Tata Tech, IREDA, Flair Writing Industries, Fedbank Financial, Gandhar Oil Refinery – Here’s the List of IPOs Opening This Frenzy Week 23

In a bustling week for Dalal Street, investors are gearing up for a ₹7,300 crore IPO bonanza, with heavyweights like IREDA and Tata Tech taking center stage. Let’s explore the exciting lineup of initial public offerings set to hit the market this week, promising both diversity and potential returns for investors.

IREDA IPO: Fueling the Green Revolution

The spotlight is on IREDA, a PSU non-banking financial institution dedicated to promoting, developing, and extending financial assistance for projects related to renewable sources of energy. The IPO, open for subscription from November 21 to November 23, aims to raise over ₹2,150 crore. The price band is set between ₹30-32 per share, with the government looking to raise ₹860 crore by selling 26.87 crore shares.

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TATA TECH IPO: A Tata Group Comeback

Tata Tech, making history as the first company from the Tata Group to launch an IPO in 19 years, is set to debut on November 22, closing on November 24. With a price band of ₹475-500 per share, the company intends to raise ₹3,042 crore. Notably, Tata Motors, Alpha TC Holdings, and Tata Capital Growth Fund are among the selling shareholders.

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Fedback Financial Services IPO: Diversified Financial Offerings

An NBFC catering to gold loans, home loans, loans against property, and business loans, Fedbank Financial Services, opens its IPO on November 22, closing on November 24. Priced between ₹133-140 per share, the company aims to raise ₹1,092 crore. The IPO involves ₹600 crore into the company while selling shareholders like Federal Bank and True North Fund will raise ₹492 crores.

Flair Writing Industries IPO: Crafting Success in Stationery

Mumbai-based Flair Writing Industries, a stationery products manufacturer, stepped into the IPO arena from November 22 to November 24. With a price band of ₹288-304 per share, the company targets ₹593 crore. Out of this, ₹292 crore will be infused into the company, while ₹301 crore will be raised by selling shareholders.

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Gandhar Oil Refinery India IPO: Fuelling Growth in Specialty Oils

A prominent player in white oils and lubricants, Gandhar Oil Refinery India is set to raise ₹501 crore through its IPO. Open for subscription from November 22 to November 24, the price band is fixed at ₹160-169 per share. The company aims to bring ₹302 crore into the company, with the remaining ₹199 crore raised by selling shareholders.

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Rocking Deals Circular Economy IPO: Transforming Surplus into Opportunity

Specializing in bulk trading of surplus inventory, re-commerce products, and refurbished goods, Rocking Deals Circular Economy enters the market from November 22 to November 24. Priced between ₹136-140 per share, the company looks to raise ₹21 crore at the upper end of the price band.

Conclusion: A Week of Investment Opportunities

Dalal Street is set for a whirlwind week as investors anticipate the IPOs of these diverse companies. From renewable energy to stationery, each IPO brings a unique flavor to the market, providing investors with a spectrum of choices. As the market buzzes with excitement, it’s a week filled with potential and promises for those seeking to invest in India’s dynamic financial landscape.


Q1: Why is IREDA’s IPO significant?

A1: IREDA’s IPO is significant as it focuses on promoting renewable sources of energy, aligning with the global push for sustainable solutions.

Q2: What makes Tata Tech’s IPO unique?

A2: Tata Tech’s IPO is the first from the Tata Group in 19 years, marking a historic comeback to the public markets.

Q3: What services does Fedbank Financial Services offer?

A3: Fedbank Financial Services is an NBFC offering services like gold loans, home loans, loans against property, and business loans.

Q4: Why is Flair Writing Industries in the IPO spotlight?

A4: Mumbai-based Flair Writing Industries, a stationery manufacturer, is attracting attention with its IPO, aiming to raise ₹593 crore.

Q5: What does Gandhar Oil Refinery India specialize in?

A5: Gandhar Oil Refinery India specializes in the production of white oils and lubricants, with a focus on consumer and healthcare industries.

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