World Cup 2023: Delhi Bars, Pubs Prepare to Cash In on Final India vs Australia Frenzy


The anticipation is palpable as the World Cup Final 2023 approaches, setting the stage for an epic clash between the Men in Blue and the record champions, Australia. The battleground is the iconic Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Beyond the cricketing arena, Delhi-NCR’s bars and pubs are gearing up for an unforgettable experience. From large-screen TVs to specially crafted drinks, these establishments are leaving no stone unturned to ensure cricket enthusiasts revel in the moment.

World Cup 2023 The Excitement Builds

The Final Moments Before the big d day of the World Cup

As the cricket fever escalates, Delhi’s Yes Minister – Pub and Kitchen at Adchini is making bold moves. A cover charge of Rs 3,000 is in place for this monumental match—a departure from their usual policy. The Beer Cafe, too, is joining the fervor, offering special deals for patrons donning the Men in Blue’s jersey. Rahul Singh, the founder, promises an immersive experience, complete with live screenings and exclusive offers.

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Unique Offerings to Cheer With Beer

Bar are set up for the big event world cup 2023

In the spirit of celebration, The Beer Cafe’s mixologist has concocted a ‘Bleed Blue’ shot, served complimentary to patrons. Such thoughtful touches amplify the festive atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience. Soi 7 Pub and Brewery in Gurugram’s Cyber City, boasting three big screens and two TV sets, positions itself as a prime venue for cricket enthusiasts. Lalit Ahlawat expresses best wishes for Team India, highlighting the significance of ambiance during pivotal events.

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Concerns Amidst the Buzz

Team India winning the semi-final entering the final

However, not all are certain of massive turnouts. An anonymous restaurant owner raises concerns about high pollution levels in the national capital. The fear of encountering large crowds could deter people from venturing out. This prompts a shift towards intimate home gatherings for some, indicating potential challenges for public venues.

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Are the Bars Charging a Cover Fee?

Yes, some bars, like Yes Minister – Pub and Kitchen, are imposing a cover charge of Rs 3,000 for this high-stakes match.

What Special Offers are Available?

The Beer Cafe is extending special offers for patrons sporting the Men in Blue jersey, creating a vibrant atmosphere for fans.

Any Unique Drinks to Look Forward To?

Absolutely! The Beer Cafe’s mixologist has crafted a special ‘Bleed Blue’ shot, a complimentary delight for all patrons.

How is Soi 7 Pub and Brewery Contributing?

Soi 7 in Gurugram’s Cyber City boasts three big screens and two TV sets, offering a spacious and vibrant setting for cricket enthusiasts.

Are Pollution Concerns Affecting Turnouts?

Some are skeptical, expressing concerns about high pollution levels in Delhi impacting crowd attendance at public venues.

Why the Shift Towards Intimate Gatherings?

Anticipation of large crowds and pollution levels are pushing some to opt for intimate home gatherings, shaping a new trend.


As the World Cup Final 2023 draws near, Delhi’s social scene is abuzz with excitement. Bars and pubs are orchestrating unique experiences for cricket enthusiasts. While concerns linger about pollution and crowd sizes, the fervor surrounding this clash of cricket titans remains unmatched. Delhi awaits a historic Sunday, where cricket, camaraderie, and unique offerings blend to create an unforgettable experience.

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