Manchester City F.C. Lineup Reshuffled: One Change to Face Liverpool’s Challenge 23


As the clock ticks down to the early afternoon clash between Manchester City and Liverpool, Pep Guardiola has revealed a notable change in his lineup. This tactical adjustment adds an extra layer of intrigue to what is undoubtedly one of the highlight fixtures of the Premier League season.

Nathan Ake’s Inclusion

The spotlight falls on Nathan Ake, who steps into the City lineup, replacing Josko Gvardiol. This strategic move prompts speculation about Guardiola’s game plan and how Ake’s skills will contribute to the team’s performance against the formidable Liverpool.

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Unavailable Players for City

Unavailable Players for City

However, the excitement is tempered by the absence of key players. Jack Grealish is sidelined due to illness, while Mateo Kovacic is not fully fit, and Matheus Nunes is nursing an injury. The City squad faces challenges, but Guardiola aims to navigate them successfully.

John Stones’ Return

A positive note for City fans is the return of John Stones, who missed the thrilling 4-4 draw against Chelsea. Stones adds depth to the squad and provides valuable options from the bench, enhancing City’s defensive resilience.

Manchester City F.C. Historical Matches Against Liverpool

City enters the contest riding a wave of recent successes against Liverpool, including a 3-2 victory in the League Cup (December 2022) and a convincing 4-1 win in the Premier League (April 2023). The team is eyeing a historic feat: winning three consecutive matches against Liverpool for the first time since March 1937.

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Lineups for City and Liverpool

Let’s take a closer look at the lineups for today’s clash. City’s XI features Ederson, Walker (C), Akanji, Dias, Ake, Rodrigo, Bernardo, Foden, Doku, Alvarez, and Haaland. On the other side, Liverpool fields Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Matip, van Dijk, Tsimikas, Szoboszlai, Mac Allister, Jones, Salah, Nunez, and Jota. The substitutes for both teams provide additional intrigue and potential game-changing options.

Tactical Approach by City

Guardiola’s tactical approach is outlined with Ederson guarding the posts, supported by a four-man defense of Walker, Dias, Akanji, and Ake. Key midfield cogs include Rodrigo and Bernardo, with Foden on the right and Doku on the left. Erling Haaland takes the lead in the attacking lineup, supported by Julian Alvarez.

Home Record and Winning Streak

City boasts an outstanding home record, having won their last 23 games at the Etihad Stadium across all competitions. A victory in this match would equal the record for an English top-flight club, a feat last achieved by Sunderland in the late 19th century.

Haaland’s Goal-Scoring Milestone

Erling Haaland, the prolific goal-scorer, eyes a significant milestone. With 49 goals in 47 Premier League games, he could break the record for the fastest player to reach 50 goals. However, Liverpool is one of the few teams he’s faced and not scored against in the competition.

Phil Foden Against Liverpool

As Haaland targets a milestone, the importance of playmakers becomes evident. Phil Foden, with a history of impactful performances against Liverpool, could be a key figure in creating opportunities and influencing the outcome.

Match Statistics and History

Key statistics and historical context add depth to the anticipation surrounding this fixture. City’s recent success contrasts with Liverpool’s struggles in away games against City. The clash marks the fourth Premier League meeting between the two sides when both are in the top two positions.

Guardiola vs. Klopp Rivalry

The managerial rivalry between Guardiola and Klopp is a subplot worth exploring. With 28 encounters, Klopp holds the edge in victories. The tactical battles and strategic nuances between these two masterful managers add an extra layer of drama to the fixture.

Mohamed Salah’s Impact

No discussion about a City-Liverpool clash is complete without acknowledging Mohamed Salah’s impact. With 198 goals for Liverpool, Salah aims to join the elite group of players who have scored 200 or more for the club. His goal-scoring prowess against City makes him a player to watch.

Núñez and Salah Partnership

A unique aspect of Liverpool’s play this season is the partnership between Darwin Núñez and Mohamed Salah. Their connection has resulted in the most chances created and assists for each other in the Premier League this season, highlighting the importance of their collaboration.


As the anticipation reaches its peak, the City vs. Liverpool clash promises to deliver excitement, drama, and possibly history. Guardiola’s tactical decisions, Klopp’s strategic approach, and the individual brilliance of players like Haaland and Salah will shape the outcome. Football fans around the world are in for a treat as these two footballing giants collide in a battle for supremacy.

5 Unique FAQs

  1. Q: Why did Pep Guardiola choose to include Nathan Ake in the lineup?
    • A: Guardiola’s decision to include Ake involves tactical considerations and strategic adjustments, possibly aimed at countering Liverpool’s strengths.
  2. Q: How significant is John Stones’ return to the City squad?
    • A: Stones’ return adds defensive depth and options for Guardiola, particularly after his absence in the Chelsea 4-4 draw.
  3. Q: Can Erling Haaland break the record for the fastest 50 Premier League goals?
    • A: Haaland is on the cusp of a historic milestone, aiming to break the record for the fastest 50 Premier League goals.
  4. Q: What makes Phil Foden a key player against Liverpool?
    • A: Foden’s historical performances against Liverpool, with goals and assists, make him a crucial playmaker in City’s lineup.
  5. Q: How does Mohamed Salah’s goal-scoring record against City compare to other teams?
    • A: Salah has been particularly prolific against City, and if he scores, it will add to his impressive goal tally, showcasing his impact in key fixtures.

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