry as you will make good money. Just because you are too shy and afraid of talking to people, you still can be a Guru and earn money from the help of this art.


You just need to record yourself speaking and then put it on social media platforms. There are many platforms where you can upload your videos and earn more money.


2. Offering Free Trading Advice


If you are a professional investor, then you can give free trading advice for free for a day or a week. It is only a matter of preparation and presentation.


It can be in the form of a video, an audio clip, or text, whatever suits you. – Paid

Instagram/ Facebook



Freelance writer

Editorial photographer

Freelance writer


WordPress developer

Free blog design

Online blogger


Photoshop & Illustrator designer


QR Code


What if I tell you the easiest way to earn money in the united states is through word of mouth without doing a survey or marketing?


What if I tell you that you don’t have to invest a single penny and you can earn a steady income without giving up your sleep?


Let me tell you it’s called Guru.

I know we’ve all heard about search engines like Google and Youtube. And that, I’m sure, we all understand what Google and Youtube mean.


However, let me introduce to you Guru.

I know what you’re thinking. Guru. What’s that?

Guru is short for Guru.com.


Simply put, the website consists of content for users, published by users.

The content is provided as a manual or tutorial for the novice level user, without the need to invest a penny in it. for united states People


Goals and Vision

Guru is a platform for the united states and ex-pat citizens. The purpose of the service is to increase the income and career opportunities of the people of the united states.


Here are the features of the Guru platform:

Conveniently search, choose, and meet with successful professionals.

Educational courses, videos, and books


GuruNet Live

Convenient live courses and webinars, including courses on “How to write excellent blog posts, how to set up a successful email marketing campaign, and tips for Instagram marketing.”


Videos on “Top Google Adwords & SEO tools for united states businesses,” and “Tips for landing Google Adwords ads that bring in huge traffic and big revenue.”


GuruNet Live is available on Android and iOS.

Partnering and Consultancy


Why you should be a guru?

This position is flexible and you do not need to attend any training or get any qualifications to land your first guru position. You simply create a free coaching app that you can use to help people improve their sales pitch, website design, and SEO.


This position works as an SEO consultant or software developer. It is perfect for beginners and you will definitely be surprised how much you can earn. Sharing a Tip with your channel audience would be a good way to create and maintain a loyal audience.


What are you waiting for? Sign up for your free guru account and start making easy money now. 1. Help people create a basic website with a blog This is a referral method. The guru will share a tip or a service they offer with their audience.


How to become a guru?

If you are an expert on a certain topic, you can sell your knowledge to others for a fee. By delivering expert content, you can make extra money on each and every sale you make.


Starting a YouTube channel Selling your autographed or collector items Authoring Blog Posts Writing Newsletter Articles Event Organizer Writing Blogs Snapchat Opinionator Conclusion In this article,


you have learned the top 10 ways to Make Easy Money in the united states 2022 without investing.

Many of these ways do require you to start up your own business. Once you start your own business, you will be able to make money without using any of the items listed above. Like this: Like Loading.

how you can make $100 today from your computer so stay tuned because we’re starting right now alright guys so just jumping right in real fast and this was inspired by questions that I continually get asked from day-to-day and that’s basically you know it’s usually along the line.

so hey I want to get involved in this business model or hey I want to do this or that but the problem is that I don’t have any initial money and I can’t come up with any money and in my case and I’m not trying to you know offend anyone here but that’s just simply not true it’s a perception that you have but it’s not reality.

you can make $100 you can make money online today there are definitely wastes but you have to know how to do them so I’m gonna give you ways about eight ways here that anybody can make money online today so this obviously the title of the video is how to make $100 today or something.

along those lines, you can make $100 you might make you know thirty you might make fifty but the key here is you you know and you also might make two hundred four hundred whatever but the key here is that this these are gonna be methods that anybody can do basically that will allow them.

to make money online today so that’s the preface of this video I kinda just want to communicate that to you guys now actually before we get started I do want to announce some major changes coming to the channel that I’m really really excited about if you know anything about yesterday was supposed to be the launch of motivation.

Mondays which were motivational edits that I put together for you guys that would basically get you off on the right foot every single week and kind of get your mindset right on Monday that way you can kind of launch into the week you know on the straight and narrow determined you know with some.

you know motivational backing and some direction and I was really really excited about that but the first video that I uploaded to YouTube you know they basically took it down or what’s the word I’m looking for there’s a copyright infringement claim filed on it because there was some music in that video that.

I was apparently not able to use it now most people in that situation myself included in the past obviously would be like you know what I’m not gonna upload any more motivational edits clearly I’m not allowed to do this or I’m not allowed to do that but a successful person and I know this from experience obviously and just from you know reading.

and you know ingraining my mindset in that type of you know thought process that it’s really just a setback so what I did with that was I I said you know what I’m gonna get the best that I can at editing I’m gonna get really really good at editing I’m gonna get I’m gonna improve my content tenfold.

so that’s what I’m going to do and that’s when I basically wanted to announce to you guys today you know I’m gonna continue uploading videos obviously daily on our normal schedule but in the background, I’ll be learning a lot and really trying to improve my YouTube game to get better content out.

there this whole channel has been started and inspired by helping aspiring entrepreneurs I want to kind of you know show how to content so a lot of this is screen recorded you know I’m on my screen I’m doing this and I’m doing that kind of demonstrating the process from my actual computer screen on.

how I go through the process of making money from that you guys can actually see you know physically what I’m clicking what I’m doing and the ins and outs of the exact approach that I take so I thought that that was really good however I do want to improve my content and I want to give you guys.

the best content that there as possible so I’m going to really be you know dialling in and trying to improve my content in a number of different ways and you know I’m not sure exactly what I’ll actually launch new videos that kind of have that cut those content ideas around them.

I’ve just started today it might be a week from now it might be two weeks it might be a month from now but they are coming I promise you there will be improved content tenfold and it’s gonna blow your mind so I’m really really excited to announce that.

I’ll obviously keep you guys posted as that gets closer and closer but stay tuned because the content is going to improve drastically and I’m really really excited about that so now I’m obviously here we’re going to move on to the 8 different methods that you can use to make money online today.

and they’re ones that a lot of them I talked about before and some of them I haven’t and obviously some of these are only us-based because I am actually in the United States so these are anecdotal experience things but at the same time a lot of them and some you can definitely do globally or from wherever you are.

so the first one is Poshmark now this is the united states-based and I actually did a video on this yesterday and basically what this is is it’s a site where you can sell old clothes you can sell you know literally anything from your closet and people buy it you’d be surprised.

how many people actually are searching this for old clothes you can see this is an example of one of my pot smart closets I have two of them actually and these are literally all old clothes that I had people just literally buy them up it’s crazy so you can make you know probably realistically at least 20 bucks by listing some old clothes right away.

you can definitely scale that to a hundred you can scale that up to a thousand I probably made about good two thousand if you’re if you haven’t checked how much money you can actually make on the Poshmark video which I believe I’ve released yesterday so Posh markers the first one.

I actually have an entire course on this it’s called Poshmark seller mastery and I’ll link this in the description for you below now the next one that I want to talk about is not actually eBay it is CPA marketing now CPA marketing you might ask you know CPA marketing takes a little bit of time to get paid.

yes, it will take you about probably two weeks realistically to get paid from CPA marketing at least in the sense that I’m teaching it but you can earn that money today so you can earn $100 today easily and this course will take you through that entire process basically.

what you’re doing here and a lot of people aren’t gonna like this and I actually did a video on this as well it’s called CPA marketing ninja immediate results and basically, what you’re doing is IP hopping to earn money for yourself it’s very very simplistic.

I go through the entire process with you and how you can do it and regardless of where you are in the world there are ways and methods that I talk about in this course to implement this so this will actually be linked in the description as well if you’re interested in this check this out this is revolutionary now.

the next one I talked about is obviously eBay now eBay is basically obviously I’m assuming that the majority of people know what eBay is clearly but you know people are sleeping on eBay Amazon is huge and that’s definitely something I’m gonna talk about but a lot of people are sleeping on eBay.

and actually have an entire course coming out on eBay selling and you might ask yourself you know why are you in 2017 why is anybody taking any time to release a course on eBay or anything eBay related eBay is going down and Absalon’s going clearly you know exponentially up yes that is true but with that being said a lot of people aren’t.

morphing over to Amazon no one’s paying attention to eBay and the amount of competition on eBay is so low right now that you can make a lot of money I promise you so if you know what to sell if you know how to source products correctly you can obviously make a lot and I’m telling you a lot of money on eBay.

and I’ve been doing it in the past week or two and my sales have been up phenomenally so that’s really really cool now obviously you can’t sourcing products like I said I have an entire course coming on this and I’ll do a video probably in within the week on this and the actual process here but you can sell anything on eBay.

it doesn’t have to be products that you source from overseas it doesn’t have to be products that you’re you know getting from anywhere else there are a million things around your house literally look around your house that you know you can list on eBay and sell them and people will buy them and pay for them and you can obviously.

make that return right away so a lot of people might say oh I don’t want to sell this I don’t want to solve that because they’re emotionally attached to things that are around their house but really do an audit of the things around your house or the things around your apartment or wherever you are and ask yourself do.

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I really need this or you know is this am I actually really using this and I bet 90% of cases you’re gonna look around and you’re gonna say no and I actually planned a financial lecture coming soon which is basically on assets vs.

liabilities and what that talks about is you know buying assets versus you know not buying liabilities and how you can tell the difference between two it’s a similar approach to the things around your house are they really just sitting there and depreciating in value and are you actually using them versus you know.

how can you get a return on that right now and if you can get a return on it right now and list it on eBay and nobody else is really using it in your house obviously you know if it’s your friends if it’s your roommates if your parents or something like that and you actually live with someone else make sure you don’t just take it obviously ask them.

first but there’s a million things laying around that you can sell don’t limit your mind I’m telling you so evasive phenomenal place to make money online I guarantee you if you really really try them listed a bunch of things you could make $100 today on eBay check it out now the next one is fibre.

so fibre is basically a place and I’m assuming that you’re watching this content you probably know what fibrous fibre is an online marketplace where you know freelancers basically list different things the majority of them start at $5 but you can go all the way up to like a couple hundred depending on you know.

what your seller profile is and I actually have an entire course on Fiverr I’ll plug that again obviously that will be linked in the description as well it’ll teach you how to list things on Fiverr that people are looking for how to optimize those things and basically.

how to get your profile up and running but you can if you have any skill whatsoever or anything you can listen on Fiverr maybe you know how to edit videos maybe you know how to you can see my mindset goes to editing videos I’m just immersed in it now but um you can uh you can literally anything.

that you have a skill on you can that you can bring to the table you can list on Fiverr now you’re gonna want to start if you’re just starting your gonna want to list everything regard regardless of what it is and how much value you offer four or five dollars for the simple fact that the majority of things are on here for five dollars.

but as you slowly get reviews and you’ll see as this person has like four-point eight ratings with a hundred and forty-eight you can slowly start to increase what you charge but you know it’s not hard to list on Fiverr it’s not hard you take the the the UM what’s it called the time factor in do into you know the time thing intuitive to it.

I can’t speak into making that a factor essentially you don’t want to be doing you know twenty hours of work for five dollars obviously but list something you know get a review and once you get that initial review you can start making a lot of money on Fiverr I actually made a good amount of money on Fiverr before.

I start got into content creation so one of the things that I listed for example was you know I’d write someone’s nutrition plan or their macros and that literally took me about ten minutes to do to figure out and basically personalized around somebody and people used to pay me five dollars for that all the time.

and I probably did you know a couple hundred of them at least so you can do the math a couple of hundred times five and that was probably over the span of like two or three months so think of something that you offer to put it on Fiverr it can be a digital thing it can be anything.

if you know how to you know teach something if you know how to provide a service if you know how to cut a cost for somebody if you know how to you know to make something easier somebody will pay you for it on Fiverr I promise you that the next one is Amazon obviously you’ll see here at my Amazon.

my Amazon account up I’m big on Amazon I private label obviously I do retail arbitrage and I actually have an entire retail arbitrage course on you know sourcing products and Amazon I’ll link that in the description as well however I’m linking that because I’m I still think it’s a phenomenal business model.

that not enough people are taking advantage of I’m telling you there’s like 50 to 100 people that are doing this and I’m assuming that I’m the person that’s teaching the majority of them to do this and so there’s probably millions if not I don’t want to say but maybe tens of millions honestly.

I don’t even know sellers on Amazon and there are millions and billions probably of products and there are maybe fifty to a hundred people doing the retail arbitrage method I’m talking about so I’ll link that in the description for you as well it’s called a retail arbitrage Pro utilizing Amazon to your advantage it will blow your mind.

it will allow you to make a lot of money you can see I’ve barely even scaled this up like I’m saying and I just got paid about thirty-two hundred bucks it’s freaking what is it Tuesday and on Tuesday I’m already up totally eight hundred so I don’t even scale this up you can if you want to make it a full-time job but I’m telling you there’s so much.

potential on that now that is not that specific retail arbitrage is not how you’re gonna make money today because those products won’t come to your house for two days or so but I just kind of want to touch on it cuz it’s a phenomenal opportunity for you to make money online but with that being said you can list anything on Amazon.

so go to add a product obviously you’re going to need a cellar account which is free obviously if you don’t have a professional seller account it’s obviously free now if you’re doing the retail arbitrage I suggest getting a professional seller account but in this case.

what I’m about to say you don’t you can just get a free seller account you don’t need a pro so go to add a product from your seller central obviously inventory add a product and literally anything now there’s also an Amazon seller app that you can download and like I said with eBay go around your house and there are a million things.

the same thing goes with eBay list them on both eBay and Amazon and see which one sells first and you can literally obviously type what it is in type the UPC or scan the barcode now the UPC number is basically I think it’s like ten digits I’m not even sure it’s this that 10 digit number underneath.

the barcode on the on like the back of an item so that’s the UPC you can obviously type it in here or simply scan it from um Celer app and that will basically tell you what it’s selling for on Amazon and then you can see you know whether it’s worth listing whether you want to make that money and you can I’m telling you.

if you start doing that you go around to two things in your house and scanning them and seeing what they’re actually worth you might really think twice about whether or not you need to keep that or you’re ever even going to use that so turn that you know something that’s sitting around your house that’s literally collecting dust into cold hard.

cash the next one and these are three more that I’m going to talk about that I actually haven’t talked about before and I thought of them because I’ve actually done them in the past you know maybe like five years ago and they’re actually really good opportunities for you to make money so FYE.

if you don’t know how these are all us-based I’m not sure if the second ones the just US-based it might be global but you can try it but the middle the first and the third one are obviously just us-based as at least to my knowledge now this first one is FYE and basically FYE is playing is its store that you go it’s in most malls and you can buy DVDs.

you can buy all sorts of things but you can actually sell stuff back to FYE so check that out go to FYE command you can literally sell DVDs back you can sell games back you can sell you know computer games back you can sell records back anything that you can think of CDs back they’ll pay you for it.

now they won’t pay you a lot some of them you’ll notice that if you listen you might get like 25 cents and it’s a complete joke but some women listen to little pay you like five dollars for so when you listen they’ll pay you like 10 10 bucks for and that can rack up really fast especially.

if you have a collection of like a hundred DVDs that you really don’t use anymore because let’s be honest it’s 2017 who is using DVDs anymore who’s using CDs anymore so the longer they sit around and collect dust the more obsolete and irrelevant they’re going to get sell them back now get a return on your profit for as much as.

you can while it’s still you know basically you’re still able to the next one I’m going to talk about is selling old phones every we all have smartphones and a lot the majority of us have you know an old backup smartphone laying around or an old phone you can literally sell that back to gazelle.com. and they will pay you for it.

now I did this when I upgraded my mind to my new phone my new iPhone and I had an old I think was a five or success I don’t even remember I had an old iPhone that I sold back to gazelle and it was in great condition and obviously it was used though and I believe that they pay me 60 bucks and this was like two years ago.

but it might have been like a year and a half ago but yeah they paid me like 60 bucks for this old iPhone that was literally just sitting around my house collecting dust that I was never going to use again and it was pointless and I sold it back – Gizelle for 60 bucks so check it out Gizelle calm you can sell old phones back here.

it’s a great great opportunity for you to make some money back where you were that otherwise you know just have it sitting around your house and finally we have Game Stop no Game Stop is someone or two FYE I’m honestly not sure if this is global or if it’s just in the United States drop a comment in the comment section down below.

and let me know you know if you know Game Stop is if there’s a game stop I know we have a bunch of people that aren’t in the United States obviously that follow this channel that engaged with this channel and I love that so if you know for a fact that you know obviously Game Stop, is in other countries drop a comment down below.

I’d love to know these things I’m always trying to learn to get better but Game Stop you can sell back your old phones you can sell back your old game consoles I did this about two years ago I used to be an avid avid avid video gamer you know a while back and when I say video games obviously I played things like Call of Duty.

I played things like you know I can literally sit there and play franchise mode on like Madden or like MLB 2k4 like days straight like I loved it I literally got immersed in it and I want it because that was like one of my dreams I wanted to be a general manager and I thought it was so cool but then.

I slowly and I don’t mean to offend anybody here because gaming is great and it can be a great way to kind of you know relax and unwind in a lot of ways and a lot of people actually get paid for gaming and they stream YouTube games and stuff like that and I’m totally on board with all that.

but I actually sold my mic console probably jeez like a year and a half ago and all the games because I simply just didn’t play them anymore I simply didn’t have enough time to play it anymore and to be honest if you’re on track and you’re following this channel and you’re trying to get better.

what you’re really doing when you’re playing games isn’t necessarily the gaming’s not bad but it’s the distraction that’s bad so let’s say you spend an hour a day you know playing games or playing you know video games that’s an hour that you could be spending getting better that’s an hour a day that you could be spending making money.

that’s an hour a day that you’re basically wasting and I say that lightly so don’t you know don’t get too butthurt about it if you’re a gamer that’s fine but it’s really a waste of time so what I’m saying is you can sell your account your console you can sell your games back.

while it’s still at a premium and basically make you know a hundred or two hundred bucks here or there I think it’s great I do you know like I said I used to be an avid gamer but I also recognize that it wastes your time and time is money so that you guys like those eight methods.

I really think that you know there’s opportunity out there people tell me all the time you know they wish they could do this they wish they can do that they wish they could you know buy inventory so that they could do drop shipping or sorry not drop-shipping amazon private labelling or they want to start something as simple as a website.

and do drop ship but they don’t have the initial $20 extra to start the website and to that, I say yes you do have the $20 you just have to think outside the box these eight methods will help you do that obviously there’s more if you have any other methods below that might help other people.

that are finding this video drop them in the comment section down below and obviously, people can engage with that and see that themselves I’d love to hear from you guys what are your methods to make money online if you have somebody you know put a gun to your figurative gun to your head and was like you have to make a hundred dollars.

today online what would your approach be do you like these methods do you think they’re dumb are you going to take them into account and do you appreciate this type of content I’d love to hear from you guys.


At the end of the article, I urge you to come up with a clear-cut idea and idea about where you want to work. While you can take up any of the above-mentioned options, I’d recommend you to think about a way to earn money in your own country


and not take a job in another country without your full consent and knowledge. If you have been doing online business for a long time and not getting any results, then don’t worry; keep experimenting and changing things up.

This article will help you make some quick money without spending much time and without wasting your resources.

Even if you are having issues with your investment, you can easily save up that cash by doing several things, like prioritizing your purchases, avoiding fast food, etc.

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