KFC Queensland Premier Cricket: Unveiling the Excitement and Drama on the Pitch 23


Cricket enthusiasts were treated to a spectacular weekend as the KFC Queensland Premier Cricket competition unfolded, offering gripping experiences for both men and women. The First Grade matches delivered a series of eye-catching results, with players showcasing their skills on the field. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the highlights of last weekend’s competition, exploring standout performances and noteworthy moments.

bowler bowling on the field against the batsmen at Queensland Premier Cricket competition Image Source: Queensland Cricket

Setting the Stage for Two-Day Cricket

As teams settled into the rhythm of two-day cricket, the outcomes of several matches hung in the balance, making for an exhilarating weekend of play. The matches featured remarkable batting performances, with three centuries recorded during Saturday’s First Grade matches. Bowlers, too, exhibited commendable efforts to keep their teams in contention.

KFC Battle of the Coasts: Dolphins vs. Scorchers

In the highly anticipated Battle of the Coasts, the Dolphins took on the Scorchers in a match that witnessed an impressive start from the Dolphins’ openers, Caleb Ziebell and Ashton Gumm. However, the leg-spin of Sam Gardiner proved effective, claiming key wickets. Despite a setback for Ben McDermott, Callum Taylor’s unbeaten century (142*) stole the show, guiding the Gold Coast to a formidable total of 402.

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Souths vs. Ipswich: Young Bowlers Shine

Souths had Ipswich on the ropes early in the game at Ivor Marsden Oval, thanks to stellar performances from their young bowling trio—James Ward, Luke Wegner, and Ed Leslie. However, Noah Emmerson’s magnificent maiden century (125) turned the tide for Ipswich. With resilience from Harry Austin and Matt Andrews, Ipswich reached a competitive total of 278. The game took an intriguing turn with Ipswich dismissing both Souths openers before stumps.

Toombul vs. Wynnum-Manly: A Seesawing Affair

A seesawing affair unfolded at Ken Mackay Oval between Toombul and Wynnum-Manly. After early setbacks, Toombul’s Sam Wilson and Jack Webster displayed dominance, propelling their team to a formidable total of 310. However, Wynnum-Manly fought back, restricting Toombul to 340. The day ended with Toombul bowlers Tom Balkin and Jeremy White making a relentless impact, leaving Wynnum at 4/34.

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Redlands vs. Norths: A Grand Final Replay

The clash between Redlands and Norths at Ian Healy Oval had a slow start due to a stray ball wedged under the roller. Sam Heazlett and Liam Smith displayed patience, but Sam Neale’s pivotal wickets tilted the balance. Brian Sanders steadied the ship for Redlands with a resilient 76, guiding them to a total of 276. In response, Norths are 1/58 at stumps, setting the stage for an intriguing contest.

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Katherine Raymont Shield: T20 Action Unleashed

The T20 competition in the Katherine Raymont Shield witnessed see-sawing results and standout individual performances. Ruby Strange’s explosive 86 for Western Suburbs and Ellie Johnston’s eye-catching 82 for Wynnum-Manly added excitement to the T20 landscape.

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Standout Performances: Players of the Week

The KFC Queensland Premier Cricket Team of the Week for November 12-13 showcased outstanding individual efforts. From Ruby Strange’s explosive innings to Olivia Winter’s consistent bowling for Gold Coast, the players left an indelible mark on the competition.

Team of the Week (12/13 Nov)

  • Ruby Strange 86 (55) Western Suburbs
  • Ellie Johnston 82 (50) Wynnum-Manly
  • Callum Taylor 142* (182) Gold Coast
  • Jack Clayton 4/60 (23.1), 38* (50) University of Queensland
  • Noah Emmerson 125 (137) Ipswich
  • Jack Webster 103 (120) Toombul
  • Brian Sanders 76* (111) Redlands
  • Olivia Winter 3/19 (4) Gold Coast
  • Luke Wegner 4/71 (15.3) South Brisbane
  • Jessica Daldy 3/16 (4) (University of Queensland)
  • Darcey Johnson 3/7 (4) Sandgate-Redcliffe


The KFC Queensland Premier Cricket competition continues to be a source of enthralling cricketing action, with players showcasing their talent and determination. As the season progresses, the battles on the field intensify, promising more excitement for cricket enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: When is the next round of KFC Queensland Premier Cricket scheduled?
    • A: The schedule for the next round can be found on the official KFC Queensland Premier Cricket website.
  2. Q: Who is leading the run-scoring charts in the current season?
    • A: The latest run-scoring charts can be accessed on the official statistics page of the competition.
  3. Q: Are there any standout performances from emerging players in the recent matches?
    • A: Yes, several emerging players have delivered noteworthy performances. Keep an eye on the rising stars section of the competition updates.
  4. Q: How can I purchase tickets to attend KFC Queensland Premier Cricket matches?
    • A: Ticket information and purchasing details are available on the official website or at the venue on match days.
  5. Q: Where can I watch highlights of the recent KFC Queensland Premier Cricket matches?
    • A: Highlights of the matches are typically available on the official cricket board’s website and official broadcasting partners.

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